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Free Wallpaper Apps that Steals Android mobile Information

A mobile security company said that, “nearly 1 to 4 million Android handset users have downloaded a wallpaper application that steals information from the handset and send them to a Chinese owned web server”

Lookout is a San Francisco based mobile security company said that, several free wallpaper applications that were downloaded to the Android mobile were stealing information like mobile number, text messages, SIM card serial number, voicemail numbers and subscriber identity also referred as International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI).

Android applications are stealing personal information

Those information were transmitted to a server that was identified to be present in north of Hong Kong in the China Guangdong province in the resident of Shenzhen.

Co-founder and Chief technology officer of Lookout, Kevin Mahaffey said that, “Two developers referred as “callmejack” and “IceskYsl@1sters!” created 80 wallpaper applications that has codes that obtains the users’ data and send it to the server”.

Kevin Mahaffey and CEO John Hering during the “App Genome Project” analysed 300,000 apps of Apple’s iPhone and Android mobiles

On Friday, Mahaffey published on the Lookout’s Blog sets of data stealing codes and HTML request code that sends information to a Chinese server, which were identified in the wallpaper apps. He called that app as a malware.

There was no issue till now because of that app. This app was easily found as they were dealing with the IMSI and phone number, which no other would access it. Many developers use third party components without knowing its capability.

Google accepted the statements of Lookout but did not say what action it will take on those developers or to call back the software.

Google earlier announced that there are nearly 70,000 apps available. During the Black Hat, the Lookout displayed ways to hack the Android phones due to a flaw in Linux that was found on Droid X, Droid Incredible and ECO 4G phones.

47 % of free apps were found to be accessing sensitive information and in that 27 % used same stealing code.

Lookout has given free security app for Blackberry, Windows mobile and Android phones that can be got from its site.

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