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8pen : Free Android App which helps you Write


The 8pen application is basically a new means of writing on your handset. Typing will becomes quicker and also less error-prone than the conventional one. This is truly fun, instinctive and easy to learn.  If you have any comments, bugs send it via www.the8pen.com.

Recent changes: Voice input (Android 2.2), basic themes, preview popup, height adjustment, improved dictionary support, Optional vibration in central region. Fine-grained shift pressure threshold, HTC Tattoo fix, Slightly modified numeric layout, Fix of phone keyboard bug creating force close on some handsets.

8pen Review

8Pen Free Writing Android App
8pen application is the replacement of conventional keyboard unlike any other. It entirely does away with standard QWERTY keyboard and restored it with a circle with 4 quadrants. Every quadrants consists of 8 letters or symbols, each of it selected by starting in the centre circle, continues in a particular direction, looping your fingers either anticlockwise or clockwise direction for a particular number of degrees, and then coming back to centre circle. Sounds complex?? It’s. Actually, explain about the working of this app will take up this complete review, so it is better to watch 8pen’s promo video, if you are truly interested.

A speaker says in the video, “If the keyboards were invented for the present mobile, would it be looking like the same as QWERTY keyboard? Perhaps not.” I think that the logic behind this statement is quite sound. Nevertheless, 8pen app failed to come up with a good option. Following are few reasons why:

The outline of the letters is entirely foreign. In this 8pen application the most common letters are placed closer to the centre of the circle for easier access, but this doesn’t make it more instinctive. Furthermore while you’re typing your thumb covers a good portion of your phone screen which makes it hard to tell what you have exactly selected. The typing speed will be slow until you memorize and get suited with it.

It takes quite long gesture to make most letters. It is tough to quarrel that this makes any sense when sliding keyboards such as SlideIT and Swype lets you to make an complete word with a much shorter, more instinctive gesture.

Definitely it’ll take a long time to get use to it. After so many hours and after so many days, I’m still typing at a snail’s pace.

The 8pen application does have few good things. You can craft a gesture to input oft-used phrases, but you can do it in SlideIT, too. 8pen also has a speech input feature key for Froyo and higher. If you have memorized everything then you can type without even looking at it. The predictive text is upright, but surely not good as SwiftKey’s,

I truly congratulate for attempting something entirely different. Unluckily, this is a non-runner in my book. It is free of cost, so if you are really curious, you have nothing to lose.

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