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Drawback of iPhone 4G

Drawback of iPhone 4G. Apple has released their new version, iPhone 4G. Let’s took a look on this and have the latest drawback of iPhone 4G.

One of the major changes we have found in the iPhone 4G that is lightweight body. Apple says, new version is 25% thinner and lighter than previous models. Of course, the weight difference is barely noticeable and just aesthetic changes.

New Release IPhone 4G have a high resolution display capabilities. Maximum output on screen artificially maintained at 960 x 540, with half display that can project on Full HD LCD / LED TV. It is a great improvement. Many people like to watch videos on portable devices. The new resolution just made the iPhone as a powerful multimedia mini monster. Of course, playing audio line is already legendary.

Previous models were capable iPhone to connect WI-FI net phones. But now 4G technologies, which makes it even more portable stronger internet device.

It also contains high resolution 5 mega pixels camera and added front camera for one of the most prominent enhancements.

iPhone 4G can do video calling now. This is a new feature, however, depends on user preferences. Some people may find it as a good novelty.

With an updated style, shiny new screen, fast processors, iPhone 4G have become the market leader among the smart phone. In addition, its brand advertising device for Apple’s new operating system, which gives long-overdue collection of functions which are not available in other smart phones.

The device is coated with a total black chrome finish and engraved with the Apple logo on the back and recording. The device supposedly came from some prominent features of iPhone, such as a tiny speaker that has a rectangular shape and the home button. It seems that the iPhone 4G bit thicker, higher and sharper. In your new iPhone you can use 80 GB capacity, front facing camera with Wi-Fi 802.11b/g, 3G HSDPA, HTML (Safari) browser, and A-GPS.

Display of iPhone is always high at standard. According to the report, mobile phone comes with a stunning display to feature 3.5-inch TFT capacitive touch screen, which boasts 16 million colors and 640 x 960 pixels. Some high-end features on display include scratching the surface, the sensor to automatically shut off, accelerometer sensor for auto rotate.

iPhone 4G is a compact, nice and attracting, but there is some concerns. Call admission even now there is a problem and we are concerned about the new antenna. At the edge features, we welcome the multi-tasking with outstretched arms.

Judgment Time for iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 from Apple looks glossy, glassy, has got good working speed and other aspects to call it the best ever.

Key characteristics

Retina display: This retina display gives crystal clear display for you iPhone 4, which is better than the iPad itself. The number of pixel resolution is more making the picture and text quality look fantastic. You can now directly view the web content without zooming at all.

Motion control: The gyroscope together with accelerometer and compass, the iPhone4 can figure out what position you are holding and what location you are present. The motion sensor gaming, augmented reality and others can give you great experience.

HD camera and video: The iPhone 4 has got 5megapixel camera that can take quality photos, bright and fast, even at low lighting conditions without using the LED flash. The 720p video recording in High Definition makes it a better than its competitors.

iMovie and FaceTime: The video calling standard app that works only among the iPhone users through Wi-Fi is termed as Facetime. You can edit the High Definition video with iMovie app, by performing various transitions within few seconds, even faster than a Personal Computer.

Comparison from HTC Desire:

The HTC Desire has got a processing speed of 1GHz and a bigger AMOLED display (average pixel resolutions of 480×800) that runs on a Android OS, makes it alternate for iPhone 4.

But, it is not slim compared to iPhone 4.

Tech Talk

Screen: 3.5 inch touch screen display having resolution of 640×960

Processor: Apple A4 with 1GHz processing power

Capacity: Available as either 16GB or 32GB

Camera/video: A 5 megapixel camera that has got LED flash and can record 720p HD videos at 30fps

Connectivity: Quad band GSM connectivity, Wi-Fi, HSDPA, Bluetooth 2.1, A-GPS, Digital Compass

Battery: With 3G services you can have talk time of 7 hours and browsing for 6 hours. You can enjoy 40 hours of music, 10 hours of video, and 300 hours of standby time.

Sensors: 3-axis gyro, accelerometer, proximity, light

iOS4: The Advantages and the Disadvantages

Folders: You can manage at least 2000 apps in a single folder, but it is tough to find what you want from the small thumbnails of the apps. Improvement needed.

iBooks: With the high resolution display, reading eBooks is made easy. But, the small screen may be a drawback though.

Multitasking: Multitasking is at its best, as you can open Skype, Maps and listen to music, which can be switched between by double tapping the home button.

Email: Have all the mail in one place. Replying to group and classifying mails have been made better.

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iPhone 4 real reason for reception issues

Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs’s announcement of free cases or refund for their previously bought cases might be an eye wash to take cover for some time.

The solution for the “Death Claw” (reception problem) is free bumper case for all (unless again the phone is hold in the similar way, as said by jobs in the email sent while the issue was overhauling).

iPhone 4 reception issue

According to jobs, “the antennagate” the way media refer it, has been overemphasised” and he says other smart phones were also having the similar problems. When you hold them in the wrong way, the signal bars will begin to dip. Jobs has defended by saying, they had not received any complaints from other models regarding the same problems. We may have a bigger verification in the future about this.

We can understand that, Apple is under the scanner now and so for every step that they take, they will be scrutinized and the products that they release will be watched over by the media.

The reason for failure of the iPhone was poor testing? Apple used 100 $ million anechoic chambers to test their iPhones reception (which is really good). But the iPhone was not tested in rigorous environments to estimate the way in which the iPhone reception was working. The iPhone should have been tested in a place having bigger building, terrains, and constantly varying cell towers and over stretched networks, which may not be possible. Apple is just like other companies, which do not perform field testing of their products. They test in a way like “phone found at the bar”. Apple tries to build the iPhones in a way avoid the antenna to come in contact with the skin or you can call it as no signal issues. The cases surrounding the iPhone act as a signal booster and so will eliminate the signal issues.

Apple’s way of giving free cases was to take care of the issue temporarily in order to take care of its upcoming products. It is really bad that, Apple who is well established has missed out a variable that is essential for the iPhone i.e. signal strength.

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iPhone 4 free case!- How to get?

Lot of analysts have predicted that, Apple would provide a free iPhone cases in order to solve the reception problems (as per Apple’s claims), either Apple’s own bumper cases or a 3rd parties cases. The procedure to get your free case is still not clear, but here is our guide.

how to get free iphone 4 case

During the iPhone 4’s press conference, Steve Jobs has announced that these (29$) bumper cases would solve the reception problems, by covering the steel bands running around the iPhone 4 and thus will be the new antenna for it.

Jobs all the way defended the iPhone 4 model by calling it as best and announced that due to many customers request, Apple will provide free cases. “Let everybody have a free case” (smile)

Jobs said that, everybody who has got iPhone 4 will get these cases and the one’s who already bought their cases can also get their refund amount for the case.

Apple can not get bumper cases for everybody, so some may only get 3rd parties’ cases.

Till Sep 30, all will get free cases with their new iPhones. After that, Apple may stop the offer or come out with a better solution.

What to do!

Do you want free case or you want refund money for the case? But, how will you get it?

Jobs said, Apple will get the applications (for either bumper cases or 3rd party cases) from customers through its website from next week. Those who are all having a bumper case already should also apply for the refund in the same way.

It is better to buy the free bumper case as it suits pretty well for the iPhone 4 and it hold the phone really tight.

If I remove the case and touch my iPhone 4 on the bottom left side of iPhone 4, the reception problems comes again. But, when I put it back on, even in my apartment (weak signal) I get good signal strength.

So, apply for a free Case or your refund!

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iPhone 4 Free Cases isn’t going to solve the case

During the press conference on Friday, Apple did not apologize for their defective makings of iPhone 4 models but only accused on the media for reveling news about its iPhone 4 being defective. They tried to act smart by announcing free bumper cases or refund of money for those who did not like the bumper cases offer.

iPhone 4 Free Cases isn’t going to solve the case

Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs stated that, “the little problem was blown up, it’s unbelievable.” He sent an angry statement to Bloomberg which released a story “a total crock” about the iPhone 4 having a faded signal when held at its bottom left side. Also, he said that the thing said about article from New York Times which blames the software as the fault was “clearly not true”. He also said referred to a person (Gizmodo, name was not mentioned) who posted videos in blogs of iPhone 4 being on fire, has bought the phone in an illegal way and now is facing the consequences.

Is Media Being Fair?

When hearing about what what Jobs said, we have to think if media has gone too far.

One view is that, iPhone 4 is having better reception than its previous iPhones. Jobs said that, the defective claims were only 1.7 % but for iPhone 3GS was 6 % which means the users are happy. Problem in signal may be poor signal in those areas or drop in a call.

Another view is that, the number of calls dropped by iPhone 4 was more compared to the iPhone 3GS. It should be accepted that antenna problems arises in poor network areas.

Jobs accepted that, none has found a solution for the problem. Giving a case to all is not a solution for all, as some may not like using a case for their handsets.

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Apple to announce the solution for iPhone 4’s Issue

On Friday, in a press conference, Apple Inc said that it is likely to declare a fix for the reception problems in iPhone 4, analysts said.

The defect in IPhone 4’s signal strength is hugely hurting the Apple’s shares. Investors are looking forward for the full explanation of what the analyst called a minor defect that has now caused a media firestorm.

Apple iphone issues

There are complaints from the iPhone user that when the iPhone is held in such a position the reception turns weak and this is know commonly called as “iPhone 4 death grip”

Apple has blaming the software malfunction that leads to weak signal strength, but others are saying that the antenna on the device is the fault. Shannon Cross, the Cross Research analyst said that she expects that Apple has to arrange a press conference in order to provide solution for the iPhone4 users who experienced the problem, and try to get back the iPhone 4’s Strength back.

She also said that Apple may give free cases or low-priced iPhone cases, which may solve the reception issue – to the customers at a price of $1 to $2 each or less than 5 cents a share

Shannon Cross also added that in future models Apple will be adding some thin coat over the antenna in order to overcome this issue.

According to the option analytics firm Trade Alert, in all, about 1 Lakh forty one thousand calls and 1 Lakh puts traded in Apple by mid-afternoon.

Bachman, BMO Capital Markets analyst said that he expects that Apple won’t offer replace for the iPhone4.

Bachman written in research note that “we do believe that Apple have to be more upbeat in finding and addressing the problems for the iPhone 4”

“We believe that a real danger is if the press keeps on talking about this problem, Apple iPhone 4’s growth may go down”

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Apple has called Press conference on iPhone 4, to be held on Friday

As per the reports from Reuters (San Francisco), A surprise press conference was called by Apple Inc which will happen tomorrow i.e. Friday July 16 in order to discuss about the iPhone 4 problems. The company is currently dealing with reported reception problem that were found on its iPhone 4.

Apple press release on friday iPhone problems

On Wednesday, The representative of Apple Steve Dowling informed that, “Apple will hold a press conference on Friday at 10 A.M in its head office in California (Cupertino).

No more information was given by him regarding the need for the surprise press conference. During the press conference, Apple may address about the reception issues caused in the iPhone 4 when it was held in a particular way or may discuss about other issues.

iPhone 4 was launched on June 15th and from that day, Apple has been under fire from many customers and analysts regarding its inability to handle the reception problems on its smart phone.

Though this is a minor issue, Apple has made it to be a headliner due to its way of ignoring the problem or dismissing them and thus has strangled the customers’ relationship with them.

Lot of customers know that Apple will not provide replacement but may provide some solution like giving a iPhone Case for free or repair them all.

According to analysts, the iPhone 4 was a big hit and made history within 3 days as more than 1.7 million phones were sold out but it is an unacceptable success as there are mounting controversies or problems on the iPhone 4.

Lot of problems that were reported was about the reception issue on the phone. The report was that the signal strength gets decreased every time when some particular parts of the iPhone are touched.

The company has been charged by lot of customers regarding this issue. But, this problem was not reported by all the customers.

Apple has issued a statement earlier this month, that the cause of the reception problem is a software anomaly that impacts on the signal network strength. Some thought that the reason alone was not enough.

Lot of people feels that the problem was with hardware only. The antenna for the iPhone 4 is the steel band that goes around the phone, which may be the cause.

On Monday, the influential publication Consumer Reports suggested that iPhone 4 is not worthy to buy due to its signal problem and it has instructed Apple to fix the issues for free. This influenced on the Apple shares yesterday on Nasdaq, as it closed up 0.4 % at 252.73$.

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iPhone 4 is Under Fire. Another case of iPhone problems

From the introduction of iPhones we have come across several cases where the iPhones are identified to be one’s which are often getting burned into flames or exploding when it is charging. Now again, we have a new case from our new entry iPhone 4 – sizzling hot (explosion) case. It seems like iPhone problems does not seem to end

Apple iPhone fire

Boy Genius Report (BGR) has recently displayed the images of an iPhone which has burst into flames when it was connected to the PC with the data cable that came with the handset. The owner of the mobile had little wounds on his hands due to the flames. The owner has taken the defective phone to AT&T store for it to be repaired or to be replaced with a new one, which is likely to happen as the phone is damaged to level which it can not be repaired.

In previous cases when an iPhone got burned, it was only because of the faulty Li-ion (Lithium Ion) battery. But for this case, the problem was with that of a faulty USB port in iPhone 4, which got fired due to overheat caused when it was connected to the PC.

According to the BGR reports, the USB port got so hot when it was connected with the PC and thus melted the Data cable and the black bezel, which caused the fire. This fire has unfortunately burnt the unlucky owner.
Till now there are no news from Apple and the AT&T store about the burning news or case brought by the customer. Also, there was no other complaints like this have come to the limelight yet.

Will this be the beginning of the fall of iPhone 4 or just a single defective iPhone 4 that was sold out of 2 million phones that was sold? Is this a start of a variety of dangers that we would face because of iPhones? We have to wait and see.

We should be careful that no such thing happens to our phones. If you find that your handset gets really hot than usual when charging, it is better to switch off the charging and unplug the charging cables. The next thing you should do is to take the reports to the mobile producer and try to figure out the problem and take measures for solving it.

Iphone 4: A success or failure ?

iPhone 4 : A success or Failure

Apple has always known to set benchmarks in the technology era. Blending style, innovation and latest technology can be done best by “Apple”. The launch of any new products by Apple brings along a chill of excitement and anticipation. And when the product is launched every eye becomes stagnant on it, such is the magic of Apple. Thus, the launch of iphone 4 was no different; it bought turmoil amongst all the Apple/iphone fans. With a ravishing new design, new LED display, some more additional features, Apple’s iphone was launched with a bang giving a high-end competition to all the Smartphone’s in the market. The new iphone showcase the apple’s new OS 4.0 which in itself has a long list of add on features.   But, here I’m not going to give you the review of iphone 4 but will see some of the setbacks, some of the problems with the iphone 4.

  1. Design: Let’s first see the design aspect of it. When you first take the new iphone in your hands you’ll actually take time to adjust. The new design is no doubt more sophisticated and compact but will not impress the iphone lovers to the level which was expected. All the curves which gave the iphone a stylish look have been made to thick edges which are one big letdown on the industrial design part.
  2. Camera: Apple’s tried to improve its camera quality from the first version of iphone till now without degrading the other features. A 5 megapixel camera and VGA front camera clearly shows the efforts put in to improve the photography system and its clarity. But, what is still lacking is the camera button on the side panel which if would be present would have become a photographer’s delight.
  3. Speed: Though Apple has replaced the internal Samsung chip by its own designed A4 chip but the processor is the same ARM Cortex A-8. There is no noticeable difference in the speed than the previous iphone (3G).
  4. Multitasking: Though surely multitasking is the key feature which Apple initiated with its new OS 4.0. But, we cannot say its true multitasking. When you switch from one application to the other it pause’s the previous application and gets resumes when we move back to it. There are very limited applications which can run in the background while you’re using some other applications like music, VOIP calls, GPS etc.

So we can overall say not a bad move by Apple though. The new iphone will where fail to meet the high expectations of the iphone fans to some extend but the new range of features added with the new OS balances out the retires. Though we cant give a thumbs up due to the design aspect of iphone 4 we definitely can say an honest and stylistically innovative product by Apple once again.

Apple’s iPhone 4 on sale in China’s grey market

Before Apple launched its latest version of iPhone it was already in Beijing’s electronic stores and luxury hotels. One can get privately imported iPhones for almost 17000 Yuan which is equal to 2,500 dollars.

The iPhone sellers were quite confident that the customer would readily pay any hefty amount for this new iPhone 4. This confidence came from the iPhone 4 which has high definition video, video chat and sharper screen resolution. With all this features in the iPhone it is desirable by every tech freak person. This iPhone was going to be launched officially not later than January.

People having new iPhones are also crazy to get the latest version as they consider owing a latest version is fashion.

Apple had launched this iPhone in Europe, Japan and United States last week and it was sold like hot cake in the iPhone market. Its estimated that 1.7 million iPhone 4s was sold in three days alone.

Grey market in China has been developing for years which cater to the demand of the iPhone. China Unicom is the only Chinese telecom operator which sells iPhone in the world’s largest cell phone market.