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Sony PS3 vs PSJailbreak

Sony PS3 vs PSJailbreak. Sony does not want the gap opened by PSJailbreak, the USB device that allows to run copies of games on Sony PlayStation 3, you get out of hand. In addition to technological measures such as the recent update of firmware of the console, the Japanese brand has sued PSJailbreak in Spain with a positive result: the Commercial Court number 8, Barcelona has decreed an injunction prohibiting the distribution and sale nationwide.

Sony’s strategy with regard to the subject PSJailbreak can not be clearer: the battle against the execution of unauthorized software on your console is served and the Japanese does not conform to technological barriers but take the case to the courts always necessary. After Australia, the first country to ban the importation, sale and distribution of the device – and Singapore., where Sony has opened proceedings against Zoomba responsible ShopPSJailBreak.com distributor, others such as Germany, Hong Kong and now Spain are fronts for the Japanese multinational.

As always we talk about execution of unauthorized software is served controversy: For Sony, the only PSJailbreak goal is to run pirated games, while many users are welcome to their right to run backups of your games or software created by others on your console. We turn to the readers what you think?.