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New sub-$200 DirectX 11 Graphics card launched by Nvidia

On Monday Nvidia launched a new graphics card which costs $199. This new graphics card will bring out high quality gaming and Blu-ray 3D movie to PC’s.

Nvidia’s most low-priced desktop graphics card is “The GeForce Gtx 460”, which is providing enhanced multimedia performances than its predecessors. The graphics card comprises 768 MB of graphics memory and 336 processing cores.

New sub-$200 DirectX 11 Graphics card launched by Nvidia

This is the cheapest graphics card of Nvidia’s to support DirectX 11, which is bringing out some realistic images and sounds while you’re playing games on your Windoes7 desktops.

For displays the graphics card is having 2 outputs. Nvidia’s product manager Justin Walker said that 1 graphics card is used to play over 2 monitors.

Justin Walker also added that the graphics card will be also able to bind the parallel-processing capability of the graphics processors to enhance the performances of gaming and applications. This is partially done by the hardware support for DirectX 11. Nvidia is also offering CUDA in order to expand and handle parallel tasks execution.

Already Nvidia offering 3 GeForce GTX graphics cards pricing between $279 and $499. The GTX 480 is the faster and the most costly card, which is extremely hot, although the company disagrees. The GTX 480 is producing surplus heat, which is leading to more power consumption of power for cooling the system, said Testers and Pc makers.

Justin Walker said that the GTX 460 doesn’t produce much heat. According to the company the graphics card will consume up to a power of 150 Watts.

The graphics card will probable vie on cost with the ATI Radeon HD 5830, which costs under $250 on launch, but now it costs at $199 on retail sites like Newegg.

Starting from Monday the GTX 460 768 MB graphics card will be available universal.  An alternative of the graphics card with a 1GB memory will be obtained on Monday for a price of $229.

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