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Anti-Theft Alarm Application for iPhone

Many iPhone users are concerned with the security of their iPhones. iPhones has about 1.7 million consumers in the world. It is important that you protect your iPhone from the theft as it is not a cheap gadget. To address this concern, LOLer Apps had created an anti theft app called Anti Theft Alarm. The Anti Theft Alarm is able to protect your iPhone by releasing a loud alarm.

Anti theft alarm application for iPhone

The developer created the Anti Theft Alarm app after being inspired by the world famous Viper car alarm systems. The app can be used in iPad, iPod and iPhone. If you installed the app, you will be able to set the alarm when you are about to leave your iPhone. If someone happens to move your iPhone, the alarm will sound aloud. After setting the alarm, you must quickly set it down within 5 seconds.

The app has a built in accelerometer. The accelerometer is able to detect movement of the phone. The alarm is a combination of 7 types of car alarm sound. The loud sound is designed to frighten the thief and bring attention to the owner. When the alarm sounds, the phone will vibrate. It also show police light animations. While the alarm is sounding, a car alarm message that says “please step away from the phone!” can be heard.

The app is useful for people that want to leave their phone in public place. If you are at the library, you can activate the alarm system to prevent people from stealing it while you are away. It is not suitable for people that are leaving their phone at home. Since you are away, you will never know if someone tries to steal your phone when the alarm sounds.
In addition, the app is easy to be deactivated. You just have to press the home button to deactivate the alarm. Therefore, the alarm is not effective and cannot be used to protect your iPhone in real life. It will work only if you are away to a nearby place and attending to it. The app does not recognize the owner of the iPhone. Anyone who comes across it can just press the home button to deactivate the alarm and steal it. Just like most of the app in the app store, it is a fun gadget that can be used to pull prank on your friend. The Anti-Theft Alarm app is for sale at $1 at Apple’s app store. It operates on MAC OS 3.1.3 and beyond.