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V2 ABS plus Desktop Backup system 1TB

CMS products has sold more than two million units of softwares. Regarding installation of softwares provide a success in about 90 plus countries and above. The product offering includes automatic backup solutions for both desktop and portable computers.
review of cms products


The CMS V2 ABSplus 1TB is said to be the quickest among the backup drives. It was released on august
31,2009. It also has a versatile software which helps in automatic backup. ABS performs fast on USB 2.0. It took only 25 minutes to backup 50GB of data. The another facility it offers is is the
bounceback option. This bounceback is used normally for a mode called continuous data protection. This kind of protection protects our files in a real time.

To protect from disaster recovery we have an option called as an instant disaster recovery handles .
this feature of CMS Products V2 ABS 1TB said to be the best feature among all the other as this was lacking in many competing backup drives.


It is fast due to the presence of eSATA interface. The new interface is easy to navigate. An external hard drive with 1 TB capacity suited for plug and play with desktop or notebook computers. The hard drive has a 16Mb buffer which is considered as larger than the other hard drives. It can be connect via either firewire or USB 2.0 for increased flexibility. ABS is able to connect to older USB port also. V2 ABSPlus products are available in 250GB,500GB and 750GB capacities.


Type: hard drive-external hard drive
Width: 4.6 in
Depth: 8.3 in
Height: 1.3 in
Weight: 2.4 lbs

Hardware specification:

Installation kit hardware
eSATA cable
USB cable
Hard drive

Software :
Bundled software: Bounceback ultimate backup9 software
OS required: Microsoft windows 2000/XP/Vista/7,Apple MacOS *10.3.9

Interface connections:
Supported interfaces:
Hi-speed USB 2.0
External SATA-300

1TB of capacity.

Compatable bays & slots: None

Seek time: 8.9 ms(average)

Spindle Speed:
Maximum rotational velocity 7200 RPM

Drive size : 1000 GB

Power source: AC adapter is included
Power device: Power adapter is available.

Voltage required:
AC 120/230 V(50/60 Hz)

Compliant standards:
FCC class B certified,RoHS.


It is fast with the presence of eSATA interface. More Storage capacity.


Absence of user-error fail safes in the software and Presence of few design issues.


All- new compUSA.com:
Hard drive has good features despite its price


3 years warranty.

Bottom Line

It is a flexible backup software applications.though the interface needs improvement it is\ said to be fast
by the presence of USB/eSATA.

User Review

It is fast in action but if CMS want to improve the confidence level of the users it needs to add
confirmation dialog boxes in some locations and has to do the rework function of the bounceback
Interface. Compare to the other hard drive in markets it is expensive at around $195

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