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Google Android Tablet : Froyo is Not Suitable for Tablets

Google Android Tablet Froyo. In the recent interview, Hugo Barra, director of Google’s mobile, it was let slip some statements about Android and its integration into the tablet: hear what he said.

According to Barra, Android Froyo is not suitable for use on a tablet. Froyo is not being optimized for this device type. The problem mainly affects applications that are not suitable to be performed on very large display like tablets.

The Galaxy Tab however, provides an exception, In fact more like a smartphone than a giant tablet itself and therefore the usability of the operating system should not have any serious problem.

Microsoft Aiming at Tablet Market

Right now, more than anything, Microsoft needs your money for your tablet PC.

This week in Redmond, Steve Ballmer, CEO said that company will “come full guns” at the mobile technology market, kicking to the control view that the company have become dreary and predictable — views that have many in the industries speculating if Steve has live longer than his value to the company after thirty years as a chief executive.

“We are gonna sell like crazy; we are gonna market like crazy” said Steve Ballmer.

Steve is going total nuts on the overnight success of iPods, and he is anxious to see that Microsoft returning back to relevance in the market which already worth billions.

Now the aim is to get into the tablet market as fast as possible and Microsoft says that the number one job now is tablet business at the company.

Ballmer didn’t gave any indication on how does the tablets look like and even when it will be arriving.

Microsoft did have the models of the cell phones which runs on Win phone 7 OS on hand, but not yet there is no release of any photos of them, citing how the company had loads of works to do to get ready for the launch.

But it is really too much works for the company to handle. Already Microsoft is too late to the Tablet party and each day it delays – or allowing other company to launch substandard hardware in the market with the Win running on it — it falling well further behind iPad.

And the cell phone business might actually be even worse. Microsoft is staggering from the terrible terminate d launch of the KIN phone which is thought to be the initial waves for the Win Phone 7, which had done not anything to improve its reputation as a player in the space of cell phone.

Right now “Getting Crazy” is the Microsoft’s only choice.

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HP Dual Tablet Plans – McKinney

One Wednesday, during the AlwaysOn Stanford Summit, the executive of Personal Systems Group Phil Mckinney said that, “HP will be using Windows 7 for the tablet designed especially for enterprises, which will also be a consumer based unit that works on WebOS”.

HP is ready to compete against the Apple’s hit iPad and other related devices and also against the Cius business tablet from the Cisco. When Mckiney was queried about HP’s interest on Android systems, he said “HP will focus only on 2 OS, Web OS and Windows 7”.

HP Pavillion Dial tablet plan

The rumours and news about HP’s plan on tablet is circling everywhere. Last week, IDG News Service revealed a digital document suggesting that, “HP is getting ready to release HP Slate 500 that will run on Windows 7 and in order to have their brand name on PalmPad”. Earlier on April, HP bought Pal for 1.2 Billion Dollars.

Mckinney said, “Having the future in mind, Internet connection via a hub device will have a major impact in Mobile vision of HP. The Palm Pre has got this feature of linking wirelessly to WAN and WiFi coverage that surrounds it. Not only Palm Pre but also Verizon’s MiFi, HTC’s Evo 4G and Sprint’s Overdrive also has this cell to Wifi hub feature.

Mckinney said, “By separating the wide area radio and connectivity, and with this wireless connectivity available, HP devices can be updated frequently. It removes the problem of 2 time taking steps: certification of the carrier for the device and implementing radio interface between Wide area radio and device.”

HP has tried with the UWB (ultra wide band) and so other local networks can also be used for connecting to the hubs.

HP is not going to make a hub device like a watch, which it had displayed 5 years ago.  But soon another manufacturer who had developed such a model will be releasing it soon.

He said, “HP wants the displays to be separated from mobile devices like folding type displays and wider screen and can be linked to the mobiles. Display could be made on the mylar film and can be posted anywhere. Each and everything will soon be a display”.

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Intel looking to collaborate with HRD ministry on the Rs 1500 tablet project

On Thursday, the Prototype model for the 1500 Rs tablet PC designed especially for students and teachers were displayed by the government. Now, the Intel India Branch is looking to have collaboration with Union ministry for HRD to manufacture these low priced tablet PCs.

Intel looking to collaborate with HRD ministry on the Rs 1500 tablet project

Intel is trying to give technical support to the Indian Government in the fields like Hardware Configuration, Design Advancement and bringing all the OEM producers on the same field for the product.

This is happening at a moment where the centre needs a (EOI) Expression Of Interest for publicizing about the product. It wants support from several vendors regarding the manufacturing the tablet PCs, which may be sold to 1500 Rs or less. The government has got plans to release the tablet PCs by next year only.

The Sales and Marketing group director from Intel Technology in India Sandeep Aurora said that, “we have established a good affiliation with the union ministry HRD and will be responding to the EOI”. He added that, “The chance given is big for Intel, as it will be using its processor into variety of other PC technologies. We can work well with complete PC eco system and can also work as a better match maker”.

According to Intel, this project will have major impact in PC use across people in India. “There is still a long way to go for implementing the project for schools too. We have already worked on similar projects across many countries and we will not let down India to do the similar mistakes which other countries did”, he added.

Intel has been earning well from Indian government and Education trusts by working with the state government to bring the PC to deeper level. It has started a work in Northeast region, “Intel has given free PCs to schools and has undertaken training from teachers”.

Intel still is in conversation with government of West Bengal and is yet to reveal the plans on its Investment.

Sandeep Aurora said, “Intel is still in the process of discussion with West Bengal and other states on increasing activities in R&D of India. No clear plans have been adopted. Intel is also trying to improve the current 2,500 man power in India”.

Outside US, India is Intel’s biggest production site.

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