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Drawback of iPhone 4G

Drawback of iPhone 4G. Apple has released their new version, iPhone 4G. Let’s took a look on this and have the latest drawback of iPhone 4G.

One of the major changes we have found in the iPhone 4G that is lightweight body. Apple says, new version is 25% thinner and lighter than previous models. Of course, the weight difference is barely noticeable and just aesthetic changes.

New Release IPhone 4G have a high resolution display capabilities. Maximum output on screen artificially maintained at 960 x 540, with half display that can project on Full HD LCD / LED TV. It is a great improvement. Many people like to watch videos on portable devices. The new resolution just made the iPhone as a powerful multimedia mini monster. Of course, playing audio line is already legendary.

Previous models were capable iPhone to connect WI-FI net phones. But now 4G technologies, which makes it even more portable stronger internet device.

It also contains high resolution 5 mega pixels camera and added front camera for one of the most prominent enhancements.

iPhone 4G can do video calling now. This is a new feature, however, depends on user preferences. Some people may find it as a good novelty.

With an updated style, shiny new screen, fast processors, iPhone 4G have become the market leader among the smart phone. In addition, its brand advertising device for Apple’s new operating system, which gives long-overdue collection of functions which are not available in other smart phones.

The device is coated with a total black chrome finish and engraved with the Apple logo on the back and recording. The device supposedly came from some prominent features of iPhone, such as a tiny speaker that has a rectangular shape and the home button. It seems that the iPhone 4G bit thicker, higher and sharper. In your new iPhone you can use 80 GB capacity, front facing camera with Wi-Fi 802.11b/g, 3G HSDPA, HTML (Safari) browser, and A-GPS.

Display of iPhone is always high at standard. According to the report, mobile phone comes with a stunning display to feature 3.5-inch TFT capacitive touch screen, which boasts 16 million colors and 640 x 960 pixels. Some high-end features on display include scratching the surface, the sensor to automatically shut off, accelerometer sensor for auto rotate.

iPhone 4G is a compact, nice and attracting, but there is some concerns. Call admission even now there is a problem and we are concerned about the new antenna. At the edge features, we welcome the multi-tasking with outstretched arms.

Apple Iphone 4G

When choosing the best mobile phone to buy, it is important to consider a number of things—one of which is its functionality. When it comes to performance, iphones might be the best options. Aside from the many features and applications they offer, they also facilitate free conference calling service through the help and partnership of different network providers. This feature is really advantageous and quite important especially for those who run their businesses. Through this, anyone can hold and conduct meetings without being physically present. Know more about apple by reading its other features below.

The apple has been known for its unique functionality and features. When Iphone 3gs hit the market it out numbered every cell as far as selling is concerned. Apple has made its mark regarding the technology and its innovation and with the release of Iphone 4G, Apple has once again proved its name in the field of technology. The technology being used by Apple is no different from the rest of the cells but the thing which really makes a discrepancy is the quality and more smoothness of the technology.

As expected the Apple iPhone has sleek stylish design, simple but cool. As far as the display is concerned the whole eulogy can be put in one simple word ‘fascinating’ with out of the box multitouch user interface. iPhone 4G offers high speed net surfing with its Safari browser and the applications are not that hard to comprehend.

Now let’s look at the some of the drawbacks of it. Well, there are some receptions glitches in the phone and lacks some of the basic features such as 3G compatibility and stereo Bluetooth support. Regardless of lacking some basic features, call distortions and sluggish data network, the iPhone 4G has set standards for the integrated mobile phones and MP players.

Google Android Beats Apple iPhone

On Monday, Market trends monitor Nielson Company has released a report stating, “Before the close of 2011, several numbers of Smart Phones will be released in the U.S compared to the low featured mobiles.”

The report has also noted that the growth of Android OS from Google is increasing really fast and during the last 6 months, it has become better than the iPhone OS from Apple even with latest subscribers.

Though even with the new spike, the iPhone platform still considered as the SmartPhone that is popular among customers. The report from Neilson says that, “Considering the current subscribers who are all thinking to switch their mobile phones, 90 % of the iPhone users do not want to change their handset.” The report also said that, “29 % of Blackberry and 21 % of Android users have thought to switch to iPhone.”

Business Insider’s Dan Frommer stated that, “the main disadvantage of the iPhone could be that it is works only with one service provider, AT&T. But, the Android and Blackberry handsets can be used with any service providers.”

On Monday, an online research company, Canalys stated that, the sales of the Android (smart phones) handsets have increased to 88.6 % by the 2nd quarter of the 2010. The company added that, the overall growth of the SmartPhone market has increased by 64 % at the same time.

Nokia as well, has got a major part to play in the smart phones field around the globe. The report has stated that, Nokia has influenced a 38 % share in the world’s market of smart phones, by selling a record number of 24 million handsets in the 2nd quarter.

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New iPod Touch 4th Generation, New iPod Nano, New iPod Shuffle

iPod Touch 4th Generation. The iPod touch received a thorough upgrade. The new iPod touch 4th generation also gets a Retinal Display, one camera on the front that can be used for FaceTime VideoChat, a camera at the back which you can film in HD and A4 fast processor in the iPhone is used 4. And all this fits into a housing that is slightly thinner than the previous version. The New iPod touch 4th Gen comes in 8GB ($ 229), 32GB ($ 299) or 64GB ($ 399) memory.

The new iPod Nano version looks like the iPod shuffle, but without buttons. The iPod nano is a square of nearly 4 cm 4 cm at the front with only one multi-touch screen. At the back is a clip to the iPod on your clothes pins.

View relies in terms of fourth-generation iPod shuffle dearly in the second generation but it retains some features of the third generation as VoiceOver. The New iPod shuffle comes in 5 colors (silver, blue, orange, green and pink) with 2GB memory and a battery good for 15 hours music. The new iPod Shuffle will cost $ 49.

Its time to learn jailbreaking your iPhone, iPod or iPad

Unlocking your mobile phone is easy with jailbreakme.com. But, this is still not 100 % perfect, but a better one, with which you can get some and lose some things.

The iOS UI is easy to use or jailbreak. A better way of jailbreaking is to use the safari browser and visit jailbreakme.com and slide the slider to start the jailbreaking that will be complete within minutes.

How to jailbreak iPod, iPhone, iPod

How to jailbreak iPod, iPhone, iPod

The Facts

The devices that run on iOS 3.2 and later version platform can be unlocked this way. The iPad iOS 3.2 or 3.2.1 version, the iPhone 3G or 3GS or 4, and 2nd or 3rd generation iPod touch iOS 4.0 or 4.0.1.

The method is independent of the ROM or SHSH blobs or iTunes version or PC or Mac, but depends on iOS only. You just need a Wi-Fi connection to connect your mobile to that site through safari browser. Update your iOS and backup your device before jailbreaking it.

Jailbreaking Issues

Jailbreaking cause your mobile to be unstable and it becomes worse as you start to use jailbroken applications. So delete those apps that you don’t want then and there. Some reported a problem that jailbroken mobile’s Facetime and MMS stopped working. Some got “server time out” issues while jailbreaking process was going on. When this happens, close the safari web browser and clear the cache and restart the browser and head to the jailbreakme site.

The jailbroken device may lock often and you have to restore factory settings. Apple has said that, when you jailbreak your device, you will lose out your warranty. 3rd party warranty issuer, Squaretrade though said that they will give warranty even for jailbroken device.

Real Easy

This method is commonly used by many from the year 2007 and is popular. Every iPhone or iPad or iPod user can make use of this method. There is a flaw in the iOS, which makes the jailbreaking process easy. This flaw will be fixed by Apple in the next version.

Apps for jailbroken devices

Use these apps for your jailbroken devices:

Here are a few of the important apps to consider once you do jailbreak:

  1. Backgrounder: providing Background for apps.
  2. Five Icon Doc: Places 5 icons in bottom dock
  3. My3G and 3G Unrestrictor: Used to trick apps that your mobile has Wi-Fi, when it only has a 3G.
  4. MyWi: transforms your 3G iPad/iPhones to a WiFi hotspot.
  5. Screensplitr: Depicts the iOS device on a PC/monitor.
  6. Multiflow: Move around your open Apps, right or left.
  7. Lockdown: Lock your apps with passwords.
  8. Spoofapp: phone calls recorder.

Its Legal

During June, the United States government has declared that jailbreaking of mobile are legal and the users are free from punishments.

But, Apple is clear that those devices that are jailbroken would los out their warranty. This means more ways for jailbreaking will be released soon and will be safe from the Apple’s lawyers. This means from now, you can enjoy jailbreaking or unlocking your devices in a legal way.

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Apple’s annoying policy of delaying the iPhone 4 intentionally

On Friday, Apple’s iPhone 4 was made available to 17 other countries and cities. Among them, New Zealand was also included. But, strangely the iPhone 4 was not available for the New Zealanders.

A representative from Apple said that the iPhone 4 sale would begin later in the day during the course of their website being updated, but the representative had not said about the reason for the delay.

Apple iphone 4 delay

On Twitter, Vodafone’s Speaker said that the morning sales were called off. Other Media Reposts suggested that the sales will be starting from the afternoon only.

This was the second setback for Apple in New Zealand. Last week on Friday, a bay of anger came out during the launch of the iPad because of the intense mystery about its release. And now a week after that, a new problem about delay in iPhone 4 has resulted.

Apple’s act of refusing to say about the launch of the Multimedia tablet in advance would have made everyone obsessive but upset buyers were wandering around the stores on bigger cities to know where the product will be launched.

Now again, same thing happened in the case of iPhone 4 as well. A seller from a store also commented that this policy of Apple looks frustrating.

She said that, “This policy drives us mad sometimes”.

Apple is already facing the problem of reception issues with the iPhone 4 when it is handled in a particular position. Apple has now said that, they would issue free bumper cases to solve the issue.

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Mouse can run away, We have Magic Trackpad from Apple

On Tuesday, Apple displayed the ‘Magic Trackpad’. This is a touchpad which eliminates the use of mouse for your Desktop PC’s. From now on Users can use the finger gestures to work with your PCs.

You can get this Magic Trackpad for 69 $ in the Apple store and you can check it out in the Online Apple store as well.

magic trackpad from apple

This Magic Trackpad gets its power from batteries. The design of the magic trackpad looks like a notepad which is made up of Aluminium and Glass. The Magic trackpad is connected to the Mac OS PCs of Apple with the Wireless Bluetooth technology. So, it is necessary for your Desktop to have a Bluetooth for the connectivity.

iPad or iPhone users can pretty easily get use to the finger gestures of Magic trackpad. The Magic trackpad uses just the same gestures that are used on the iPad or iPhone like swiping, pinching and tapping gestures that can be done with your fingers.

“You can use this Bluetooth enabled Magic Trackpad from a distance of 10 meters or 33 feet from your desktop computer”, Apple said.

This touchpad equipment is already working in the MacBook Pro Notebook Computers of Apple.

Also on the same day (Tuesday), Apple has displayed its latest iMac Desktop PCs. This iMac PCs comes either as a 27 inch display or 21.5 inch display screen. The processor speed is thought to be high ended. The cost of this iMac Desktop PCs is thought to vary from 1,199 $ to 1,999 $.

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Theory of Apple for iPhone 4 White Antenna fix

Apple controversies are seems to be never ending, yet more interesting. The new controversy is about the iPhone 4 white models. “Is the delay for the iPhone 4 white models has got anything to do with Apple’s attempt to address the signal problem?”

Apple iphone 4 signal problem

This was not said by me. Business Insider’s Jay Yarow had deduced this theory about the delay for iPhone 4 White, “Till the end of September, Apple will be giving away free bumper cases and the iPhone 4 White models will not be available till the end of this year”.

This may look concurrent! The theory is that, “Apple do not want to end up giving away free bumper cases for all, they just want to find a fix for the reception issues in iPhone 4 and implement it for the White iPhone 4 when it becomes available for the release again”

The problem in the iPhone 4 is that, when you hold the phone in the bottom left hand corner between the gaps of the antenna of the phone, the signal goes down. The reception problem can be seen clearly in poor signal areas and can be eliminated by using the free bumper cases provided by Apple. According to Apple, the estimated cost for giving free bumper cases amounts more than 175 million dollars.

If any other problem comes, even after giving away free cases for iPhone 4, Apple will not consider it again and also is not going to find any fix for the problem. There is main whole in the antenna theory for the white iPhone; Apple is actually selling more iPhone 4s than what it could really supply. Even if Apple is having the White model iPhone 4s, they do not want to supply them, and so they need not have to give away free cases.

The other acceptable conspiracy is that, the only possible way to reduce giving the number of free cases is to sell lesser iPhone 4 models in all colors available. If you ask me, the gain that Apple had selling the iPhone 4s is many times more than the loss they have for giving free cases. So, it is better for Apple to just fill the demands of people for iPhone 4.

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Sharp to sell 2 e-readers in an aim to confront its competitors

On Tuesday, Sharp has announced that it would release an e-reader by this year, which can handle text, audio and video contents. This release from Sharp may be to confront Apple and other opponents in the particular field.

This new e-reader from Sharp has got the “latest generation XMDF” platform. This platform was announced in the year 2001, which is a multimedia edition of XMDF format made for still images and text.

Sharp ereader

Sharp issued a statement that, “This new generation XMDF will help you to view multimedia contents like audio and video and will adjust the layout of the content automatically to meet and match publishers’ needs”

Sharp is going to release 2 kinds of e-readers in Japan by the end of 2010 (this year) and will then sell it abroad, in an aim to face up to the Apple’s iPad and iPhone.

Sharp’s senior official Masami Obatake has said to a press conference that, “e-publishing businesses are now getting lot of recognition and launching the e-readers by the end of the year would be apt”

When asked about Sharp’s ability to deal with competition, Masami said “The e-readers has got new advancements and so it will be sufficient to deal with the competition”

“In order to get established on the e-reader field, we have established agreements with top Japanese newspapers and publishers to provide the contents for the e-reader”, Sharp said.

During the end of May, Sony said that it had got a same plan and so joined with the Asahi Japanese Newspaper, the Toppan publishers and the KDDI (telecoms operator) with each having 25 % share.

This was announced before the iPad release in Japan and rest of the countries (leaving out US), where news paper advertisers having a decrease in advertisements and so found these e-readers as a way for success.

The e book market of Japan is now worth 500$ million with most topics covering conventional PCs and mobile phones. E-readers soon will prevail in many hands.

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iPhone 4 real reason for reception issues

Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs’s announcement of free cases or refund for their previously bought cases might be an eye wash to take cover for some time.

The solution for the “Death Claw” (reception problem) is free bumper case for all (unless again the phone is hold in the similar way, as said by jobs in the email sent while the issue was overhauling).

iPhone 4 reception issue

According to jobs, “the antennagate” the way media refer it, has been overemphasised” and he says other smart phones were also having the similar problems. When you hold them in the wrong way, the signal bars will begin to dip. Jobs has defended by saying, they had not received any complaints from other models regarding the same problems. We may have a bigger verification in the future about this.

We can understand that, Apple is under the scanner now and so for every step that they take, they will be scrutinized and the products that they release will be watched over by the media.

The reason for failure of the iPhone was poor testing? Apple used 100 $ million anechoic chambers to test their iPhones reception (which is really good). But the iPhone was not tested in rigorous environments to estimate the way in which the iPhone reception was working. The iPhone should have been tested in a place having bigger building, terrains, and constantly varying cell towers and over stretched networks, which may not be possible. Apple is just like other companies, which do not perform field testing of their products. They test in a way like “phone found at the bar”. Apple tries to build the iPhones in a way avoid the antenna to come in contact with the skin or you can call it as no signal issues. The cases surrounding the iPhone act as a signal booster and so will eliminate the signal issues.

Apple’s way of giving free cases was to take care of the issue temporarily in order to take care of its upcoming products. It is really bad that, Apple who is well established has missed out a variable that is essential for the iPhone i.e. signal strength.

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