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Best Zombie Games for Android

It seems that we are never going to fed up with horrifying faces of zombies who do everything to let you down in games. Still we have many of the Zombie Games for android and there is not do doubt of being their best out of other games. The top four Zombie Games for android are here with which you can surely entertain yourselves.
zombie game android

    1. Stupid Zombies

With the name of Zombie Game, this gives the illusion that the game is abuse for the zombies but the meaning has maintained its deep meaning inside the game. In this Android Zombie Game, the player is consecrated with five bullets and with these bullets he has to kill all the zombies by using his mind and accuracy.

In the beginning, this Android Zombie Game was on fifty-fifty as this sort of games work better only when the controls and levels are highly accurate. And with the capability of both the features, this Android Zombie Game is high on the sky. Also the level designs and skill testing with the passage of game is highly appreciable. Stupid Zombies is available free for android 2.2 or better than that.

2. Plant Vs Zombies

Another Zombie game for Android is the Plant vs Zombies which is developed by famous game developing company advert as Popcap.
This is a tower defence sort of game and is different from all the other Android Zombie Games as the player faces the zombies coming to his lane. The way of protecting your lawn from zombies is to plant the flowers there that kill the zombies and also slow down their speeds. There are various plants each having its own speciality also you has to face different type of zombies at each level. Plant vs Zombies game is available at amazon.com at $2.2 and there is requirement of android 1.5 or better than that.

3. Typing Zombies

This Android Zombie game makes use of the keyboard better. In Typing Zombies, those who are familiar with keyboard typing can gain a lot of fun along with each of their heartbeat running faster than ever. For those who are not the one that uses keyboard ever, this can learn them to type fast. This game is available for free and it requires android 1.5 or better than this.

4. Zombie Runaway

In this Zombie Game you don’t have to run away from the zombies as in Zombie Runaway, you are the zombie yourself and you have to run very fast to cross the area of graveyard.

This Android Zombie Game is real fun. It seems easy in the beginning but with time you have the face various obstructions in your way and you have to prevent yourself from these obstructions hitting you down. If you don’t get the success in preventing from these obstructions and get hilted down by 3 obstructions then you are dead. Zombie Runaway is available for free but the android should be 2.1 or better.

If we missed any zombie game for android, do tell us through comments.