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Samsung Epic 4G: Pros and Cons

The Android running Smartphone, Samsung Epic 4G is the 2nd handset in the Sprint’s list to have WiMax support(1st is a slider QWERTY handset HTC Evo 4G), will be ready for launch at the end of this month.

Pros of Samsung Epic 4G

  • Notable features of the phone are 5 MP Camera, the front end VGA camera for video chatting, an mobile hotspot functionalities.

    Samsung epic 4G

  • Unpredictably light: The Epic 4G weighs only 5.5 ounces because of the slide out keypad adding an extra ounce and the thickness will only be few tenths of an inch. Its a reasonable sized mobile that weighs unbelievably less.  It will be launched on August 31 and you will get a 2 year Sprint contract for 249$, after mail in rebate of 100$.
  • Dazzling display: The Epic 4G sports 4” inch screen size that works on Super AMOLED technology, which gives HQ colour images better than a Standard AMOLED technology. Super AMOLED images look well indoor but outdoor it looks dim.
  • Soft, Silky performance: The 1GHZ powered Hummingbird allows you to swap across the home screen and menus real fast. Windows opened swiftly and Switching between portrait and landscape mode will happen pretty quick in no time.
  • Lovely QWERTY keypad: The QWERTY pad slides across in soft and elastic way. There are 5 rows of keys with a row for numbers alone. There is no dedicated @ key and the space key looks small.
  • You can have them for sure: The executives from Sprint say that the Epic 4G may not be able to beat the sales of Evo 4G. The interest shown by people is not the same like before (during the launch of Evo 4G). So, all the demands of customers can be satisfied(everybody can get their handsets without any delay).

Samsung epic 4G picture

Cons of Samsung Epic 4G

  • Ships with Android 2.1, not 2.2: Epic 4G runs on Android 2.1 only and not on Android 2.2, which means it has no Flash support. It seems Samsung and Sprint has not taken any steps to upgrade the Epic 4G to Android 2.2 Froyo, as the release date is nearing.
  • Cost is high (50$ more): Be ready with 350$ to buy the Epic 4G (249 $ for contract and 00$ for mail in rebate). This is 50$ more than HTC Evo 4G. The reason given by executives for this is that the Epic 4G has got premium hardware making it a premium handset.
  • Add on fee of $10/month “Premium Data” 4G tax: It will cost you 69$ for voice and data plans and for the 4G add on fee of 10$ will have to be paid every month, regardless of any place you are situated. The reason for 10$ extra was that the Evo and Epic users use more data compared to other handset users.
  • Battery life: Just like the Evo 4G, the Epic 4G handset’s battery may get harmed when the handset is used in areas having weak 4G signal. If you live in 4G coverage area, no problem, but if you are in a place having 3G coverage only, it is better switch off the 4G antenna to conserve your battery charge and life.

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Epic, the First Indian browser. Download and Try

Epic, a new browser launched by Hidden Reflex, a Bangalore based startup, which makes Indians proud across the globe.  Epic browser is the first Indian made browser and it is based on the platform called Mozilla. Epic browser has some bunch of India centric features as well. We had a try over it and we are happy with it.

First let’s have look at Hidden Reflex, the company behind the browser. In the year 2007 Alok Bhardwaj, U.S. based Engineer founded this company. However Hidden Reflex is presently based in Bangalore. Initially there were only 3 members and now it is grown to a bunch of members. All these members are currently working on 2 products; one is Epic, which is launched recently while the other one is still under the process.

Now let’s get back to Epic browser. Once you installed the Epic browser the first thing that you will be noticing is its bright colours. The Epic browser can be easily customized. Initially the Epic Browser comes with a background of “Peacock”. Obviously if you like to change the background you can choose the background from the zillion ones which is already present in the browser or else you can add your favourite background and you can use it as background of your browser. There are over 1500 themes available and well-suited with Epic. On the sidebar of the browser it has a host app from where you can easily open them. This includes Facebook, Orkut, Twitter and other related services. When you click on these icons a widget like window will be opened from the side of the browser. The only disadvantage is that you can open only one such widget pr window.

Epic is the first browser to have an inbuilt anti-virus protection. Currently the browser supports 12 different Indian languages and also which shows the news headlines at its sidebar. It also has features of app like video sidebar, free word processor and My Computer Browser.

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