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Top Google Android Games

Long gone were the times when Symbian and Apple iOS were the most popular Mobile platforms. The Google Android is on the rise from the moment. With over 100,000 apps in the Android Market, and scoring nearly 27% of the smart phones sold in the US in 2010, Android is creeping ahead of Apple’s iOS. Android users will have a pool full of choice to make about their applications especially with the games. Read to know the top google android games in the android market.

google android games

All you Android users will have lots of exciting, interesting and action-packed google android games to choose from. With a powerful handset like the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 or the Google Nexus S with powerful processors and dedicated graphics you can enjoy all the top games in the Android market. Some of the top games of Android are listed and not all are action packed, some may involve tweaking your brain also.

Top Google Android Games

Angry Birds

Angry Birds is one of the most downloaded google android games on the market. Its simple nature makes it one of the most interesting, exciting and creative games. The story revolves around a revenge dyed story where in filthy green pigs steal the eggs of the birds. Now the Angry Birds have to avenge the pigs by dishing them out with their special powers. The game has more than 105 levels testing your skills and strategies to take out the pigs, as no two levels are the same.

Robo Defense

Robo defense is yet another interesting game that tweaks your brain and tests your strategic skills. The aim of the game is to prevent enemy robots from accessing your area by planning carefully an array of weapons units in its path. Among the entire Tower defense games available this one is the best mainly because of its unparalleled design.

Hungry Shark

Hungry shark is one of the most addictive games available for your Android Handset. The game is simple, you are a shark and you have to gobble everything in your way like fishes and swimmers but watch out for the poisonous jellyfish and mines. The accelerometer helps you explore the ocean. The sound effects and graphics sound really tempting and challenging.


Zenonia is an action packed fantasy game loaded with loads of weapons, spells, quests and lovely visuals pleasing to the eyes. The Korean game has been translated well to English and really exciting to try out.

Turbo Subs

Turbo Subs is much like a strategic diner game, focusing on your time management skills. You have to keep the customers of your sandwich shop happy by serving their favorite baguettes as fast as possible. Controls involve just tapping to serve the customers.

Hyper Jump

Hyper Jump evolved from the classic Doodle Jump of the IPhone. You have to keep moving up the ever-growing height leaping heavenwards for as long as possible with the use of platforms and power ups.

Air Control Lite

Air Control Lite is a flight traffic monitor game that tests how well you can handle air traffic and land planes and helicopters with varying speeds. Flights and helicopters keep appearing along the edges of your screen and you have to carefully land them without any two colliding. As you land planes the difficulty and the number of planes increase giving you a hard time. It is a very interesting and a must have game for your Droid.


NinJump is a traditional yet interesting game that first appeared on the Apple app store. It is available for Android users with a touch screen. The game is quite simple where you have to maneuver your Ninja avoiding obstacles or cutting through them by tapping on the screen. You can gain power ups by slashing through same obstacles for three times that enables you to go higher up which is the main aim of the game.

Need For Speed Shift

Need for Speed Shift is the most famous racing game on any platform. It is not a free game though but it is worth the cost for gamers who have a fierce liking for racing games. The NFS Shift tests your driving skills through a series of different races where you can earn money and stars to improve your car and finally compete in the World Tour, by unlocking levels and races. It is a must have to taste its rich gaming experience if you have a powerful Android handset.

Paper Toss

Paper Toss is not a thrilling or an action packed game. It is very unique where all you have to do is throw crushed paper into the dustbin. Its not as easy as it seems, you will have a fan on either side with varying wind velocity that will disturb your paper’s projectile into the dustbin. You have to comprehend considering the wind velocity to beat the game. The game has different difficulty levels varying with the distance between the paper throw and the dustbin.

Tank Hero

Tank Hero is a neat little arcade game. The objective is to go up the levels by shooting missiles at enemy tanks directly or by reflecting against the walls once. The game tests your accuracy and your ability to maneuver the tank with the touch controls.

Shoot U

Shoot U is a rather smart game that tests your basic physics skills. The graphics might seem simple but your objective is to hit the red star by getting the trajectory and speed right and most importantly avoiding obstacles.

These google android games are a few very smart, creative and interesting games available in the Android market that any genuine gamer would want to have on his Droid.

Animal Tetris : Free Teris Game

Tetris is one game that never goes out of existence. It’s been generations since people are enjoying this block game. You too belong to the fan club of this game – Tetris??? Then this android platform of the game can be a real party for the game lovers. The game is easily apprehensible by people of all age groups. In this technology, the same procedure is done of placing things or rotating the block as desired using your phone’s trackball or pad.

Tetris free android game

So it’s now the responsibility of ours to keep this game alive with all the new possible features so that the next generation too can enjoy it equally..!! Right??

Click here to download Animal Tetris gae

Open Sudoku : Android Suduko Game

It is found that a person solving a Sudoku in the morning can help your brain stay active the whole day. Solving the Sudoku’s on newspapers like a routine everyday gets you bored of them. For change in life, playing the new Android’s Open Sudoku which lives up to its open tag thanks to letting users install packs of new puzzles generated by Sudoku makers.

android games

It is one game that you can enjoy through out the day swallowing all the fun you can make out from it. If you don’t like such wit testing games then it is better you stay away from it!! Not of your type!

Click Here to download the Open Sudoku Game.

Coloroid : Colorful Android Game

This game is one of the simplest among the Andriod collections. The idea behind is to just expand the coloured areas, filling them in with colors in as few as possible. It works alike the paint’s fill color tool or the Photoshop’s fill tool.

android games

Imagining this you can decide it yourself how simple this game could be..? So, if you enjoy games that work easy rather those complicated ones…! Then what are you waiting for play it, experience it, and rejoice it..!

Click Here to download Coloroid Game.

Cestos Game Review

This is a great, awesome game that can be played online. The game gives a superb futuristic recreation. Playing online with real people on the either sides of you, each one throws marbles at others to try and smash everyone’s balls or gems down the drain and out of the zone. It will be more and more of amusement if there are people with right attitude playing against you.

android games

It would be fun cheating and paving way for your opponents out of the game. So go relish this game instead of hobnobbing online all the time…!

Click Here to download Cestos game.

Sketch Online Android Review

We all remember playing sketch games with a notepad to draw, with flash cards to select on what you may have to sketch for the others to guess on, and a timer. Now you can enjoy this with an Android touch. Illustrating what has to be guessed through drawings is real fun with friends bringing out lots of weird answers.

sketch game

This is a social guessing game where the users can draw ‘their drawings and let others keep guessing what does it actually seem like!! The “Beta” version of this game is absolutely free.

Download Sketch Online