8 Tools to create Mobile Version of your Website

Being an industrialist, you will constantly be looking for new developments in all fields. Possibly, your clients might report that your website should also be available in mobile version, so that they could take a look at the site even when they are on the fly, or you might have encountered your competitor’s mobile version website through your handset. You may feel that you are outdated or outclassed and need a mobile version website soon.

Tools to create Mobile Version of your website

The Mobile World Web is ever increasing. According to Netmarketshare, “the use of iOS operating system of the iPad and iPhone has doubled from March 2010 to October 2010 (in the last 7 months). It acts as a notification on simply how many users are browsing websites, tons and tons, via their handheld devices instead of their PCs.

This trend lets even the small businesses to stay on the top. To assist you, I have made a list of simple and powerful tools for creating mobile version sites. The tools on the listings were chosen on the basis of its ease of use, i.e., they are here to help the website holders who has got no coding/development experiences. These are perfectly suited for small and medium sized businesses due to its cost efficiency (and lot of them are available for free)

How These Tools Work

Among the list, lot of tools have GUI (Graphical User Interface) and copy & paste code blocks that can be setup on your website pretty easily. When you install a tool such as Google Analytics on your website on your own, you will be able to utilize these tools.

The working of these tools is that it detects the user agent of your website’s visitors, which actually a means to find if a visitor is using an ordinary PC web browser or a Mobile web browser. If the user agent is a mobile web browser, the users are directed to the mobile version of your website. The general tradition is to allocate the mobile version of your website with sub-domain names like m.website.com. Due to this, your website traffic is being split into 2 sections, providing the visitor with an efficient browsing feel.

Tools to Create mobile version of your website

1. Mobify

Mobify is a tool that lets you to design a mobile edition for your website via a sensitive and ease of use GUI (Graphical User Interface). The Setup happens pretty fast and you could have your own mobile version website within few min(s).

In case you are running an e-commerce store, its more better! Mobify has got a Mobile Commerce Platform that is aimed specially for e-stores on the mobile web.

Mobify works on a freemium model, yet its free version is really sufficient and has got the choice for a traditional domain like m.yourwebsite.com. The premium plans begin from $249/month and consists of options like the removal of the Mobify logo present upon the mobile version website, website traffic statistics reports from Mobile Analytics, and much more.

2. Wirenode

Popular Firms like Reebok, Ford and Nokia make use of this mobile site creator, Wirenode that has dealt with more than 50k sites in order to create mobile device friendly versions of their PC version sites.

The freemium edition has got an ease of use editor for creating your mobile website, free hosting for utmost 3 mobile websites, statistic reports generating for your websites, and lot more. The premium edition begin from $ 19.80 USD (about € 15/month), with upgrades like supportability for tradition domains and the Wirenode ad removals.

3. Mippin Mobilizer

If you are short of time, Mippin Mobilizer is a no frills tool that would take no time for creating your mobile website. You will just have to give your website’s RSS feed URL, configure the options, sign up for an user account, use some codes for designing your website and you are finished! While you are creating your website, you can take a look at the live preview present on the right hand side that would depict the development of your website design as you keep configuring it.

4. Onbile

Onbile is a tool that can be used to create a mobile version of your website in less than 5 minutes. This is capable because of the instinctive UI (User Interface) that is used for designing your mobile website and a custom produced script to copy into your index page. And now, if the mobile device users view your website, they will be targeted to the mobile version of the website. You could choose 1 of the 13 customizable templates as the beginning point for design your mobile version website.

5. Winksite

In case you are attracted to create a web community that revolves around your mobile website, you can opt for Winksite, a web application for designing a mobile community for your mobile version website.

It can also produce your own QR code, a 2D code that can be read by mobile devices that has got QR scanners and is utilized to scan up text, images, music, URLs and videos automatically. There are lot of methods available to use QR codes for Small and Medium Business Marketing. You could print this QR codes on your Print Ads, Business Cards and other Branding Materials, and if the mobile user wants to view your mobile version website, he simply have to utilize the mobile cameras for scanning the QR codes.

If you want to produce a QR code without making use of this Winksite, you can opt for a free web related tool called as QR-Code Generator.

6. MobilePress

You would have used the WordPress platform and its templates in order to create your PC version website. If you have used WordPress, then you are lucky as there is a flock of plug & play WordPress plug-ins that can be used to produce your mobile version Website automatically. MobilePress is such a plug-in that is a free WordPress plug-in that can be used for generating a mobile version for your WordPress working Website. WordPress Mobile Edition is another WordPress plug-in that can be used.

7. iWebKit

A easy to use framework that can be used for developing your own iPod/iPhone touch applications is called as iWebKit. For instance, this can be used to generate an application like iPhone app from Mashable.

The iWebKit could be utilized by anybody, even by those who don’t have the HTML knowledge. It is not as easy to use as the rest of the tools discussed above. You will have to download and install the application and also have to read the user manual. With small or no investments (no need to pay, as the iWebKit is available for free), you could have your own iPhone application that could resemble the bigger ones from Apple itself.

8. MoFuse

MoFuse is fully loaded with a large collection of features for designing and monitoring your mobile version website. MoFuse is targeted at news media, agencies, and Medium- & Small- sized Businesses. The Premium prices ranges from USD 7.95 to USD 199/month and the tool will include additional features like website analytics reporting, over 5000 various mobile devices supportability, a QR code manager, customer support and a lot more.

Bonus: Resources for Testing and Evaluation

After making use of a tool discussed above to generate your own mobile edition website, you will have to test that everything falls in place perfectly. The below are some of the extra tools and resources that you could use for evaluating and testing your new mobile version website.

mobiReady – The MobiReady tool is used for testing your site for dotMobi Compliances and W3C mobileOK Compliances, sets of mobile site standards that will guarantee for an efficient and accessible mobile website visitor experience. mobiReady will also look for bugs and provides you an user friendly report of those errors found. The ease of use of the tool requires you to simply plug in the URL of the mobile version website to be tested.

W3C mobileOK Checker – This is an official tool from the W3C itself that can be used of revaluating a mobile website’s user friendliness.

iPad Peek – You don’t have an iPad? Not a Problem, you can make use of this tool to see how your site will appear when it is opened with famous Apple Mobile devices (It would simulate the view of the Apple’s iPad).

Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0 – The standards body for lot of web’s technologies like HTML, Java Scripts, and CSS, W3C consists of documents that describes about the mobile worlds’ best techniques. It is directed towards the web development and is actually really boring to read, but though can be useful enough to spend few hours for reading them.

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