JBL 2.0 Wireless speaker system Review

Sound evokes feelings and emotions and every resonance that you hear makes you feel alive. When you watch a movie, hear music or listen to a concert it is the sound that resonates from the speakers that makes listening a memorable experience. One of such outstanding speaker systems is from the JBL engineering group that has an expertise of renowned and quality loudspeaker brands for more than a decade. The JBL speakers give you a crystal clear sound clarity, power and precision in terms of sound features. The digital technology used in the JBL loudspeaker systems gives you a real time experience of pure joy of listening.

Technical Specifications

JBL 2.0 wireless speakers are a pair of set systems that have wireless installations. These speakers can be mounted on the walls in any part of the rooms and the unit includes a transmitter, amplifier, transceiver and remote control. The JBL 2.0 wireless speakers operate on 2.4 Hz frequency giving a high quality presentation and powerful sound that can go above 70 feet and more. The speakers have magnetic protection for video applications, compact monitors with mini-jack input connection and a subwoofer output. The woofers have polylaminate shielding and a powerful 15 watt amplifier that gives a high frequency deep bass sound. The JBL 2.0 wireless speakers can be used for home theatres, computers, and music players and any wireless sound system applications. The speakers and transmitters for JBL 2.0 system comes with wall brackets that can be surmounted anywhere in the walls of the rooms.


The JBL 2.0 Wireless speaker system comes within a price range of $200 and from 2 stores of internet the prices start at $ 179 and $ 186.95 at the amozon.com and eBay respectively.


The JBL 2.0 wireless speakers do not have wires and give you a high quality sound performance. The speaker works with any products of wireless applications or headphone jacks including as surround channels for your home theatre system, music system, digital music system or computer system. The JBL 2.0 wireless speaker system gives a high quality crystal clear sound performance with the titanium laminated tweeters and on air control transmitters with a high frequency bandwidth of 2.4 GHz that can echo the sound up to 70 feet. The JBL speakers have titanium that makes it powerful and lighter in weight as well as producing high quality sound without any distortions and quirkiness at high frequencies.

The set up of JBL 2.0 wireless system is simple and as the speakers connect easily to the source of any wireless sound system application products. You can set up the speakers at choice of your place and plug the main speaker to the wall outlet. Match the ID codes and connect the second speaker and the system works in perfect symphony. You can use the remotes to control the volume or can switch to product source inputs. The JBL 2.0 wireless speakers and transmitters come with surmountable wall brackets. Although there are some hitches with standby mode as the speakers go into stand by mode if the music volume stops or gets silent even for few seconds and at times the Wi-Fi connectivity slows down when the music starts streaming. Apart from this the JBL 2.0 wireless speaker system is great on sound quality, wireless application and a great buy for within $200 range product. So if you want to get the live musical experience of a concert, action movie or just music JBL 2.0 wireless speaker system is a good investment.


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