Top Nokia N8 games from Ovistore

Nokia N8 is a response for Apple and Android by Nokia. Here we will present you top nokia n8 games which you can download directly from Nokia OviStore. These games are paid but certainly are value for money.

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Avatar HD

Avatar HD Nokia N8 Game

Avatar HD is another addictive game developed by Gameloft. Gameloft is the one which develops different types of game for different types of platform. Avatar HD is available at a cost of £3.00.

Based on the movie Avatar released on 2009, this game makes your mind to transform your body to an alien on a strangle world. But this is game is not same as the movie, in this you will be the first avatar to have been created. You control a very huge blue alien and begin the training camp where you will learn every skill to survive in the real world. Moving around the pace will be an easy task as you’ve got the simple on screen touch points. There will be a navigational pad available for movement which is truly sensitive. When you move it just a bit more your avatar will start run than a normal walk. I was not expecting this much sensitive controls. Fire, Jump and Use are all used by clicking on the various areas in the bottom right of your screen. In total there’re fifteen levels starting from military strongholds to jungles packed with plants and trees.

Cricket T20 Fever HD

Cricket T20 Fever HD nokia n8 game

The name of the game itself suggests that this is cricket game. Cricket T20 Fever HD is available in OVI store at a cost of £ 1.00.

I am a great fan of cricket. I’m very much impressed with the game play of this cricket game and I thoroughly enjoyed it. At firs t you must choose a team and I chose my favorite team India. Next select a team that you like to compete with. Since this is a game of cricket you will get chance to do both tasks; bowling and batting. So you’ve to master both the skills. Luckily, there are in-game tutorials which are truly easy to follow. Fielding is another skill that you’ve to master. You must place your fielders at the exact place to catch the high flying balls to beat your competitors. There are game modes available in this game. You must spend some few time in the game to hit a six.

Tetris HD

Tetris HD nokia n8 game
Tetris HD is another addictive developed by Electronic arts. Tetris HD is available in OVI store at a cost of £ 3.00. This game comes with a very good graphics and a cool sound track. This song is still the similar song but with more upbeat. This game is available since the mid 80’s and most of us know about this game and I like this game very much and I am playing this game for over decades. For those who haven’t heard about this game and people who haven’t tried this game; the idea of this game is that there will be blocks of random shapes falling down in your playing screen and you must make them to fit together, one way or another. You can do this by rotating those random shape blocks in 90 degrees. This can be done by tapping the screen until the block correctly fits together. By doing so you will win points and you will move on to next levels.

In Tetris HD there are two methods to play. One is Marathon where you can continue playing without dying. That happens when you fail to complete the horizontal lines and the blocks piles to the top of the screen. And the other is one is the Magic. This one is quite different. In this you will be having some special abilities like The Minimizer which lets you to shrink any piece into a single block that can fill up the small gaps. Another power that I available is Bubble Wrap. By using Bubble Wrap power you can turn all the blocks that you’ve collected at the bottom into bubbles, just waiting for your poking finger to burst them.

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