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iPhone game: Astronut – Game that takes you deep into space

The IconFactory developed the Astronut, an enjoyable Game Center ready, space hop game that is developed for Apple iPhone. Do you remember Maelstrom, A classical space game that worked on the pre OS X period? This Astronut game’s appearance and experience will be little bit like the Maelstrom game, but will be easy to play and features an uncomplicated game mechanism.

You will be playing as titular Astronut and your ultimate goal would be to hop in the Space among the celestial bodies like stars, planets and so on. Based on the space object that you will land on, you will be spinning in regards to the object’s rotation. While in mission, you should gather powerups and star shards. Ultimately for each level, you will have to reach the highest point in space i.e. finish line.

You have to hop in the space, basically with only 2 buttons for the Jump and the Boost. The Jump button is used to hop around from one planet to another planet. The Boost button is used to give additional oomph (Speed) that can be used to move when you are flying hopelessly in space, or to fight through aliens who are trying to damage you, or simply to provide burst of swiftness. Though, this is not like the Mario’s B button. Each time you use the Boost, you will have to give some time for it to get restored, and so use the boost strategically.

Planet landing is easy; you can stay on the planet, as long as you want to stay. But other celestial bodies will not let you stay for long, like Sun like star and black hole that will damage you.

Along with the points earned by the progress you made, the star shards collected and the same, you can also get bonus points in the game for unbeaten hang time. You can score more, as long as you stay floating up without hitting an alien or landing on a planet. You will have to float upwards for most of the times into the unknown dangers, aliens and planets that are waiting at the top, in order to crash you down. So, you will have to have an eye on the top of the screen in the iPhone and hope that everything goes well.

The Astronut game is free to download. You can play the first 4 level for the free demo and you will have to pay a $2 to get additional in-app 20 levels purchase. This game will surely be a time killer app in your iPhone. The game is multitasking type, addictive, fun to play, state switching iOS resident: play some time and continue with your work, resume the game later from the place you paused in the past.

Even if you face death in your current progressing level, you can restart your game from the current level itself, without needing to start your game from the beginning once again. You would never get bored, as you have additional levels or free play mode that feature random objects and obstacles that are to be navigated. The Sounds and Cartoon Graphics make the game more fun.

5 Best iPhone Apps to Read Latest News (Italy)

5 Best iPhone Apps to Read Latest News. Today we offer five useful iPhone applications to read latest news from your favorite news sources.

1. Il Sole 24 ORE
The Il Sole 24 ORE iPhone app will keep you informed regarding news from the world economy , finance and legislation. They provide quality graphics to ensure a good reading experience, possibility to save the items and mark them as Favorites are the main characteristics of the application. (To use the service you must subscribe).

2. SKY TG24
Sky TG24 app for iphone allows you to view on your iPhone the channel dedicated to Sky News, leaving them constantly updated on news from the world. The Services that allows you to access Sky TG24 Active thanks to which you have access to a range of insights about the most important news of the day by video on demand. The iphone application has functionality Adaptive Bit Rate adapting video quality to the actual bandwidth of your connection. (To use the service you must subscribe)

3. La Repubblica
Simplicity and pleasure of reading. These two elements that characterize the application for the La Repubblica iPhone app. With this app you will read not only the national version, as well as 9 locales La Repubblica. Ability to store items for a reading even when offline. (To use the service you must subscribe.)

4. Corriere della Sera.it
The free iphone application offers comprehensive coverage of news of the day and promotes, photo galleries, weather forecasts, stock market quotes and financial news as well, worthy of note, the Archive function, whereby you can save the articles to review them off- line, Special feature with which you can deepen the news about the major events of the day, and the Live tracker through which you will see scrolling real-time breaking news. (To use the service you must subscribe.)

5. La Gazzetta dello Sport.it
The application on iPhone will once again all the news on the official website of Gazzetta dello sport. Among other functions, to highlight the many images relating to news, the opportunity to receive information customized with your favorite team, as well as the ability to save the news and making it available for later reading offline. (To use the service you must subscribe.)

Topo Maps for your iPhone : iPhone Applications

Google earth doesn’t stores up the maps data in the cache and it is also not accurately predictable or dependable. If you are moving in a remote area you must have a static topo map which must be loaded in your phone, where you can access it anytime until your phone battery goes down.

iPhone Topo Maps application

It has got solid, but not messy, sets of mapping aspects that is based on the US geological Survey topo maps. It will be showing up contour lines to indicate the mountains and canyons, roads, lakes, river and also forests. They generally have a scale of 1:24,000. They wise thing about the USGS maps is that they are offering the consistent coverage of the U.S. country. I don’t think they don’t require any license to use, which means that the iphone application developers can take these maps and then they scan it to a higher resolution and then integrating it with the GPS locations and build app for the iPhone.

The disadvantage of top maps is that most of these maps may be decades old, created and last updated in the year 1980s. Apparently the trails, roads and waterways might be changed after 35 years or so.

In few cases, for instance, Global Positioning focused a company that makes the committed outdoor Global Positioning devices have the access over the high quality maps than what you will be getting out of the USGS Topo maps.

So if you have an iPhone and $7.99, Topo maps will be working astoundingly very well for you.

Topo maps had also developed to add up the way points which you can add up to your maps and also it permits you to search thro’ internet and download the waypoint files. Map setting controls allows you to decide the slope shading so that you can easily duplicate the sun’s position and also you can set up the height shading so that the highest peaks looks brown.

For instance on a topo map by knowing the distances between the two counter lines you can find out the distances, but it can be a time consuming one. A button called distance button will be generating the concentric circles to show up the distances in KM, miles and also in feet.

Topo map has a feature called visibility mode which computes what you will be doing it as theoretical see from the location on the map. If you are choosing a position very deep in a canyon, you will be having the visibility down to the end of the feet. If you are choosing a mountain’s top the visibility will be shoots out to miles — and the deep spaces present in the canyons will be remained out of sight. Topomapsapp.com has a start up guide which will give you the detailed information about the topo maps.

One final thing: Topo maps working on iPhone 4 and it is not working cent percent. This is because the iphone 4 has high resolution screen, when you are zooming far into the map, it will be showing you the 4-tiles duplicated view of an area. If you zoom out to a larger extent the view will be returning back to the normal view. The developer said that he is working on it for an update.

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