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Google and Facebook may collide to make a Smarter Web

Today, Google has taken measures to join hands with Facebook to create a smarter Web. Meta Web is the one which works on information packaging upon the Internet that can be browsed and linked in a more significant method better than network of links. Google has now obtained this Meta Web.

facebook and google working to make smarter web

Today Jack Menzel wrote in the Official Google blog, “As time goes by, we are enhanced search by expanding our knowledge of query used and web pages. The Web is just not a word – it is info about the real-world and knowing the connection between real world objects will guide us to deliver the appropriate info faster. Meta Web has been obtained by us today, a company which has got open database about the objects in the globe. We want to better the search and make the web wealthier and momentous for all, by working together with Meta Web”

Menzel states that the searches should yield results that are sharper than a knife.

“When you type something like Obama’s birthday, you should get the first result indicating the result. We know what people want and by working together with Meta Web we can give you desired results”.

Not only Google, but also Facebook wants to improve. Facebook introduced Open Graph by spring, which tries to bring the ends of the web together with packages that are more apt to its users. CEO of Facebook Zuckerberg “We are relating the graph parts to small businesses” told to a spectator at the F8 conference in Apr. “Pandora is trying to map the part of the graph that is related to melody. Now, we take these segments and join them together to produce a more societal, more customized, more logically aware and a smarter web”.

Kim Mai Cutter at Deals & More website said that, the giants will have to fight it out for the metadata. “Facebook has got the info about the needs of over 500 millions users and so it has better chance to get the metadata for search needs”. “And about Google, nothing can exists with the Google search”

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