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Free Android Applications for HTC Hero

There are numerous free applications available in android market. We took a few which you can use at your HTC hero phone.

Android applications for HTC Hero

This application is needed for the user’s to view and manage the contacts. It displays our contacts with Contextual information and pictures, missed calls and unread messages.
This applications comes with a landscape view provide quiker access to our favorites and contacts.

Locale is one of the amazing applications which allow the user to handle the profile automatically.
Key features of this application is that we can know the battery level, dates, time, GPS coordinates and also about the calls from specific peoples.

Facebook for android is one of the special applications which was created to read and post status updates. we can post pictures, check our friends profile and share our time with friends.

It serves as an alternative to android web browser works faster and can load full HTML site.

This application is available in both free and pro version. This application is needed for viewing and sending tweets,follow the users,photo posting ang geo-sharing effects.

Iskoot is one of the free application for android that facilitates skype on our mobile.we can make the international calls by using this application as well as through skypeout.

This application provide the details about the deals.if we need the details about a product we can enter the name of the product this application search about the details of the product in web, local chain stores the best price and reviews about the product.

Ring droid application allow the user to create free ringtones, allow us to load the song into our SD

Meebo is a free instant messaging application .this application would support yahoo,MySpace, google talk, AIM.chat history will be saved in this application.

It is a music tagging system. if we need the details about the song which we hear simply we can launch the application, we should press the tag now button and we should hold the phone towards the speaker.

Within seconds we can get the information about the song name,artist,year of release and some other details related to the song.amazon MP3 stores the link ,and the artist myspace page, video link.

Its a free application which allows the user to build the profile to manage the phone. User can change the ringtone settings such as mute, vibrate etc. User can know about the Wi-Fi status, brightness and other aspects. It provides easy to use user interface for different settings

This is one of an android application that helps the user to know about the new places based on our preference. It would locate the information to suggest the information about the Stores, restaurants, popular places in our area which we would prefer to visit.

Gdocs application allow the user to view the spreadsheet and to create and edit and view the word Processor documents from their google docs account but the editing is restricted to text level only.

This is one of the open source application for posting text and images to wordpress blogs. This is one of the best application that would allow the user to post photos and thoughts from our android phone.

We hope you liked our list of free android applications for HTC hero. For more applications browse our free android apps and free android games section.

Orvis Fly Fishing Review


This application works on Android 2.1 and 2.2 only. Buy now and register and acquire a $10 Orvis gift certificate. With Picture, maps, animations and more than an hr of video, this application has the information you need for a flourishing trip. It covers significant flies, knots and casting systems and has updated fishing reports for over 200 locations.

Orvis Fly Fishing Review
Orvis Fly Fishing android application

Orvis Fly fishing is one of the stylish fishing techniques and this could be little daunting for the fresher’s to grasp. This application is a multimedia guide to method, knots, lures, the great places to fish, and other related topics. It consists of a huge amount of meticulous colour photos, podcasts and video tutorials and it even contains an in-app store so you can buy the right gear.

The home screen offer many segments: Top 10 casting Mistakes, Fishing Reports, casting, Knots, Flies and podcasts. The casting segment includes video clips where the fly fishing specialists demonstrates the accurate method. So when you see these videos you will come to know about the accurate casting method is as significant as proper swing method in golf.

The Flies segment allows you to browse 100’s of flies by name, type and also by specific fly. Each and every fly entry contains a detailed colour photo, a detailed description of its material components, and where and how it must be used. If you choose that you want the fly, the screen also offers a useful button to purchase it on the Orvis site.

My favourite ingredient of this application is the Knots part, which is partitioned into Knots by Name and Purpose. While you choose a knot you will be able to watch step by step animated demo of the process for tying it. You will also be able to watch a video clip, but according to me the animations are easy to see and follow. If you don’t know anything about tying knots and if you want to learn, this application is definitely worth purchasing it.

The Fishing Reports part breaks the info into alphabetically by state, subdividing every state by chief fisheries. Reports consists of detail info about fishing activities, species which are biting, the finest time to fish, and the finest tackle to use. You will also find the links to the local fishing guides, if you need someone to take you the best spots. Regrettably, search by GPS location isn’t available.

In the Podcast part you will get a range of audio programs, most of them form Trout Unlimited, conversing different fishing topics. This application will download the full podcast before it starts to play, so Wi-Fi is suggested if you have it. I always prefer streaming audio, so that I can stop downloading the podcast when I am not interested. The Podcasts will be saved on your SD card so that you can replay them later.

There are few things that are missing in this application. For beginners a guide to trout and salmon species and habits would be useful. GPS location will be handy to tie the info together. Sharing option will be useful for allowing your fishing mates know about the specific fishing reports or possibly a fly that caught a lot of fish for you.

Despite from all these missing options, this application is very handy as is, and I highly suggest it to fly fishing fans.
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4 Cool and Free android applications which will replace your other gadgets

Here in this article I am going to mention 4 coolest free android applications which will spice up your android mobile phone. Check out the 4 coolest android applications below.

Free Android Applications


Flashlight is a great android application which is available at free of cost for your android mobile phone. You can download this application from the android market at free of cost. When you launch this application your phone camera LED will come on and light your way.

Once you have opened this application keep your finger at the bottom and move from bottom to top and the bulb starts glowing and if you want to turn off the bulb just move your finger from top to bottom.

Important thing to be kept in mind while using this application is that before moving on to your phone’s home screen switch off the bulb. This is because if you don’t turn off your bulb your battery will soon die. This application is most dependable on Motorola phones, but it also works on some other mobile phone as well.

Tape Recorder

There are many recording android applications are available for android but I recommend the free RecForge Lite and its $6 big sibling, RecForge. With the Lite version you can record for less than 3 mins for each recording.

AS a default the sounds that you record will be saved in the format as .mp3 files. If you want you can save the file in the formats like .wav or .ogg file by changing the settings. You can choose to record the sounds in mono or in two- track stereo.

Once you have done your recording you can attach a further recording at the end and you can convert it into another format and if you want you can share it via Gmail, text message or Bluetooth. In Recforge Version you can edit the audio.

TV Remote Control

I wish I could use my android phone into a universal remote. But it doesn’t happen any time soon. The problem behind this is that the phones don’t emit the infrared signals, which are the preferred interface between the device and the remote.

This Wi-Fi remote neatly controls the boxee set top box.  By switching on your Wi-Fi connection on your mobile you can control the device over LAN.

If you have attached your Pc with your TV so that you can see all the movies and also the TV shows Via Boxee account, this program allows your phone to access a remote control.

Remote Keyboard and Mouse

By using your Android phone you control your computer. The open source RemoteDroid makes use of the network and the java to ast to another keyboard and mouse for your computer. Initially you must install the Java SE runtime on your PC and then run the RemoteDroid Server software and also you must turn on your android phone’s Wi-Fi and get it onto the network.

Once you have done those steps, you will find the UI minimal but intuitive: the big rectangle as a touchpad, the 2 small rectangles are the buttons and the keyboard icon brings the keyboard.

Unfortunately RemoteDroid doesn’t support Swype. But still it allows you to control your PC without touching it.

4 Best Free Android apps for printing photos from mobile

Now a day mobile phone camera is getting better and people are using their mobile phones as their prime camera. Ultimately you would like to print all the family photo’s that you have saved on your mobile phone. Thats why we need android apps for printing photos directly from phone. It would be great if you can print the photos directly from your mobile phone rather than dealing with the memory cards and the USB cables to transfer your photos to your pc and then taking the print of the photos.

android apps for printing

There are applications available in the android market which allows you to print the photos from your phone directly to your Wi-Fi supported printer.

Here I mentioned few applications which allow you to print your photo directly to your printer.

4 Android apps for printing photos directly from mobile

  1. HP iPrint Photo

    This application is available at free of cost. This application lets you to edit and crop the photos before you print. It supports around 200 HP inkjet printers. It is quick and easy to set up.

    HP’s iPrint Photo software is my favourite application among other applications. It is easy and fast to set up and the most stress-free to use.  There are built in straightforward tools present in the application which allow you to grasp any photos on your mobile phone and perform trivial edits before you start print. This application is also available for various platforms like Windows mobile and Apple iOS as well.

  2. Polaroid PoGo App

    Polaroid PoGo application is also available at free of cost. This application doesn’t need Wi-Fi. This app lets you to add borders and also frames to your images.

    This application is the only Bluetooth Printing available. There are varieties of frames available which can be used to frame your images.

    This supports printing from any mobile phone with the Bluetooth capabilities. So even if you have older mobile phone rather than a Smartphone you can still print the photos.

  3. Brother iPrint & Scan

    Brother iPrint and Scan is also available at free of cost. This directly scans the images from your phone. This takes a longer time in setting up. Printing from the computer might be quick.

    Have a photo and you like to set it as your mobile wallpaper? If you’ve a brother printer, you might need to grab the company’s iPrint & scan application. This app searches your wireless network for compatible brother printers. You may wish to check with your user manual to ensure that your printer’s wireless settings are configured properly, however; my printer settings were not, so i spent few hrs in configuring it on a wireless network. You can do scans remotely, as well, though you must manually place the item you like to scan on the scanner bed in advance.

  4. Canon Easy-PhotoPrint (Free)

    This app is also available at free of cost.  This allows you to pick many pictures for batch printing. This is a great app for printing many pictures at once.

    This app lets you to wirelessly print any of the photos on your mobile phone or SD card. At once you can choose up to 39 photos to print, type of paper to use and the number of copies to print.

    We are looking forward for your feedback on the review of free android apps for printing. If you have any suggestions please let us know through comments.

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12 Free Best Android Applications

Here in this article you can find out the useful and best Google Android applications for your android phone. The free android applications mentioned below will truly spice up your android mobile phone. Here I have listed the free android applications under different categories like communication, entertainment, finance and Life Style. Check out the best android application below.

Best Free Google Android Applications


1. ChompSmS

The ChompSMS is a great application for the people who send SMS all the time. ChompSmS has got the greater UI, touchscreen QWERTY keyboards, chat style SMS bubbles and much more features.

2. Hi AIM

People who often use AIM for chatting can now download Aim from the android market. the data’s will be sent via network and there are no SMS fee.

3. Speaking Pad

Speaking pad is an android application, a talking notepad which speaks whatever you type. This is great entertainment application where one can prank his pal with the computerized speech.

4. Meebo IM

People who often use many Instant messengers like Gtalk, Yahoo, and MSN etc can make use of this Meebo IM application. This application supports various IM’s like Gtlak, Yahoo, AIM, MSN, MySpace, ICQ and Jabber. By signing in via Meebo account your chat history will saved forever and you can access it from anywhere by just logging into at meebo.com.

5. Phonebook

Phonebook is a greater application which has a good UI for viewing and managing all your contacts. This app displays all your contacts with images and contextual info like birthdays, missed calls and unread text messages. It has a nice landscape view, a good dialler and also a quick access to your most called and favourite contacts. Have fun with this app while browsing your contacts.

6. Opera Mini

Opera Mini is a wonderful application for your android phone where you can browse the web by saving your time and your money. It compresses the pages up to 90 percent which makes browsing fast. You can easily synchronise the bookmarks, history and many more between your pc and your mobile phone.


1. ikamobile Movie Finder

iKamobile Movie finder is a great application for the movie fans. With this application the movie fans can easily find out the show times at the theatres in your location. You can also check out the latest releases, watch trailers, browse movies, etc.

2. Funny Jokes

Funny jokes is an application where you can browse the coolest funniest jokes. You can add your own jokes and you can share with others and also you send it via email or by text messages. There are 1000’s of jokes in 12 categories.


1. Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking is a great application where you can check your balances, transfer funds and pay bills all on the go. With the GPS you can locate the ATM and the Banking centers.

2. aCurrency

aCurrency is application which is a currency converter for more than 160 currencies with the daily exchange rate updates. At a same time it shows up to 5 currencies. All the currencies are provided with country name, currency code and also the country flag.


1. DailyHoroscope

DailyHoroscope is an application which updates the horoscope on daily basis. It is easy and fun to use. Just tap on your sign and you get your horoscope on you mobile screen on 6 different colours.

2. Everyday Quotes

eQuotes is a great application which provides you a piece of wisdom from famous people of all time every day. It makes you to rethink your everyday life.

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