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Go : Google Programming Language

Go Google programming language
When Google is bound with any product, it is ought to be efficient and unique in its own way. Google has always been in for the excellence they render in whichever domain they enroll.

In the era when cloud computing and open sourced development is in progression, Google has launched a new programming language “Go”. This is an open sourced language based on C programming family. As also it incorporates elements of python and Pascal, which will help make the web pages faster and dynamic.

The computers are becoming more and more compact and advanced but the software development is far more sluggish. Today when web and computing have changed so dramatically and have reached upto cloud computing yet the languages empowering these developments are the same. Thus, “Go”, an amalgamation of python and C++ is expected to bring a revolutionary change in the computing world. Go seems to be more inspired by python , as python being one of the favourite languages practised by Google since the time, Google search engine was launched solely using python.

The “Go” language has been in development since Sep 2007, but is supposed to be revealed by Google along a free open source computer. One feature of ‘Go’ which makes an excellent innovation is that it has all the commonly used features like trash collection, maps, referring different parts using a single syntax etc. In the existing languages one had to choose efficient compilation, implementation or ease of programming all the features together were never available in the same current language. ‘Go’ is an attempt to combine the ease of programming of an interpreted and dynamically typed language. This language aims to the new computing world where all the applications and softwares will be available through various networked and multicore systems. This is expected to be very fast with the web pages and various other applications.

“Go” has very attractive features but to meet and maintain all of them is also very essential. This will be fulfilled by an expansive but lightweight system which will accompany the launch of “Go”. Later on you never know this might conquer the other systems too.

If you know the basics of C and python it won’t be difficult at all for you to understand the below code.

package main
import “fmt”
func main ()
fmt, printf(“Hello World” \n)
“Hello World”