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Samsung Epic 4G: Pros and Cons

The Android running Smartphone, Samsung Epic 4G is the 2nd handset in the Sprint’s list to have WiMax support(1st is a slider QWERTY handset HTC Evo 4G), will be ready for launch at the end of this month.

Pros of Samsung Epic 4G

  • Notable features of the phone are 5 MP Camera, the front end VGA camera for video chatting, an mobile hotspot functionalities.

    Samsung epic 4G

  • Unpredictably light: The Epic 4G weighs only 5.5 ounces because of the slide out keypad adding an extra ounce and the thickness will only be few tenths of an inch. Its a reasonable sized mobile that weighs unbelievably less.  It will be launched on August 31 and you will get a 2 year Sprint contract for 249$, after mail in rebate of 100$.
  • Dazzling display: The Epic 4G sports 4” inch screen size that works on Super AMOLED technology, which gives HQ colour images better than a Standard AMOLED technology. Super AMOLED images look well indoor but outdoor it looks dim.
  • Soft, Silky performance: The 1GHZ powered Hummingbird allows you to swap across the home screen and menus real fast. Windows opened swiftly and Switching between portrait and landscape mode will happen pretty quick in no time.
  • Lovely QWERTY keypad: The QWERTY pad slides across in soft and elastic way. There are 5 rows of keys with a row for numbers alone. There is no dedicated @ key and the space key looks small.
  • You can have them for sure: The executives from Sprint say that the Epic 4G may not be able to beat the sales of Evo 4G. The interest shown by people is not the same like before (during the launch of Evo 4G). So, all the demands of customers can be satisfied(everybody can get their handsets without any delay).

Samsung epic 4G picture

Cons of Samsung Epic 4G

  • Ships with Android 2.1, not 2.2: Epic 4G runs on Android 2.1 only and not on Android 2.2, which means it has no Flash support. It seems Samsung and Sprint has not taken any steps to upgrade the Epic 4G to Android 2.2 Froyo, as the release date is nearing.
  • Cost is high (50$ more): Be ready with 350$ to buy the Epic 4G (249 $ for contract and 00$ for mail in rebate). This is 50$ more than HTC Evo 4G. The reason given by executives for this is that the Epic 4G has got premium hardware making it a premium handset.
  • Add on fee of $10/month “Premium Data” 4G tax: It will cost you 69$ for voice and data plans and for the 4G add on fee of 10$ will have to be paid every month, regardless of any place you are situated. The reason for 10$ extra was that the Evo and Epic users use more data compared to other handset users.
  • Battery life: Just like the Evo 4G, the Epic 4G handset’s battery may get harmed when the handset is used in areas having weak 4G signal. If you live in 4G coverage area, no problem, but if you are in a place having 3G coverage only, it is better switch off the 4G antenna to conserve your battery charge and life.

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Samsung’s Technique to Push 3D TV’s in the Market

Samsung has released series of 3D TVs, among them one type cost only 1,000 $, which looks reasonable. Samsung has also released portable Blu-ray player that displays 3D movies when connected to 3D TVs or can be viewed by its own 10.1” screen.

On Wednesday, Samsung released a 3D capable Blu-Ray disc portable player in the US. The company has also launched series of 3D HD TVs that consisted of an affordable 50 inch 3d TV priced at 1,100 $.

Samsung 3D TV New

The Blu-ray’s Light

The 3D BD-C8000 Blu-Ray portable player can display or playback HD 1080p 3D video when linked with a 3D TV by viewing it with 3D glasses, and also with a 10.1’” display. It has got 1.4a HDMI capability and Wi-Fi support to access apps and digital content from Samsung and has 3 hrs of battery life priced at 500$.

The principal analyst of Enderle group Rob Enderle said, “That’s the best price for a Blu-Ray 3D player. Though, these portable Blu-Ray players are not first, as Panasonic released one on 2008 and RCA released one after that, but it did not have 3D capability and was not successful”.

New 3D TV Samsung

Blu-ray Players – Advantages and Disadvantages

Who wants a Blu-Ray portable player, when the online video popularity is rising?

Carl Howe, Yankee Group’s Director of Anywhere Consumer Research said that, “The market of Blu-Ray portable players is restricted due to the rapid increase downloadable digital content market. Everybody started using iPad or iPhone that has got the HD capability. Manufacturers like Archos also got their HD supported potable players. The need for bringing these portable players is, the market of Blu-Ray is well established and by adding the portable players to the list, they become more established.”

Enderle pointed that, “Sony is trying to use a different technology that could substitute Blu-Ray. Blue-Ray was slow to come to the market and are costly at present and now are halted by online content.”

Blu-ray and 3D: Best Format for a Full HD

Parks Associates’s research analysts Pietro Macchiarella said, “When considering 3D, Blu-Ray will be the best as it has a format that displays full 3D HD resolution compared to other resolutions which gives only half of the 1080p resolution for each eye. Also, Blu-Ray is not bad. From market and logical consideration, a Blu-Ray disk can be played with both 2D and 3D players. So, if you don’t have a 3D player, you can use 2D player and still watch the video.”

To give a push for Blu-Ray technology, Samsung will be giving free Blu-Ray disc having 3D Animation movie from Dream Works ‘How to train your dragon’ along with its 3D starter kit now and also the DreamWorks ‘Shrek’ series, the Imax productions’ ‘Galapagos’ and ‘Into the Deep’, the Giant Screen films’ “Mummies- Secrets of the Pharaohs” in 3D blu-Ray discs, later this year.

Fall in 3D TV Prices

Samsung launched new Plasma and 3D LED TVs on Wednesday.

The UN65C8000 will be the biggest 3D HD LED TV sporting 65” inch display screen for home entertainment. This features Wi-Fi support, the company’s own Precision Dimming Technology and apps like Skype, ESPN next level and Hulu Plus via Samsung apps, that will be available from this month for 6,000$.

3 Plasma HDTV 3D were released. Among them, the 50” inch PN50C490 featuring Subfield Motion 600 Hz and Clear Image Panel technology will be available from this month for $1,100.

Enderle said, “the price of 1,100 $ for a 3D TV is affordable. At present 3D TVs are costly and by the end of this year we can expect revision in their prices”

Macchiarella said, “Due to customers’ acceptance of 3D TVs, we can expect more fall in prices. By 2014, 80% of TVs will have the 3D capability as basic feature, but the 3D content for it are doubtful”

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Samsung Launched New 1 Terabyte Hard Drive for laptops and for other gadgets.

On Tuesday Samsung launched its new 1Terabyte Spinpoint MT2 2.5 inch internal Hard Drive. This brand new hard drive is well suited for the portable storage like portable external hard drives or it can also be utilized for anything from future HDTV’s, set-top boxes, home theatre systems and some notebooks.

Samsung 1Tera Byte hard disk

This new Hard Drive utilizes 333GB per-platter technology and it runs at an rpm of 5400. In order to reduce the unnecessary noises the new hard drive uses the Samsung’s Noise Guard technology, where it is well suited for the products like home theatre that need to be run silently.

Samsung says that their new hard drive gives an increased performance of read/write by 20 percent and also it consumes 4 percent lesser power of consumption compared to the other similar devices.

Samsung’s new hard drive has a feature called shock resistant which resists up to 400G for 2ms when it is in the operating condition and up to 800G for 1ms when it is in the power off condition.

Since this hard drive comes with a non-standard height dimension it can be fitted in some certain notebook but the hard drive is very well suited where more space is available like in TVs.

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