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4 Best Free Android apps for printing photos from mobile

Now a day mobile phone camera is getting better and people are using their mobile phones as their prime camera. Ultimately you would like to print all the family photo’s that you have saved on your mobile phone. Thats why we need android apps for printing photos directly from phone. It would be great if you can print the photos directly from your mobile phone rather than dealing with the memory cards and the USB cables to transfer your photos to your pc and then taking the print of the photos.

android apps for printing

There are applications available in the android market which allows you to print the photos from your phone directly to your Wi-Fi supported printer.

Here I mentioned few applications which allow you to print your photo directly to your printer.

4 Android apps for printing photos directly from mobile

  1. HP iPrint Photo

    This application is available at free of cost. This application lets you to edit and crop the photos before you print. It supports around 200 HP inkjet printers. It is quick and easy to set up.

    HP’s iPrint Photo software is my favourite application among other applications. It is easy and fast to set up and the most stress-free to use.  There are built in straightforward tools present in the application which allow you to grasp any photos on your mobile phone and perform trivial edits before you start print. This application is also available for various platforms like Windows mobile and Apple iOS as well.

  2. Polaroid PoGo App

    Polaroid PoGo application is also available at free of cost. This application doesn’t need Wi-Fi. This app lets you to add borders and also frames to your images.

    This application is the only Bluetooth Printing available. There are varieties of frames available which can be used to frame your images.

    This supports printing from any mobile phone with the Bluetooth capabilities. So even if you have older mobile phone rather than a Smartphone you can still print the photos.

  3. Brother iPrint & Scan

    Brother iPrint and Scan is also available at free of cost. This directly scans the images from your phone. This takes a longer time in setting up. Printing from the computer might be quick.

    Have a photo and you like to set it as your mobile wallpaper? If you’ve a brother printer, you might need to grab the company’s iPrint & scan application. This app searches your wireless network for compatible brother printers. You may wish to check with your user manual to ensure that your printer’s wireless settings are configured properly, however; my printer settings were not, so i spent few hrs in configuring it on a wireless network. You can do scans remotely, as well, though you must manually place the item you like to scan on the scanner bed in advance.

  4. Canon Easy-PhotoPrint (Free)

    This app is also available at free of cost.  This allows you to pick many pictures for batch printing. This is a great app for printing many pictures at once.

    This app lets you to wirelessly print any of the photos on your mobile phone or SD card. At once you can choose up to 39 photos to print, type of paper to use and the number of copies to print.

    We are looking forward for your feedback on the review of free android apps for printing. If you have any suggestions please let us know through comments.

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HP Zeen Slate, powered by Android

“‘HP is going to release a tablet soon, the ‘eStation Zeen’”, which was evident from FCC document files recently. The tablet is believed to work on the Android platform and can take print outs of eBooks and documents directly from the tablet device on to the HP printer.

HP Slate Zeen

The only information that was given by FCC documents about eStation Zeen is that the device is a tablet that will be having Wi-Fi connectivity and HP logo on it. No other information about the eStation Zeen was specified in the document. But some other information about the device came out as a rumour.

Snippet information: The eStation (will not run on Windows OS or WebOS from Palm, which was recently acquired by them) will work on the Android 2.1. Actually, the eStation alone is not the only tablet that HP is having ready.  But, this android running eStation will be accompanied by its companions in the upcoming months, Windows 7 running tablets termed as HP Slate and WebOS running tablets termed as PalmPad (rumoured). The rumour about Zeen is that it works only on Android 2.1 and may be upgraded to the latest Android 2.2 Froyo version even before its launch.

The eStation Zeen’s main intention is to function as an e-reader and it has now made a partnership with the eBook store Barnes & Noble Nook. Based on the information from Engadget’s spy was that, the tablet will also have a Camera and MicroSD slot.

The main functionality (which is not present in the iPad) of this Zeen is the facility to transfer files to the HP printer (in particular, HP Zeus Printer) directly. The combo of the HP Zeus Printer and the Zeen may be available for 399 $. The Zeen will be capable to work with the Zeus (not sure if it is wired or wireless) and will behave as a strong interface for the Printer, which was clued by many HP executives long before.

The engadget stated that, “that is all we have got and due to a secrecy request, we cannot reveal other major information from the FCC filing on HP, for the time being”. This leaves us wondering about the other capabilities of the eStation Zeen and the cost in which the tablet will be available without the printer.

This Tablet, which is capable of sending files or ebooks for printing to a printer directly was expected from the HP and is sure to open new doors for you. But, the ability of the Zeen to send huge sized ebooks to the printer for taking print outs is still a mystery. Also, I can’t understand the need for taking large volume of print out copies and wasting of time or money, when you already have the e-reader on your hand (else buy the printed book directly from the shop).

There are several talks and unverified news on release of Samsung Tab, the Dell Streaks, the PalmPad and RIM’s Blackpad, which makes the e-reader market a place for serious competition.

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