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Judgment Time for iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 from Apple looks glossy, glassy, has got good working speed and other aspects to call it the best ever.

Key characteristics

Retina display: This retina display gives crystal clear display for you iPhone 4, which is better than the iPad itself. The number of pixel resolution is more making the picture and text quality look fantastic. You can now directly view the web content without zooming at all.

Motion control: The gyroscope together with accelerometer and compass, the iPhone4 can figure out what position you are holding and what location you are present. The motion sensor gaming, augmented reality and others can give you great experience.

HD camera and video: The iPhone 4 has got 5megapixel camera that can take quality photos, bright and fast, even at low lighting conditions without using the LED flash. The 720p video recording in High Definition makes it a better than its competitors.

iMovie and FaceTime: The video calling standard app that works only among the iPhone users through Wi-Fi is termed as Facetime. You can edit the High Definition video with iMovie app, by performing various transitions within few seconds, even faster than a Personal Computer.

Comparison from HTC Desire:

The HTC Desire has got a processing speed of 1GHz and a bigger AMOLED display (average pixel resolutions of 480×800) that runs on a Android OS, makes it alternate for iPhone 4.

But, it is not slim compared to iPhone 4.

Tech Talk

Screen: 3.5 inch touch screen display having resolution of 640×960

Processor: Apple A4 with 1GHz processing power

Capacity: Available as either 16GB or 32GB

Camera/video: A 5 megapixel camera that has got LED flash and can record 720p HD videos at 30fps

Connectivity: Quad band GSM connectivity, Wi-Fi, HSDPA, Bluetooth 2.1, A-GPS, Digital Compass

Battery: With 3G services you can have talk time of 7 hours and browsing for 6 hours. You can enjoy 40 hours of music, 10 hours of video, and 300 hours of standby time.

Sensors: 3-axis gyro, accelerometer, proximity, light

iOS4: The Advantages and the Disadvantages

Folders: You can manage at least 2000 apps in a single folder, but it is tough to find what you want from the small thumbnails of the apps. Improvement needed.

iBooks: With the high resolution display, reading eBooks is made easy. But, the small screen may be a drawback though.

Multitasking: Multitasking is at its best, as you can open Skype, Maps and listen to music, which can be switched between by double tapping the home button.

Email: Have all the mail in one place. Replying to group and classifying mails have been made better.

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Theory of Apple for iPhone 4 White Antenna fix

Apple controversies are seems to be never ending, yet more interesting. The new controversy is about the iPhone 4 white models. “Is the delay for the iPhone 4 white models has got anything to do with Apple’s attempt to address the signal problem?”

Apple iphone 4 signal problem

This was not said by me. Business Insider’s Jay Yarow had deduced this theory about the delay for iPhone 4 White, “Till the end of September, Apple will be giving away free bumper cases and the iPhone 4 White models will not be available till the end of this year”.

This may look concurrent! The theory is that, “Apple do not want to end up giving away free bumper cases for all, they just want to find a fix for the reception issues in iPhone 4 and implement it for the White iPhone 4 when it becomes available for the release again”

The problem in the iPhone 4 is that, when you hold the phone in the bottom left hand corner between the gaps of the antenna of the phone, the signal goes down. The reception problem can be seen clearly in poor signal areas and can be eliminated by using the free bumper cases provided by Apple. According to Apple, the estimated cost for giving free bumper cases amounts more than 175 million dollars.

If any other problem comes, even after giving away free cases for iPhone 4, Apple will not consider it again and also is not going to find any fix for the problem. There is main whole in the antenna theory for the white iPhone; Apple is actually selling more iPhone 4s than what it could really supply. Even if Apple is having the White model iPhone 4s, they do not want to supply them, and so they need not have to give away free cases.

The other acceptable conspiracy is that, the only possible way to reduce giving the number of free cases is to sell lesser iPhone 4 models in all colors available. If you ask me, the gain that Apple had selling the iPhone 4s is many times more than the loss they have for giving free cases. So, it is better for Apple to just fill the demands of people for iPhone 4.

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