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Kindle eBook Reader Review.

The new Kindle is set to be shipped on August 27, which is smaller than the original one. Pre-order of this new Kindle is also available. This new kindle is very much thin with a body which is 21 percent smaller than that of the original one. Lets have a look at what Kindle have for us. A short Kindle eBook Review

The new kindle which has a QWERTY keypad which also more compact. The 5 way navigation button is replaced by a 4 way pad which is quite larger with a wide button at its mid — a welcome change. Also you can get this new Kindle in White or Charcoal.

What is Kindle eBook Format?

AZW file format is currently used as Kindle eBook Format

Kindle eBook Reader

Kindle eBook Reader

The E-ink display of the new Kindle boasts a contrast ratio of 50 percent better than that of the original, with 20 percent faster page turns.

The screen contrast and the words are looking sharper. Predictably by holding the Kindle screen nearer to a window the texts on the page will be looking sharper.

The new kindle has the more space for storage which can store app 3500 books and battery life (with the wireless off up to one month or with wireless on up to 10 days) of the first Kindle. The biggest new feature of this new Kindle is Wi-Fi and it costs just $139. The Combo Kindle, 3G/Wi-Fi still sold at a price of $189.  If you ask me this is quite considerable price difference. The Kindle is getting closer to a price of $99.

A color e-paper tech is still too dodgy — and costly — to use for the Kindle, and as well, for the “immense Majority” of book readers, a sharp black and white is a “feature and not a bug.” A Touchscreen which consist of touch sensitive glasses at the top of the E-ink display, which might leads to lesser screen contrast — and since the users mostly click on the next page, using the touch would be a problem than it’s worth.

Rather than going for a higher features which sacrifices the quality of the display or inflate the price tag. The black and white e-reader is the one which is smaller and easier to read (Wi-Fi only) and also cheaper.

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Amazon’s Kindle leaves other e-readers begging for sale

If you think the price war for e-reader between Barnes & Noble and Amazon has not alarmed other competitors, surely it will.

The 3rd generation Wi-Fi (only) Kindle e-reader is the cheapest e-reader available in the market and the other 3G enabled Kindle e-reader device comes for 189$ which overtakes its competitors with its broadband mobile connectivity.

ereader Market

This leaves other e-reader manufacturers worrying, who believed that either the features or the prices have some sort of edge over the kindle. The Nook e-reader from Barnes & Nook is the only reasonable competitor with the kindle with its features and price while tempting buyers with its brick and mortar stores, the contest now requires more enhancements from its competitors. The e-readers that are in trouble are:

Sony Reader

Sony’s products are always priced high. Sony has said to Forbes that they have no intention to compete with Amazon.

The features like free access to e-books library and ePub makes it unique from Kindle, but the low and medium ranged Touch and Pocket sized reader has got no Wi-Fi or 3G connectivity is a setback.  Without this connectivity available for the e-reader, Sony can not compete against others.

Kobo E-Reader

Kobo is priced at 150$ that gets support from Borders (bookseller) and is considered as medium priced and medium featured phone. It has got no web browser or Wi-Fi connectivity, gives it mixed reviews.

Kobo should improve its e-books selling, bookstores and give some offers to make its e-reader to become successful.

Plastic Logic Que

The recent news was that, the Que from Plastic Logic is looking to hibernate, with all the pre-orders cancelled and release date was yet to be announced.

The basic version has got bigger screen size of 10.7” inch, but the price is really high i.e. 650$. If they want to compete, they should reduce the price or they can not stay in the market.

Spring Design Alex

This is a touch screen Android based reader that can take you any website with a press of a button, which is priced at 400$. So, the Alex device also needs a revision in its price.

Price aside, Alex is also twisting in the wind without the backing of a strong bookseller.

Also, there are no strong supports from booksellers to back this device, without which Alex can not stand a chance against the others.

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The E-Reader Price War, Cheap eReader for you

Oh My God, when will this cost reducing strategy stop? The world of eBook and e-readers has been shocked with the latest announcement of Amazon on its new Kindle Wi-Fi (only) e-reader model for just 139$. Now, we have to see what the competitors (like Sony, Borders, and Barnes & Noble) are going to do.

Considering from the past, this new price announcement seems to be really affordable. But, we can expect more cut down in the price from all the companies. If you have plan to buy an e-reader anytime soon, my suggestion would be to postpone it till this cut down becomes stable and the price becoming as low as possible.

cheap e reader

How it all started

On June, Barnes & Noble was the one who started this commotion by cutting down its Nook Wi-Fi/3G enabled e-reader from 259$ to 199$. The new comer to the e-reader business in eBook field, Brick-and-Mortar book chain has released a Nook Wi-Fi (only) e-reader for mere 149$.

Barnes & Noble’s announcement has stimulated the Amazon to cut down their Kindle e-reader from 259$ to 189$. Starting this week, they have beaten the odds by launching the lighter and smarter Kindle (3g, Wi-Fi) e-reader for 189$ and the Wi-Fi (only) Kindle e-reader for 139$.

The B&N did not say their next move, but they said that, on Friday, they are going to make a boutique that is sized 1000 square feet to display the Nook on its bookstores

Borders are selling their Kobo e-reader for a reasonable 150$. Starting last month, Sony reduced the cost of the Pocket edition from 170$ to 150$. The disadvantage of both the device would be that, they don’t have a wireless connectivity and require a wired connectivity to the PC to get the contents.

Kindle was introduced to the scene on Nov 2007 by Amazon for 399$. It was high priced but was unique and preferred by many e-book lovers as it was like an iPod for books.

And now, Amazon has released 3rd generation Kindle device that are high profiled in style and wireless connectivity. You can expect a 99$ e-book reader from the Amazon’s competitor soon.

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