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We all know that Nokia N8 is a superb, astounding and amazing cell phone which guarantees cent percent entertainment. When you’ve this phone in your hand you won’t ever feel bored. Here in this article I’m going to list out 3 free nokia n8 games which you can download through ovistore.

Free Nokia N8 Games

Galaxy on fire

Galaxy on fire Nokia N8 game

Galaxy on fire, an addictive game is developed by FISHLABS. FISHLABS is the one which were developing HQ 3D Titles for each and every platform since 2004. Galaxy on Fire is available at free of cost.

In this game you will be the pilot and you’re name in the game is Keith T. Maxwell. You will be the one who controls a small fighter ship. The challenge to you is that shoot the each and every things that are on your way. Typically an alien shoots your ship at the back, so it is all justified. Travelling all over the space to earn credits to obtain the big and the best fighter ship which is fully packed up with the latest lasers which makes the game fun, as you will discover it hard to reach every edge of the universe. I’ve played this game for 8 hours and I’ve a Shiny battle fighter ship which is unstoppable.

Need for Speed Shift

Need for Speed for Nokia N8

Need for Speed Shift is also another addictive game which is developed by Electronic Arts. We all know that Electronic Arts is the one who develop games such as FIFA, The Sims and many more games for different gaming platforms..

There is a one simple mission in this Need for speed game and that is to drive faster than the other racers.  There are two modes in this game. One is Quick race and the other one is Career.  In the Quick race mode you can pick up a car and you can spin around the track.  In the Career mode you move around the earth, winning every continent, defeating every racer. When you go further in your career you can earn more money. With this money you can buy upgrades for car engine, attractive spoiler or even you can buy a new car.  In this game you got the option of where you play the game, either in the driver’s place looking out from the widescreen or floating above the car.

Marble Maze Classic

Marble Maze Classic for Nokia N8

Marble Maze Classic is another addictive game which is available at free of cost with ads.

The design of Marble Maze Classic game is to move the ball around the maze without letting it to fall into incorrect holes. There are only very few obstacles to overcome, like holes and the walls, but there are levels which has many holes which will make difficult for you to win the game. Probably steel ball is the one can be easily rolled around. Once you’ve completed all 180 levels with all 3 balls, you must attempt to make your own maze using the custom filed adding up as many walls or holes as you like.

Control for all these three games are tilting the phone back to front or from left to right. As you keep on playing you can easily master the controls.

Warning : All 3 free Nokia N8 games are addictive.

Let us know how did you liked our list of free Nokia N8 games.

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