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India is Google’s main centre for Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is latest technology that many organisations are trying to adopt in order to achieve better resources utilization and sharing. Google has shown interest on it seriously. These initiative works on cloud computing will be taken care by Google centres that are present in Hyderabad and Bangalore.

Google cloud computingcentres in India

On Tuesday in Bangalore, Dave Girouard who is the Google’s president of enterprise stated that, “India will be a “Centre of Excellence” when it comes to Cloud computing support for many companies. Soon, India will be transformed into a largest enterprise development centre for our company.” This Enterprise works are also happening in other Google centres like Stockholm, Kirkland (Washington) and Mountain View (California).

Girouard said that, “Already Google has got 300 engineers and is looking to hire extra 100 engineers”. Hyderabad is now fully focused on Cloud commuting itself whereas Bangalore is still having focus only on activities like Advertisements, Google Search and mobiles. And now, initiative is being made in Bangalore to form a team for Cloud computing.

The cloud computing services are nothing but extension of its customer services like Docs, Gmail and Calendar to all kinds of businesses. Docs, a web based application which allows users to view & edit source document online.

Calendars can be used users in order to plan appointments, form multi calendars to know about others availability, embed it with your Gmail services and distribute project plan calendars (dates) among the workers or the company.

Google also going to provide an app called as Google sites with which you can easily develop web pages. These pages can be used for various purposes like host video sharing, Private uses within the team or project and intranet activities. These kinds of applications are currently licensed and used in various companies and are managed by in-house information centres.

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