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4 Best Free Android apps for printing photos from mobile

Now a day mobile phone camera is getting better and people are using their mobile phones as their prime camera. Ultimately you would like to print all the family photo’s that you have saved on your mobile phone. Thats why we need android apps for printing photos directly from phone. It would be great if you can print the photos directly from your mobile phone rather than dealing with the memory cards and the USB cables to transfer your photos to your pc and then taking the print of the photos.

android apps for printing

There are applications available in the android market which allows you to print the photos from your phone directly to your Wi-Fi supported printer.

Here I mentioned few applications which allow you to print your photo directly to your printer.

4 Android apps for printing photos directly from mobile

  1. HP iPrint Photo

    This application is available at free of cost. This application lets you to edit and crop the photos before you print. It supports around 200 HP inkjet printers. It is quick and easy to set up.

    HP’s iPrint Photo software is my favourite application among other applications. It is easy and fast to set up and the most stress-free to use.  There are built in straightforward tools present in the application which allow you to grasp any photos on your mobile phone and perform trivial edits before you start print. This application is also available for various platforms like Windows mobile and Apple iOS as well.

  2. Polaroid PoGo App

    Polaroid PoGo application is also available at free of cost. This application doesn’t need Wi-Fi. This app lets you to add borders and also frames to your images.

    This application is the only Bluetooth Printing available. There are varieties of frames available which can be used to frame your images.

    This supports printing from any mobile phone with the Bluetooth capabilities. So even if you have older mobile phone rather than a Smartphone you can still print the photos.

  3. Brother iPrint & Scan

    Brother iPrint and Scan is also available at free of cost. This directly scans the images from your phone. This takes a longer time in setting up. Printing from the computer might be quick.

    Have a photo and you like to set it as your mobile wallpaper? If you’ve a brother printer, you might need to grab the company’s iPrint & scan application. This app searches your wireless network for compatible brother printers. You may wish to check with your user manual to ensure that your printer’s wireless settings are configured properly, however; my printer settings were not, so i spent few hrs in configuring it on a wireless network. You can do scans remotely, as well, though you must manually place the item you like to scan on the scanner bed in advance.

  4. Canon Easy-PhotoPrint (Free)

    This app is also available at free of cost.  This allows you to pick many pictures for batch printing. This is a great app for printing many pictures at once.

    This app lets you to wirelessly print any of the photos on your mobile phone or SD card. At once you can choose up to 39 photos to print, type of paper to use and the number of copies to print.

    We are looking forward for your feedback on the review of free android apps for printing. If you have any suggestions please let us know through comments.

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12 Free Best Android Applications

Here in this article you can find out the useful and best Google Android applications for your android phone. The free android applications mentioned below will truly spice up your android mobile phone. Here I have listed the free android applications under different categories like communication, entertainment, finance and Life Style. Check out the best android application below.

Best Free Google Android Applications


1. ChompSmS

The ChompSMS is a great application for the people who send SMS all the time. ChompSmS has got the greater UI, touchscreen QWERTY keyboards, chat style SMS bubbles and much more features.

2. Hi AIM

People who often use AIM for chatting can now download Aim from the android market. the data’s will be sent via network and there are no SMS fee.

3. Speaking Pad

Speaking pad is an android application, a talking notepad which speaks whatever you type. This is great entertainment application where one can prank his pal with the computerized speech.

4. Meebo IM

People who often use many Instant messengers like Gtalk, Yahoo, and MSN etc can make use of this Meebo IM application. This application supports various IM’s like Gtlak, Yahoo, AIM, MSN, MySpace, ICQ and Jabber. By signing in via Meebo account your chat history will saved forever and you can access it from anywhere by just logging into at meebo.com.

5. Phonebook

Phonebook is a greater application which has a good UI for viewing and managing all your contacts. This app displays all your contacts with images and contextual info like birthdays, missed calls and unread text messages. It has a nice landscape view, a good dialler and also a quick access to your most called and favourite contacts. Have fun with this app while browsing your contacts.

6. Opera Mini

Opera Mini is a wonderful application for your android phone where you can browse the web by saving your time and your money. It compresses the pages up to 90 percent which makes browsing fast. You can easily synchronise the bookmarks, history and many more between your pc and your mobile phone.


1. ikamobile Movie Finder

iKamobile Movie finder is a great application for the movie fans. With this application the movie fans can easily find out the show times at the theatres in your location. You can also check out the latest releases, watch trailers, browse movies, etc.

2. Funny Jokes

Funny jokes is an application where you can browse the coolest funniest jokes. You can add your own jokes and you can share with others and also you send it via email or by text messages. There are 1000’s of jokes in 12 categories.


1. Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking is a great application where you can check your balances, transfer funds and pay bills all on the go. With the GPS you can locate the ATM and the Banking centers.

2. aCurrency

aCurrency is application which is a currency converter for more than 160 currencies with the daily exchange rate updates. At a same time it shows up to 5 currencies. All the currencies are provided with country name, currency code and also the country flag.


1. DailyHoroscope

DailyHoroscope is an application which updates the horoscope on daily basis. It is easy and fun to use. Just tap on your sign and you get your horoscope on you mobile screen on 6 different colours.

2. Everyday Quotes

eQuotes is a great application which provides you a piece of wisdom from famous people of all time every day. It makes you to rethink your everyday life.

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Top 10 best free applications for Android phones

Now a day people started moving from using basic model mobile phones to high class mobile phones to keep them self entertained. Youngsters have started purchasing Android phones which keeps them entertained. It can be little overwhelming when you buy your first android mobile phone. There are many free applications available for android owners. Here in this article you can find a list of 10 free applications for your Android phone.


As a first step download free Appolicious AndroidApss.com application that will helps in building your application library by suggesting applications you may like based off the applications you import.


Bump application is a virtual business card. This bump applications is available at free of cost. By using this free application you can swap all your contact information, applications and photos with other users of the bump application with a just fist bump.

ColorNote Notepad Notes

ColorNote notepad notes application is available at free of cost in internet. This application makes it easy for you to make a to-do list and you can place it on your mobile home screen using Android widget. This free application is perfect for setting remainders, color-coding notes and password protecting private information.

Google Earth

Google earth application can be downloaded via internet at free of cost. You can teach you kids by yourself by simply swiping your finger with this free application. By using this application in your hand you can have an unbeatable view of this world.

Mint.com Personal Finance

By using this free application you can monitor your multiple accounts and loans from your suitable place. This application includes password protection, global search function and an android widget for your phone’s home screen displaying the recent transactions.


Nook is a free application which can be downloaded via internet. This free applications is powered by book seller, Barnes and Nobles, which offers billions of ebooks for sale and also a library of free selections. By using this Nook application you can share your purchases with one Nook-loving friend for 14 days.


Peapod is an application available at free of cost. By using this free peapod application you can easily order your weekly foods from the comfort of wherever you are.

Pandora Radio

The great music website is also available as a free application. You can create your own free customized radio stations by using this Pandora radio application. By using this Pandora radio application you can listen to any songs at anytime and anywhere.


When I began to move to from using iPhone to Android, I thought that I would be lost without my Words with Friends application. But I found a free Wordfeud application for my Android phone. By using this free application you can play fake scrabble with friends and strangers

Vignette Demo

Vignette Demo is an application which is available at free of cost. By using this application you add more than 100 effects to spice up your photos.  With this Vignette Demo application you can take full screen and also panorama shots and you can effects such as cinematic, vintage and much more.

Android- Dumbest | Flop | Useless Applications

The total number of good downloads almost equals up to total number of bad downloads in the Android Market. Nearly 60,000 apps are available for Android devices. High Quantity doesn’t mean High Quality. There are nearly 19 apps that are waste of time.

The apps are varying from worse to danger. Some are ambiguous and undeveloped apps.

Google android useless applications

Type N Walk: This application is available at free of cost. By using this you can type while you are walking. This app allows you to see what is in front of you while you are typing. This application is using the android phone’s camera and overlay the text messages over the view while you are typing and walking, So that you may fall into a pit which is outside the viewing area of the camera.

Flight Deck– Artificial Horizon: This application is available for free. This application developer says that I am a private pilot and I designed this app as a back-up artificial horizon while I am flying. This uses the in-built orientation sensor in the android phone in order to provide the pitch and yaw info in real-time. Nice.. If you all the time wanted to be died in a plane crash.

Car Safety: if you have met with an accident the emergency alarm in your android phone will blow up. If this doesn’t happen within 1 min, car safety will be sending SMS with the GPS coordinates and the address where accident took place to a pre-determined number. Doesn’t works in the sleep modes at few phones. It uses the accelerometer of the Android’s phone to identify whether you are met with an accident. If I have drooped my phone the alarm may go off and the messages may sent and this makes some unnecessary troubles. Also this application will be sucking off your battery life.

Pocket Agent: Available at free of cost. This app allows you to contact your agent, view insurance policy information, submit a claim, check balances of State Farm Bank and Mutual Fund accounts, etc. you have to create online, protecting your account with password to file claims with the app. If you did mistype the password 3 times then the app will be locked and invited to make a call to a toll free number to reactivate it.

Instead of doing this you can simply make a call to your agent and you cna discuss.

Time Bandits

My Perfect Egg Timer: available for free. This will calculate the accurate time for boiling the eggs. By taking in to the account of the diameter, temp, and hardness of the egg the app starts an egg timer once the egg is in the boiling water. When the egg is about to be done you will be insisted to take off the egg from the water. This is really a waste of time. You can simply put the egg in a container which consists of water and boil it and take it off within few minutes

GTD Timer: Available at free of cost. Are you getting distracted easily? Or having a long list of jobs but not knowing how to start? The Merlin Mann’s idea might help you. Work for 10 min with full focus in completing a single task. Then have a 2 min break. This application will be timing you for 10 min and then for 2 min.

Try and install a real timer application like MultiTimer which also does the same thing, plus a lot more.

USA TV Guide: this application is also for free. This is claimed to be a time zone based three day TV guide. Actually, it simply opens up the Google Mobile page with the Spanish language.

Wow, if you converse Spanish, now you can look for a real TV guide.

Share your Board: This app available for free. This application is for capturing, processing and sharing up whiteboard data.  Save each idea which is popping up during meeting, a brainstorming conference.  With this application you can photograph and simply share the whiteboard from your office conference.

Alternatively the same thing can be done in a Android Phone. It is called camera.

eScrap Free. This provides the scanning documents with your phone camera. Functions: brightness, Fix geometry, contract. Share the docs with other apps. Limit of the free version: doesn’t support large size. Scanning is limited to 800 x 600 pixels

Actually this application has very less functionality than your phones in built camera and camera app. This is a negative point.

Getting Down to Business

Howtask: Free. This is like a To Do App. You can make a task, label it and assign a date for it. You mail the task or you can modify it or you can delete it. .. and that is all. The 1st task is to install a good app like Gtasks.

Second task: Uninstall the HowTask.

MyLetter-Handwriting on Phone (free): Exercise the MyLetter to make handwriting letter, MMS, notes, etc. full of your personal style. i.e. if your personal style is unreadable and childlike. The interface is uncomfortable and the resulting letter is in just a .png image with poor quality of words..

Why just make a letter on a paper and photograph it and mail the image?

Business Cards (free): shoot a picture of your business cards. Systematize them by organization and persons. The business cards can be zoomed. Find them. Mail them by email. You can also do the same thing using the inbuilt camera in your Android phone.

If you need a constructive way to systematize business cards, Google Goggles can pull out text from the business cards, and then add info to your contacts.

Beauty in the Eye of the App?

Skin Cleanser app: this app is available at a cost of $0.99 which utilizes a explicit sound frewuency and wavelength (yellow colour) form the Imperial Topaz gemstone to aid clean the skin of dark spots, acne scars and sun spots.

Ultimately, an expedient option to soap and water!

Acne cleaner: This is available at a cost $0.99. This uses explicit sound frequency and wavelength (blue colour) from the Lapis Lazuli gemstone to aid clear and detox the skin.

Move over, Proactiv.

Baby ESP Trial (1 week free trial) assists you “track when your baby Sleeps, eats, poops (ESP).”

If you require an Android application for that, possibly you must employ a nanny. Just a notion..

Beauty Weight Test (free): “Women’s Health is your cause for health, weight loss, fitness tips… can pass this baby- blocker test. Um, okay. It affords you with a chart which matches your (metric system) weight and height to let know you if you are overweight, thin or “ideal.”

Eye Brightener: This is available at a cost of $0.99. this uses a explicit frequency and a wavelength ( magenta colour) from the Rose Quartz gemstone to assist decrease the dark circles and bulging eyes.

I deduce it beats holding actual stones on your eyes.

Odds and Ends

Facebook for Android: This app is available at free of cost. This makes it easy for you to share your info with your friends. From your home screen you can share your status updates. Check your inbox, upload images etc.

Actually this functions less than web browser version of Facebook. Just make a bookmarking of the Facebook URL

Man Up! (Enhance Male Power): This is available at a cost of $1.99.  Just by hearing and listening to special brainwaves you can cure sexual dysfunctions which are caused due to stress.

Conceivably you and your mobile phone are spending a bit too much time in concert.

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Google App Inventor – Time to play with Android Applications

Google is trying to take the Android mobiles to the next level. On July 19th, Google will be releasing a tool which allows users to create their own apps for their Smart Phones. The software tool is termed as Google App Inventor has been under the development phase for over a year and is now in a User testing phase, tested with school boys, high school girls and Under Graduates those who are not from computer science department.

Google App inventor Time to play with Android

Google said, mobiles that are released are now equal to computers and the users should be able to develop their apps on their own.

The computer scientist from Massachusetts Institute of Technology Harold Abelson who is now working for Google for time being has said that, “The aim of our software is to make people to be a creator and not just a consumer. Android architecture is open to all and this enables us to work this software on it”

Abelson has stated that this software is made especially for the youth to develop their own apps with the smart phones just the way they were working on the PCs.

The Google App Inventor allows the user to simply drag and drop the code segments and graphic pictures that describes the smart phones functionalities and integrate them together just like the way we do in Lego blocks. The final output would be the app that was created by the person.

For instance, a boy created an app to notify a group of friends about his location for every 10 minutes. The app was made up of 3 graphic code blocks that are integrated together. One was a timer (for calculating 15 min interval), second to indicate the location and the third is a database having details of the group of friends.

Another student made an auto reply app, which would send a SMS “I am driving and don’t disturb me” when he is driving.

A nursery student developed an app that would send emergency SMS, when the person having the phone falls. The app has an accelerometer feature to detect the fall. If the person is not able to recover from the fall within a short time and press the app button, then the SMS would be sent automatically to the emergency number that is given in the app.

These apps created may look small but with some domain knowledge it is possible to make wider applications as well.