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iPad to be Sold in Nine New Countries on Friday

Apple announced that on Friday the touchscreen multimedia devices will be available in 9 different countries and they are Belgium, Mexico, Austria, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Singapore and Ireland

iPad to be released in Nine counteries

Presently the iPad is available in the countries like Spain, France, Canada, U.S., Japan, Britain, Switzerland, Australia, Germany and Italy.

Previously Apple had said about the release of the iPad in 9 different countries in July but it haven’t unveiled the date.

By making use of iPad users can watch videos, listen to songs, play games, surf web or read ebooks.

The cheapest iPad model costs $499 which comes with a Wi-Fi connectivity and 16 GB of Memory while the most costly iPad model costs $829 which comes with a 3G connectivity and also 64GB of Memory.

On Jun 22nd Apple announced that more 3 millions of iPad were sold since the iPad went on sale in the U.S. on 3rd April.

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