How to connect two Wi-FI devices?

In this modern world the technologies are getting developed drastically. And according to the modern latest technology peoples are making themselves to get suited to the conditions. In this world you can see almost everyone has a cell phone on their pockets.  And also you can see around 80 percent of the people using computers and approximately 50 percent of the people using laptop. In this world all the peoples are looking for technologies which are to be flexible and also portable one.
How to connect two Wi-Fi Devices

At first people were using dial up connections and then the technology moved on to broadband connection and then moved to wireless USB broadband and then to Wi-Fi. Now you can see almost all the people who have laptops or computer in their house has any one of the above internet connection. And now most people are using Broadband connections. The dial-up connections are outdated. And the Wi-Fi connections are usually used by the big corporate peoples only.

Now you can see that Wi-Fi options are found in laptops and also in the latest cell phone models. Usually the Wi-Fi connections are used by big companies and also by business persons. And also Wi-Fi is also used in colleges. Students are using their laptops or the latest cell phone to connect to Wi-Fi in order for browsing.  And now a new technology called Wi-Fi Direct is launched which will connect and Wi-Fi device with any other Wi-Fi device.

The Wi-Fi Alliance is about to launch a new connectivity called Wi-Fi direct which has the capable of connecting to Wi-Fi devices by using the current Wi-Fi standards. Starting form today the Wi-Fi Alliance will certify Wi-Fi direct services.

The communication via Wi-Fi devices are not at all a new one in this world. For example, the Nintendo DS already had device-to-device Wi-Fi interactions for a period of time, but that technology was proprietary

Wi-Fi Direct is differentiated by the Wi-Fi Alliance by certifying the standard, ensuring interoperability. The devices which are stamped with Wi-Fi Direct Certification don’t need any wireless networks, as they basically become micro-hotspots.

This latest technology will possibly allow the devices such as Eye-Fi memory card to directly beam an image to a wireless printer. Since this new Wi-Fi direct is of mostly software based, numerous recent devices must be upgradeable.

The Wi-Fi Direct Speed is based on the 802.11b/g/n channels, so we look at intra-device throughput at rates rising of 300 Mbps. The range also will be a major point and it is reasonable to imagine that the future Wi-Fi Direct devices will finally attain the distance as like to our home wireless networks.

The technology which will be undoubtedly suffering as a result of Wi-Fi direct is obviously Bluetooth. Though the Bluetooth is aimed, almost collectively, at close connections such as headsets, it will be tough to trump the speed of Wi-Fi Direct. Additionally, as like the other Wi-Fi functions Wi-Fi direct also uses the same transponders, so the manufacturer will possibly be fast to cut laid off technologies.

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  1. prem

    yes you can connect your mobile with laptop (wi-fi),
    just configure your mobile as wireless AP Device then access in your laptop


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