Apple’s iPad – Some Good things and Bad things

Here in this article I am going to describe a few important things about apple ipad that every iPad users must know.

Good Things about Apple iPad

Apple iPad Good things

I feel that iPad is the one which truly looks like a notebook.  The basic interface found in the iPad is really damn good and the performance is truly swift.

Although we use portable computer for reading, computer doesn’t gives us full satisfactory result. but the iPad is a book-like with touch screen, instant-on ability and its simplicity makes me to think that this really superb one for reading e-books, magazines if you stay out from direct sunlight.

The battery keeps on going. When I first bought my iPad and when you took the iPad out of my box I found it was 89% and I didn’t charge it for that whole night and I found on the next day it was only 20 percent.  This is well suited for all the working days.

The keyboard was quite surprisingly tolerable one. The keyboard of the iPad is of different beast. Already the iPad app store is fully packed with lots of interesting application. I believe there is no platform which doesn’t have these many applications as like the iPad.  Apple’s ipad $40 is surprisingly effective. This case really protects your iPad from many hits.

The Bad things about Apple iPad (or at Least the Imperfect)

Apple iPad bad Things
I see that the ones which I have encountered are of 3rd party application rather than the system software.

You may get trouble in charging it. Many people from American’s iPad users got a message “Not charging” when they plugged their iPad via USB cables. The Apple said that if the iPad is charged while in it is off condition there won’t be any problems.

I thought that iPad’s version Safari will run web application as like as the OS X safari than like iPhone safari. But it works only for some time. We got a good Gmail version for iPad but the version of Google docs is not good except spreadsheet.

I am not quite sure if anyone nailed the magazines and newspapers yet. The New York Times Editors choice application is a gem User-Interface and also it is free, but it just offers only handful number of stories. The Times interface will really make everyone to scroll down to view the most of the content.

Another thing about papers and magazines on the iPad: IPad is really such a beautiful device for reading the web that the bar is tremendously high for the contents that is given in other forms. I believe that the publishers who need us to pay for the contents in the downloadable form may need to snatch the free versions from the sites.

Even thought the iPad keyboard is not so good, typing is really an interesting challenge. Using the laptops and computers, you can easily type by using your fingers on the keyboard and your eyes on the screen as long as your typing is good. But on an iPhone the keys and display area will be displayed in a compact form and it is easy for us to have a good glance simultaneously. But in iPad the size is intermediate and the all-in-one design is different. Till now, I have trouble in typing and i keep on looking at the screen what I am typing simultaneously.

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