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Google Android Beats Apple iPhone

On Monday, Market trends monitor Nielson Company has released a report stating, “Before the close of 2011, several numbers of Smart Phones will be released in the U.S compared to the low featured mobiles.”

The report has also noted that the growth of Android OS from Google is increasing really fast and during the last 6 months, it has become better than the iPhone OS from Apple even with latest subscribers.

Though even with the new spike, the iPhone platform still considered as the SmartPhone that is popular among customers. The report from Neilson says that, “Considering the current subscribers who are all thinking to switch their mobile phones, 90 % of the iPhone users do not want to change their handset.” The report also said that, “29 % of Blackberry and 21 % of Android users have thought to switch to iPhone.”

Business Insider’s Dan Frommer stated that, “the main disadvantage of the iPhone could be that it is works only with one service provider, AT&T. But, the Android and Blackberry handsets can be used with any service providers.”

On Monday, an online research company, Canalys stated that, the sales of the Android (smart phones) handsets have increased to 88.6 % by the 2nd quarter of the 2010. The company added that, the overall growth of the SmartPhone market has increased by 64 % at the same time.

Nokia as well, has got a major part to play in the smart phones field around the globe. The report has stated that, Nokia has influenced a 38 % share in the world’s market of smart phones, by selling a record number of 24 million handsets in the 2nd quarter.

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Google App Inventor – Time to play with Android Applications

Google is trying to take the Android mobiles to the next level. On July 19th, Google will be releasing a tool which allows users to create their own apps for their Smart Phones. The software tool is termed as Google App Inventor has been under the development phase for over a year and is now in a User testing phase, tested with school boys, high school girls and Under Graduates those who are not from computer science department.

Google App inventor Time to play with Android

Google said, mobiles that are released are now equal to computers and the users should be able to develop their apps on their own.

The computer scientist from Massachusetts Institute of Technology Harold Abelson who is now working for Google for time being has said that, “The aim of our software is to make people to be a creator and not just a consumer. Android architecture is open to all and this enables us to work this software on it”

Abelson has stated that this software is made especially for the youth to develop their own apps with the smart phones just the way they were working on the PCs.

The Google App Inventor allows the user to simply drag and drop the code segments and graphic pictures that describes the smart phones functionalities and integrate them together just like the way we do in Lego blocks. The final output would be the app that was created by the person.

For instance, a boy created an app to notify a group of friends about his location for every 10 minutes. The app was made up of 3 graphic code blocks that are integrated together. One was a timer (for calculating 15 min interval), second to indicate the location and the third is a database having details of the group of friends.

Another student made an auto reply app, which would send a SMS “I am driving and don’t disturb me” when he is driving.

A nursery student developed an app that would send emergency SMS, when the person having the phone falls. The app has an accelerometer feature to detect the fall. If the person is not able to recover from the fall within a short time and press the app button, then the SMS would be sent automatically to the emergency number that is given in the app.

These apps created may look small but with some domain knowledge it is possible to make wider applications as well.