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Search Race: Bing and Google go one on one.

“The Microsoft search engine Bing will have their marks on countryside Indiana towns where Google was not able to do” said creator of Bing, Edwin Perello. The admin assistant in San Francisco, Laura Michelson was attracted by Flight fare tracker from Bing. The colorful Background images of the Bing has attracted a photographer from Chicago called Paul Callan.

Lot of Americans prefers Google as their main search engine. Sometimes they move to Microsoft’s Bing for some searches and start to work on it continuously. Callan said that, “I used Google before, but as I started using the Bing more, I liked it more. It is just like muscle memory which takes me to Google”.

Bing holds a small key in the web search field in the US. The web analytics company comScore has released that, “on June, 12.7% of search done with Bing compared to the 62.6% of the Google”. The impact of Bing and the Yahoo has been increasing whereas Google is decreasing slightly and continuously.

Google though will not fall down, as it keeps track of the Microsoft Bing’s updates and using those ideas on their search engines as well. Some Bing updates are travel search engine, image search engine, tools for social networking, etc.

Google has acquired the Bing’s ideas by enabling people to change the background and providing navigation tools on the left pane. The search results also had been narrowed giving exact results rather than possible results in blue colors.

The Caris & Company’s senior Internet and Software analyst Sandeep Aggarwal who follows the activity of Google and Microsoft said, “Cold war has started between them. It is clear that the competition with Bing is making Google to try out and catch up with them.”

The VP of Search Products and User Experience Marissa Mayer has said that, “Google’s updates cannot match with Bing. There was lot of work and time that was involved. The Navigation present on the left was developed for over 2 years. We want to have the thing right on the mark.”

From the introduction of Bing on May 2009, Microsoft’s share on searches has increased from 8 % to 12 % but yahoo has got a larger share in the search field. Yahoo has got a search deal from Microsoft.