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Western Digital Caviar SE16 750GB Review

Western Digital Caviar SE16 is yet another addition to the long list of internal hard drives available in the market. WD Caviar SE16 may not offer the largest storage like certain drives in the market but this deficiency is overshadowed by its reasonable price, exceptional overall performances and quiet operation. WD Caviar SE16 is a standard and quite attractive hard drive for having additional or upgraded storage. It can be considered one of the best in the market.

Western Digital Caviar SE16 750GB


Features Description
1. Device Type   Hard drive- Internal
2. Dimensions   4 in* 5.8 in* 1 in
3. Weight   1.4 lbs
4. Hard drive form factor   3.5” * 1/3 H
5. Capacity   750GB
6. Interface Type   Serial ATA-300
7. Buffer Size   16 MB
8. Features   StableTrac, SecurePark,
  Perpendicular Recording,
9. Compliant Standards   S.M.A.R.T.
10. Drive Transfer Rate   300 MBps
11. Seek time   8.9ms (average)
12. Average Latency   4.2 ms
13. Spindle Speed   7200 rpm
14. Storage Hard drive/ Non-Recoverable Errors   1 per 10^15
15. Start/Stop cycles   50,000
16. Interfaces   1 * Serial ATA-300- 7 pin Serial ATA
17. Shock Tolerance   65 g @ 2ms (operating) / 350 g @ 2ms (non-operating)
18. Vibration tolerance   0.75 g @ 20-300 Hz (operating) / 4 g @ 20-500 Hz (non-operating)
19. Sound Emission   28 dBA
20. Microsoft Certifications   Works with Windows Vista
21. Warranty   3 years Limited


The attractive Western Digital Caviar SE16 internal hard drive packs a sufficient 750GB storage space with excellent performance that speaks a lot for the less space it offers compared to other similarly priced drives in the market. The WD Caviar SE16 is a standard 3.5” internal hard drive that connects through the advancing technology of Serial ATA or SATA.

Serial ATA-300 is used to interface the WD Caviar Internal hard drive for data transfers of nearly 300MBps. This SATA interface coupled with 7200-rpm spindle speed allows you to transfer data at nearly 120 to 131MBps. In addition to these top notch specifications the 16MB cache is an added advantage culminating at greater Burst transfer rate.

The Western Digital Caviar SE16 has some impressive average read seek and write seek times with 8.9ms and 10.9ms respectively. This is very strong for a drive in this category. The WD Caviar internal hard drive showed amazing throughputs of roughly 80Mb/s. Well from the performance testing we know the unparalleled throughput and transfer speeds makes the space deficiency look rather inferior.

When the drive is in operation in your Desktop you can barely hear the drive. The device is very quiet even during heavy operations.

One noticeable feature in the present tide of internal hard drive is the manufacturers warranty period. WD offers a three-year warranty for your Caviar SE16.


The Western Digital Caviar SE16 750GB costs about $249.95 USD.


The Western Digital Caviar SE16 provides 750GB storage, which is definitely a little less than what several internal hard drives provide now. But this can be clearly overseen considering its strong unequalled performance and throughputs. The read and write seek times are very impressive coupled with 16MB cache, 7200 rpm spindle speed and SATA interface makes it an obvious choice for upgrade of your Desktop drives.

On the whole the WD Caviar SE16 is also a very economical choice if you need additional storage.