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Bebbled : Free Andorid Application

Bebbled Review

Bebbled is one of the most addictive, challenging and enjoyable games present in the android market.

Bebbled Free Andorid Game

If you are a die hard fan of Bejewled then you will definitely find it easily to get addicted on bebbled. Bebbled is a challenging one yet it is highly addictive puzzle game which makes intelligent use of the phone hardware; I have tested under several Android devices, and it worked fine on all of them. Sometimes this games look as if almost too challenge – but then again, I have been enjoying it for about a week only. In any case, the difficulty is part which makes this game so impossible to quit.

Your game is a grid consists of orbs in which you have to match by colour in order to score. The more orbs that you match, the more points you will score. The orbs should touch horizontally or vertically and not diagonally – to count as matches. This application also makes use of your handset accelerometer, so that you can flip your phone 180 degrees to reorganize your orbs and create lots of groupings.

In campaign mode you will fly for hours attempting to beat the entire 33 levels. On the other hand you can also play in freestyle mode that lets you to customize your gaming experience. Among all online mode is the best where you can challenge your mates to some aggressive Bebbled gaming.

The mistake might lie with my faintly outdated Nexus One phone, but at times the accelerometer lagged a quit bit when I attempted to flip the gameboard. That is my only moan, though. Bebbled is surely a game well worth playing on your android.

Google Me – A new Social Networking site?

Social Networking has made huge impact on the life of many people. Many people are becoming addicted to it and spend lots of time chatting with their friends, sharing multimedia files, status updating, playing games, etc.

Google is famous for its Gmail, GTalk, Search Engine, You tube and now for its Android mobiles. Google is trying to cover all the areas in the internet and is now ready to come up with an idea of building up its own Social Networking sites.

Google Me new social networking website

There is a rumour going around in London which seems to be pretty interesting. The rumour is that, “Google Me – a social networking site will be launched by Google soon”

Kevin Rose is the founder of the Digg who has tweeted on June 28 that “ OK, hmmm, big rumour: Got an information from a believable source that, Google going to give competition to Facebook with its own social networking site called Google Me”.

There was some reports suggesting that Google was having their eyes on other Social Networks’ activities in order to create their own social networking site.

According to the information that was leaked from Tech Crunch, Google is going to have a study on this idea in its own office at Dublin. This will take place for 60 min and the pollsters will get 60 Euros for every survey they take.

It is believed that, the impact of social networking on people would be discussed on the meeting. The advantages, disadvantages and queries regarding the social networking will also be discussed in the survey.

Leena Rao of Tech Crunch had stated that, “Till now there has been no clear information on why this survey is going to be conducted. But, we can have a clue on what Google is planning now”.

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