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OliveOffice is an application which is suited for Viewing files like presentations (ppt/pptx), word processing (doc,docx), spreadsheet (xls,xlsx), compiled help manual (chm) and portable documents (pdf). This application is available in different languages and this can be downloaded at free of cost. More features will be available in the later versions.

OliveOffice Review

OliveOffice Free Android App

OliveOffice lacks few key functions which makes it less attractive.

You can find that the Android is lacking an integrated office doc viewer. Few mobile manufacturers are bundling a crippled version of this application as a biased solution, but the function of the app is not so good until you purchase the upgrade key ($10) which unlocks all the features. OliveOffice application is a free document viewer which consists of a local file browser, but it also lacking key functions which would make it actually useful.

The main reason I don’t like this application is that it won’t appear as an entry in the Save dialog while downloading files from web browser or while previewing attached files in Gmail. These two are the most regular way of getting your office files to your Android and OliveOffice is of no help with them.

Another issue in this app is that few “supported” files are not really supported very well. When I tried to open files like .xls and .ppt the app got choked. We can only read the data’s in spreadsheet and we can’t do functions like calculations. The word files are looking fairly good, but the table formatting occasionally doesn’t render properly.

The interesting one in this app is the ability to view compiled help manual (.chm). This doc format is not so widely used as it was once, but it might be handy to have a manual doc on your handset, if you needed one. If you’re a tech support person then you may like this feature.

At present there is no editing capability offered by OliveOffice.   Other doc viewers such as Document To Go performs well, so for now there is not much reasons to go with OliveOffice

AlwaysOnPC – Office & Firefox


Your own Virtual PC preloaded with dominant desktop applications such as Firefox and flash, Dropbox folder, Open office suite and much more! Faster and also more dependable than VNC/RDP remote desktop setups. With AlwaysOnPC application plus Fast internet you can place you laptop behind. Try it at free of cost from your PC or Mac at the site www.alwaysonpc.com. Recent changes:  Updated to high-speed hosting capability, So AlwaysOnPC application is way faster and also more reliable than the VNC/Remote desktop.

AlwaysOnPC – Office & Android Review

This dominant application allows you to contol a cloud-based desktop PC running Fedora Linux with 2GB of storage, Dropbox, Openoffice Suite, Firefox and many more open source programs.

AlwaysOnPC Free Android App

There are few applications available in the android market attempts to solve the issues of how to access, view and edit office doc with an android device. It is a hard job compounded by the boundaries of the small screen and keyboards, and by the fact, too, that lots of doc’s formats are proprietary and is thus hard for the developers of third-party to work with. AlwaysOnPC application offers a dominant, customizable, cross-platform solution which uses open-source software hosted on cloud-based, Fedora Linux PC.

This application is fundamentally a VNC client which allows you log in to a virtualized case of a full-scale desktop. You can register an acc for you in-app or online. Once you logged into your account, your android device will be opening a window of your remote desktop, which you can arrange and customize as like a normal PC. AlwaysOnPC comes up with a disk space of 2GB which is arranged as a usual Linux home directory. Furthermore, the superb Dropbox cross-platform cloud storage client comes up with preinstalled, so that you can add up an extra 2GB with a free Dropbox acc or pay for additional storage if you require it.

The thunderbird email client, firefox, the GIMP image editor, OpenOffice, the FileZilla FTP client, Adobe reader and the pidgin IM clients are some of the many full-featured programs present on your remote desktop. You can also install add-ons such as Xmarks or Firefox Sync in Firefox, so your bookmarks can be synced between the computers. And also you can use Web applications in Firefox, just like as you’re in your desktop PC.

I am very well stupefied with the performance of this application. Response times are also extraordinarily speedy with little latency. The interface is very well suited for touchscreen, with the pinch-zoom function featuring nicely. You can also toggle between the mouse mode, which makes use of your screen like a trackpad for moving the cursor, and touchscreen mode that keeps the cursor directly beneath your finger. According to me I feel mouse mode is quite precise.

Using Menu à send file you can simply upload your file from your device to your desktop PC. Unluckily, you don’t have the option of choosing the destination folder – all the files will directly goes to your Home folder. And also there is no direct way to download your files to your device. By installing the Dropbox application on to your android you can work around this and you can place the files to your Dropbox folder. The Dropbox application will allows you to save files on to your device – but that is a discomfited way to do something which really must be achievable in AlwaysOnPC.

This application offers the best doc viewing and editing experience among the other android application I have tested. Since it uses the tough and established OpenOffice suite, roughly every office file types works really well. Some Microsoft formatting might rarely provide incorrectly, but that’s factual to an even greater extent in other applications.

AlwaysOnPc application is also available on Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, Linux PXs and Windows. This shows that with just an Internet connection you can access your remote desktop from anywhere.

Obviously, there’s a drawback: If there is no internet connection then you can’t use AlwaysOnPc application.  So if you want to have all the local copies of your files, make ensure they’re synced to your Dropbox folder.

So as long as you’ve internet connection, AlwaysOnPc is a great means to get some desktop-powered works done using your android device.

Bebbled : Free Andorid Application

Bebbled Review

Bebbled is one of the most addictive, challenging and enjoyable games present in the android market.

Bebbled Free Andorid Game

If you are a die hard fan of Bejewled then you will definitely find it easily to get addicted on bebbled. Bebbled is a challenging one yet it is highly addictive puzzle game which makes intelligent use of the phone hardware; I have tested under several Android devices, and it worked fine on all of them. Sometimes this games look as if almost too challenge – but then again, I have been enjoying it for about a week only. In any case, the difficulty is part which makes this game so impossible to quit.

Your game is a grid consists of orbs in which you have to match by colour in order to score. The more orbs that you match, the more points you will score. The orbs should touch horizontally or vertically and not diagonally – to count as matches. This application also makes use of your handset accelerometer, so that you can flip your phone 180 degrees to reorganize your orbs and create lots of groupings.

In campaign mode you will fly for hours attempting to beat the entire 33 levels. On the other hand you can also play in freestyle mode that lets you to customize your gaming experience. Among all online mode is the best where you can challenge your mates to some aggressive Bebbled gaming.

The mistake might lie with my faintly outdated Nexus One phone, but at times the accelerometer lagged a quit bit when I attempted to flip the gameboard. That is my only moan, though. Bebbled is surely a game well worth playing on your android.

Abduction! 2 : Free Android Game


Abduction! 2 Cow is back! Jump over the top up to 120 levels in fifteen colourful and different landscapes.   Now with Feint accomplishments and global leader board! Dream/HTC Hero/Magic/Mytouch/Eris users: unable to begin levels? You might have to disable the map in the options.

Abduction! 2 Review

Abduction 2 Free Android Game

This game is an addictive and also challenging one with lots of fun.

Abduction, the 1st version was one of the famous games in the android market. I liked the first version very much, but it is too repetitive, and I want more difference in each levels. Enter Abduction 2, the latest version which addresses all the above concerns. Psym mobile came up with a cool, challenging and addictive game which won’t get bored of very easily.

Both the version of abduction titles is vertically scrolling platforming games. You will be controlling a continuously jumping cow directing it to higher and higher on the way to spaceship which has abducted the critters friends and making the cow free.  You will be making use of your handset accelerometer in order to control the motion of the cow and it is really quite responsive. The Issue with most of the vertically scrolling games like this one is that they are tending to be alike over and over. However, Abduction2 becomes much more difficult as you move on. You will be come across falling bombs, spikes, crumbling platforms, moving platforms, rockets, draggable platforms, power-ups, rockets and much more.

Furthermore, every level sets a few diverse objectives. As you finish the first level you will move on to the next level and so on. You can try and set all the animals free and thus you will unlock more items and characters. Or else you can go on for Speed – the faster you complete, the more coins you will get. Once you got enough coins you can redeem them in the store and you can buy accessories for characters to wear, new playable characters and also new game modes.

Abduction 2 offers 60 adventure levels and 60 haphazardly generated classic levels. Furthermore, if you are the aggressive type, Abduction2 is integrated with the Feint network, so that you will be able to compare your scores with the other players around the world. This game also offers a Quick game mode, in which you simply hit start to get up and jumping.

Abduction 2 is really an addictive and challenging game which is available at a cost of $3. It would be really great if the price drops to a buck or 2, but still the game is challenging and full of fun.

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8pen : Free Android App which helps you Write


The 8pen application is basically a new means of writing on your handset. Typing will becomes quicker and also less error-prone than the conventional one. This is truly fun, instinctive and easy to learn.  If you have any comments, bugs send it via www.the8pen.com.

Recent changes: Voice input (Android 2.2), basic themes, preview popup, height adjustment, improved dictionary support, Optional vibration in central region. Fine-grained shift pressure threshold, HTC Tattoo fix, Slightly modified numeric layout, Fix of phone keyboard bug creating force close on some handsets.

8pen Review

8Pen Free Writing Android App
8pen application is the replacement of conventional keyboard unlike any other. It entirely does away with standard QWERTY keyboard and restored it with a circle with 4 quadrants. Every quadrants consists of 8 letters or symbols, each of it selected by starting in the centre circle, continues in a particular direction, looping your fingers either anticlockwise or clockwise direction for a particular number of degrees, and then coming back to centre circle. Sounds complex?? It’s. Actually, explain about the working of this app will take up this complete review, so it is better to watch 8pen’s promo video, if you are truly interested.

A speaker says in the video, “If the keyboards were invented for the present mobile, would it be looking like the same as QWERTY keyboard? Perhaps not.” I think that the logic behind this statement is quite sound. Nevertheless, 8pen app failed to come up with a good option. Following are few reasons why:

The outline of the letters is entirely foreign. In this 8pen application the most common letters are placed closer to the centre of the circle for easier access, but this doesn’t make it more instinctive. Furthermore while you’re typing your thumb covers a good portion of your phone screen which makes it hard to tell what you have exactly selected. The typing speed will be slow until you memorize and get suited with it.

It takes quite long gesture to make most letters. It is tough to quarrel that this makes any sense when sliding keyboards such as SlideIT and Swype lets you to make an complete word with a much shorter, more instinctive gesture.

Definitely it’ll take a long time to get use to it. After so many hours and after so many days, I’m still typing at a snail’s pace.

The 8pen application does have few good things. You can craft a gesture to input oft-used phrases, but you can do it in SlideIT, too. 8pen also has a speech input feature key for Froyo and higher. If you have memorized everything then you can type without even looking at it. The predictive text is upright, but surely not good as SwiftKey’s,

I truly congratulate for attempting something entirely different. Unluckily, this is a non-runner in my book. It is free of cost, so if you are really curious, you have nothing to lose.

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Instant Heart Rate Review


This application measures your and your friend heart rate by using the camera present in your Android phone. Gently place your finger on the camera and hold on steadily for 10 seconds. Now you can see your current heart rate on the display. If you encounter any problems go to http://www.instantheartrate.com/android_market_issues.jsp. Recent changes 1.5.5

Instant heart Rate

Instant Heart Rate Review

If a person tells you that “there is an application which will be using your camera in your handset to measure your heart rate, you and me will obviously think that guy is out of his mind. Well, we’re wrong. Instant Heart rate is an application which measures the heart rate accurately.

Open the application and then smoothly place your finger on the camera lens and then hold it steadily for at least 10 sec; the application then displays your heart rate. How is this possible?? According to the application descriptions:

“The colour of the surface of the skin changes on every heartbeat. The in-built camera present in your handset tracks the changes and then calculates your heart rate. It works as like the medical pulse oximeter”

I couldn’t really believe that these cameras on our handset can pick up these changes, but somehow, it does.  And also it is accurate as well. I tested this application myself and also I tested on my friend and I found the results were accurate.

The application recommends you to use it under well light area, but if your handset has flash on it, it will use it as well. On an original Droid handset, it works awfully well.

The application itself pretty basics. You can switch the flash on or off, and the application has a several options like twitter, messaging, Facebook, Evernote, Gmail, and so on, so your pals can know your heart beat rate. This application is an ad-supported and the ads are modest, down at the bottom of your screen.

I truly like this application; though the precision can be slightly increased, it is usually right to within just a few beats. It has app for exercise and medical problems and certainly it gives you a chance to show your friends, “Buddy, look what my handset can do!” and then check out the amazement on their faces.

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