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Elite Force Android game arrives

Elite Force is an action game with stuffs like guns, defense team, soldiers and etc.

This is a good pastime android game which can be loaded on to your  phone. It is absolutely free and can be easily installed. It has more than 60 levels. The environment in which the game is taking place is lively and pleasant. All you need to do in this game is to kill the soldiers who are nearing you, since you are a part of a defense team.

The version of this game was updated on October 19th of this year with high resolution graphics and increase in number of levels.
Many reviews say that this game has nothing other than awesome graphics but this game can attract the children as it is attractive.This game promises that you say “It was…fun…

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Drop Game, Enjoy Falling

The platform of the Android development is the working of an accelerometer. It is a device specially built in Android phones. Drop- by the name it’s as easy as you can say the word. You just need to fall off the characters through the gap.

drop game review

Knowing Android, tilt your phone as and when you need to drop the characters through the gap. This game is not only fun but also lets you unmask how good the accelerometer in your phone works!! Is that not revealing?!

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Gem Miner : Most Addictive Android Game

The Gem Miner game by the name suggests you to pull out what ever you find out of the ground. You can play it with a mole character that micro-manages the stuffs you find while digging through the ground. This game does sound very ample as the raw materials underground are lots and lots in number. Adding to this, you can upgrade your powers, buy bigger and better tools and maps.

android game

This is not just an old boring digging game, here you may find huge amounts of lively stuffs out of the ground. Seems cool! Isn’t that??

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Jewels Game : Pattern Matching Game

Every phone has this game irrespective of what kind you buy.. not fake that the Andriod too has it. The coloured gems game that we are all experts playing by about-facing the pairs of coloured gems to make large groups which can then disappear. The jewels are amazing in size and representation giving them a professional look making you eager to own them for yourself for free.

android games

If everything were in my hands, I would really snatch out some directly out of the screen!

Click Here to download Android jewels game.