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Awesome Nokia N8 – Alternative for iPhone and Android phones?

Nokia N8, the handset that has got both the style and performance that can even challenge the Apple iPhone. The Nokia N8’s body is made up of anodized aluminium, single piece structure that embeds a battery that is irremovable, and a front side having only one button. The Nokia N8 sports a 3.5” inches AMOLED Capacitive Display Touch Screen that is built with Gorilla Glass, making it completely scratch free. This will be the 1st Symbian OS running handset to support the pinch to zoom feature for both the Photo Album and the Web Browser.

Nokia N8 review specifications and features

The Nokia N8 is fully loaded with exciting features including the 12 MP Camera featuring Xenon Flash and Carl Zeiss Optic Lens that makes it better from the others. The Photos taken using that 12 MP camera matches the quality of the photos taken from a Point and Shoot Digital Cameras. The Camera also supports 720p Video Recording at a speed of 25 frames per sec. With the High End inbuilt graphic processor, you can even play High Definition videos. You can share/view the videos and photos with your friends via the HDMI port on your phone to a HD television.

You can experience a complete theatre effect of Music and Video Playback from Nokia N8, as it features the surround sound Dolby Digital Plus capability. Either on your Home Theatre or on your headsets, you can always have 100% guaranteed entertainment.

The inbuilt memory of 16 GB from the Nokia N8 can be extended up to 48 GB, the maximum so far from any SmartPhones that have come from Nokia.

The striking feature on this N8 would be the USB on the go. You can use any pen drive on the USB port and view the files on the pen drive pretty fast. The contents can then be played or can be sent to the phone. You can also connect it with a printer or a portable hard drive that has got the electric power externally.

Social Networking can be enjoyed via the Social Networking Apps like Twitter and Facebook. But, the widget on the home screen does not notify multiple status update at the same time.

Symbian OS is well known for its multitasking support that lets you to work on many apps simultaneously with the same good performance (scalability). The Symbian ^3 Operating System is an improved version of (5th edition) S60, but though needs more improvement to match the Android and iOS. The Menu navigation and common tasks like messaging takes bit more time – Write the message, verify and send it, while in other OS you can just write and send directly.

Battery backup is awesome. Just charge once and you can make outgoing calls, surf the internet, do multitasking with apps, and the charge will last for the next 36 hours.

The Nokia N8, priced at Rs 26, 259 is reasonably the best handset to come from the Nokia and is sure to attract all the Nokia Fans, but though the Android running Samsung Galaxy and the 8GB Apple iPhone 3GS might outscore this Nokia N8. Let us wait and see!!!

Nokia N8, the 1st phone runs on Symbian 3 | A Review | Specifications | Features

Nokia’s 1st mobile phone to run Symbial3 is its N8. In few months this phone will be available in shops.

N8 is still in the final software design, but we are still able to look at its new interface.  There is no big difference from the interface that we saw on the disappointing Nokia’s N97, but some modifications are made that Nokia is hoping that this time it won’t let down his customers.

Nokia N8 review specifications and features

N8 comes with an inbuilt storage of 16GB and an external storage up to 32GB microSD card. Nokia is recommending the users not to change the battery by themselves.

The N8 mobile phone has had a restore and also includes a cover flow like aspects when you are holding it in the landscape mode, same as the iPhone. Nokia has not yet confirmed whether UK will get the benefits from the music bonanza.N8 come with a mini HDMI socket and adapter which allows you to connect the phone to your LCD TV. Thus you can see the photos and the video which you shot using the N8 phone. You can also connect it to your home theatre speakers to have a blasting sound.

N8 comes out with a 12 MP camera at its rear. It also has a xenon flash which is used to take up the photo even in a low light.  It also has the autofocus feature which is used for auto focusing when you shoot up some pictures.

The phone consists of 2 microphone one at its bottom and on at its rear. The additional Mic catches and cancels the background noises.

There are lots of editing options present in the N8. It allows you to edit your photos as you like and you can share the photo on emails, Bluetooth and MMS. And also we hope we will be sharing over the social networking like Facebook and Flicker on the final phone.

Nokia is trying its best to provide web TV and it also trying to convince the networks to lets us have it.

Nokia’s N8 case is made up of androised aluminium. There are about 5 colours, although they will be deciding which one to be sold. The solid metallic case feels a vast development on plasticky phones as like Nokia X6.

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