Bitser – High End File Compression Programs

There are numbers of File Compression Programs available for Microsoft Windows OS. One from the exciting collection is Bitser that has got all the things to be in it. The reason for it to be different from the others is it attractive User Interface that looks just like the Windows Explorer and not like other ordinary file compression products. Lot of existing file compression programs will feature a UI with a single panel showing the items present on the compressed file or the directory structure from the PC hard disk.

The User Interface of Bitser is made up of 2 sections. One section will be showing the items of the current compressed file and the other section will be showing the directory structure. You can now easily append files to the existing archive file, without the need to drag & drop items from the Windows OS folders on to the product. Just like all the other file archiving products, The Bitser supports several file compression standards like the famous Zip, Rar and 7z archive formats.

The o/p file compression formats are restricted only to 7z, Zip or EXE only. Along with the compression, Bitser provides several common functions (present on several other products as well) like protecting compressed files with password, drag &drop supportability and the embedding of the file to OS.

The main significance of this Bitser File Compression product is its Windows Explorer type User Interface. This will let you to search through several archive files and its contents within a short interval of time. The file browser in the Bitser product will let you search the PC locally for any archived files in a lesser time. There is another exciting feature is the extensive report area that has the details of the previous operations done on Bitser. The details in the Reports are info on the files, dates, sizes, the compression algorithm used, commands and the results that could be saved in the rft format for future analyzing or archiving.

If you are bored on using ordinary compression products, you could choose Bitser as an alternate and try its significant features. In case you are a person who deals with lot of compressed files in your PC, Bitser could help you a lot in managing them. With the User Interface available on Bitser, you can easily work with the archives; this puts Bitser right on the top compared to other products available. For Bitser to work on your PC, you will require Microsoft .net Framework 3.5 version and can run on all the Operating Systems like Windows 2003, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

In case you don’t need a product with such high end functionalities, you could just select a product like the Universal Extractor or the 7-zip in order to compress or extract archive items. Win RAR and Win Zip are other common file compression software that are used frequently by many people and it often comes pre installed on PCs nowadays.

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