Nokia Asha: A New Hope in Nokia Series

nokia asha

Everybody is familiar with the brand name Nokia in the field of mobile phones and has made a big name in the market. To add to its successful list, it has launched a new range of Asha (means hope in Hindi) phones.  Four new ranges of phones under the banner of Nokia Asha series are, 200, 201, 300 and 303. All the series has a loud stereo sound.

Nokia Asha Phones

Nokia Asha 200 and 201 are lookalike to the Nokia C3.  Whereas Asha 200 has dual SIM and 201 has single SIM device with a QWERTY keypad. Nokia has incorporated the WhatsApp messenger in the 40 series. Both the devices have up to 32 GB memory storage. They can download and run simple Java applications, in addition to the already build in applications. Pre-installed software has a web browser, a music player that has a good loudspeaker like MP3. The Asha 200 can take two SIMs at the same time, and the built in SIM manager helps to handle up to five different SIM cards. The slots for the second SIM is in the side of the phone, and the cool feature is that they can be hot-swapped .These two series caters to the younger generation with its cool and stylish features.

nokia asha

Nokia Asha 300 is a touch and type phone which is powered by a 1GHz Processor. It comes in traditional 12 key numerical pads and visual rendering touch screen. The design has a classic look for monoblock device. The built in quality is solid, stylish and powerful for a non smartphone class device. It has a 5 megapixel camera on the rear side and can be used for social networking, like chatting etc. It also has a music player with a good sound and 32 MB extendable storage.

Nokia Asha 303 looks like Asha 300 and has a good display capacity. It is a part of Asha collection of S40 series of touch and type feature phones. Comparing all the above Asha series, 303 is the most powerful and interesting series.  It has a 2.6” capacitive touch screen and a combo of keyboard. It also has a 5MP camera at the back. The screen is sunlight visible and you can easily connect to facebook, twitter, it also has the Nokia maps of 40 series. Therefore it depends on your need and amount of work you do through your phone.

All the Nokia Asha series phones are quite affordable, as it can fit in any pocket, stylish with rich in features compared to other phones available in the market. The colors are attractive and young generation must have one of these phones in order to suit their taste and pocket.

Elite Force Android game arrives

Elite Force is an action game with stuffs like guns, defense team, soldiers and etc.

This is a good pastime android game which can be loaded on to your  phone. It is absolutely free and can be easily installed. It has more than 60 levels. The environment in which the game is taking place is lively and pleasant. All you need to do in this game is to kill the soldiers who are nearing you, since you are a part of a defense team.

The version of this game was updated on October 19th of this year with high resolution graphics and increase in number of levels.
Many reviews say that this game has nothing other than awesome graphics but this game can attract the children as it is attractive.This game promises that you say “It was…fun…

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Samsung Galaxy Note Review

Everyone in this world knows that it’s an age of on the go and people need easy accessible devices that can make their work easier and faster. As per consumer research people want to do better task in less time without wasting their precious time, e.g. browsing web, checking their mails, playing games or watching  videos/photos etc. For carrying out these day to day task,  people carry various devices, as each device has its own benefit and help them in that  particular situation.  Therefore, instead of carrying multiple devices a new type of smart phone has been launched which bears an insight and innovation that is truly very smart and that is Samsung Galaxy Note.

samsung galaxy note

samsung galaxy note

Samsung Galaxy Note Review

TheSamsung Galaxy Note has a Large and immersive screen of 5.3” screen size with smart phone portability and the large screen allow you to view more with less scrolling for a fast and effective work with one touch feature. It also has a unique feature of S pen which is combined with a full touch screen, so that you can easily create and capture your ideas at any place.  Its S Planner gives you the freedom to manage complex schedules in an easier way.  You can easily draw or even write notes with greater accuracy.   You can even send your emotions, ideas through text messages, and emails along with Chat on communication service of Samsung.

samsung galaxy note

samsung galaxy note

The powerful 8MP camera captures your every moment with accurate detail. You as well as your friends can easily view your photos with its large and clear display. The durable 2500m Ah battery   increases Samsung Galaxy Note experience and lets you to have the benefit of all the features provided by it. It also has 1.4GHz dual core processor for first class web with fast network speed.  Businessmen are the most benefitted as they can easily stay connected for their important/urgent meetings while travelling. Its unique feature of Cisco WebEx makes easier for them for web conferencing, telephonic or fixed mobile communication. The users can easily view shared desktops, browsers, applications and documents.

Samsung Galaxy Note is very useful to people who are on the go, businessmen as well as creative people. The social use of these Galaxy note is also beneficial. The Galaxy Note is a basic device that certainly decreases the need to switch to other devices when you are on the go and introduces you to a newer experience of mobile phones.  The Galaxy note does offer an advanced Android experience with its striking AMOLED display and fastest processor. People can definitely like the model and take advantage of this Galaxy note as it is fast, accurate and easy to use device compared to other devices.

GO Launcher EX for Android


The GO Launcher EX  is the popular home application for mobile phones.

GO Launcher Ex is the comprehensive edition of GO Launcher. It supports customizable home renovation, themes, silky operation experience. It gives you an astonishing mobile operating chance. GO Launcher Ex is a completely free app. If you have problem in setting “GO Launcher” as the default home app, then download “Home Manager” to fix the problem.

GO Launcher EX provides the following awesome features:

  •  Exceptionally fancy home screen transition
  •  Silky flipping experience
  •  Featured widgets such as GO Task Manager, GO Clock and GO Calendar,
  •  User-defined folder to easily classify apps.
  •  Hide app icon, uninstall apps and Set icon sorting.
  •  Thousands of adapted theme available for Free downloads.

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TALKING TOM is back with a bang!!

Remember TOM!!! Cat which lived a pampered life in cartoon. He is back in Android apps to play with us but in a different costume. No more chasing and fighting. He is friendly and preferred by everyone. This Android apps is developed in such a way that TOM can respond to our touch in smartphones.

It can also repeat anything we say in a funny voice and u can also grab his tail. Isn’t it cool for kids!!!
The average rating for this app is 4.4 stars out of 5. About 5,000,000 – 10,000,000 have installed it in their phone.
This app looks cool because TOM has got a new fresh apartment. This apps helps user to control the vibrator and allows internet access. It is far better than previous one because of its graphics and quality.

Click here to download. Have lot of fun!!!

Is Kindle Fire really good? Can it beat iPad in popularity?

Yes and yes, it can. Amazon has launched a new tablet, Kindle Fire. It is a hybrid and portable device which has features of both an ebook reader and an Android tablet. Basically it is giving you the best of both worlds. Be honest and think what do you use iPad for? Watching movies, reading books etc? Let us be real. Not many of us are jet setting executives who use the Apple tablet for video conferencing calls.

Amazon Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire

Amozon Kindle Fire Review

Amazon is the first company to recognize this and has given us a product which gives us exactly what we want. Yes, Kindle Fire keeps us entertained. You can read thousands of books, watch movies, listen to songs, play games and download apps. You can also access internet and check your mails and Facebook. And all this at a price you would not believe. Kindle Fire is priced at just 199$. Compare this with the price of cheapest iPad. To be fair, it lacks features like camera, microphone and GPS because of its low price. But I can live with that. It has a 7 inch wide display with a screen quality which is exceptional for the price.  It has a web browser, Amazon Silk, which gives good speed. It has Wi-Fi internet connection.  It is powered by 1GHz processor which is fast and efficient.

Kindle Fire uses a heavily modified custom version of Android, Android 2.3, which is basically for phones. You can use the Android app store to download popular apps like Zulu, Pandora and Netflix etc. Yes, you can play Angry Birds on this. You can read thousands of books available on Kindle library. Amazon has an enviable collection of more than 17 millions of songs which you can listen to using your tablet.  You can read your favourite magazines in color. I am sorry if this has started sounding like an ad for Kindle tablet, but I am smitten by it. Yes, it was love at first sight. On a serious note though (because it’s a review), THE Amazon tablet has two cons. First it has only 8 GB of memory, which is, alas, not expandable. But fear not thee kindle fire lovers, because Amazon has offered free digital content storage on Amazon Cloud. Its second irritating lack of feature is no 3G wireless connection. But it has Wi-Fi. As I getting a neat 300$ discount, I will adjust a little bit and though the lack of 3G connection pains me but I will live. Kindle Fire is totally worth your money.

WhatsApp Messenger For Android

WhatsApp Messenger is a smart phone messenger offered for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Phone and Nokia phones. It uses WiFi or 3G to message with family and friends and can receive and send pictures, audio notes, messages and video messages. Group chats are also possible.

Whatsapp Messenger Android

It is FREE for First year and they may charge $1.99/year. This allows you to send millions of messages of any kind per day because it uses 3G/EDGE or Wi-Fi with out getting logged in as like any other conventional computer devices and other added assert is that if you go offline , this app will save your messages offline until you come again to use.

Apart from this allows you to Exchange contacts, Custom notification sounds, Landscape mode, Broadcast messages ,Precise message time stamps, Email chat history, Custom wallpaper, Share location and so enjoy it.

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Cricket IPL T20 Fever for Android

The exciting official game of India is Indian Premier League season 4. We will look at the exponentially increasing popularity of the T20 format of Cricket in the form of an android game. The IPL T20 game is experienced on the computer live with HD 3D graphics. Numerous modes are available to play tournaments, ODIs and T20 matches and also the power play style match.


To be said as history, the BCCI Board of Cricket Control in India organized IPL and IPL T20 is the major revenue source for BCCI and ranks sixth in the world sports event .So the computer gaming events for IPL T20 entertains the people and also makes profit to the contributors of the gaming events.

Features of Cricket IPL T20 fever:

Cricket IPL T20 Fever

The features are stunning 3D graphics and art of 3D physics engine for real pin action.

Game rules and Updates:

The permissions needed are full internet access, read phone status and identity, storage which lets users to modify/delete USB storage contents on the SD cards. It needs the network-based locations to determine the presence of a user.


The best realistic 3D bowling power on the android phones is the IPL T20 fever. This game fully embraces the incredible 3D physical effects. Here you can also add up online leader board of total scores.

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Dolphin Browser HD for Android

The superfast, clever browser for android 2.0.1 and above is the Dolphin browser HD. Mobotap presented this browser and this is the best mobile browser that lets you interact with the web through the mobile device in a easier way.

Features of Dolphin Browser HD:

Dolphin Browser HD for Android

The Dolphin browser HD has the following features in it:

  • It has an add entry to exit dolphin directly via menu selecting exit option.
  • Hot apps for speed dialing are available.
  • Supports bookmark sync(Beta)add on.
  • Supports webzine in landscape mode
  • Has options to format the text applications.
  • Accuracy in gesture recognition
  • Fixes and crashes bugs in browsers and webzines.
  • The browser can read all the recent URL visited and also has the feature to modify bookmarks and history. It also has the option to erase and also reads the sensitive log data.
  • The users who installed Dolphin browser also installed Dolphin google services, Dolphin fullscreen (froyo), Dolphin morning coffee and dolphin speed dial. Dolphin mini HD browser’s new version has the functions like fixing selected text issues on devices, auto-fit issues on HTC incredible, double tap to maximize and minimize in android mode on HTC devices, crashes bugs and has options to change application icons.

Review of Dolphin Browser HD

Dolphin browser for pad, which is specially designed for Android tablets, allows you to interact with the web via mobile devices easily. Dolphin browser mini aims at providing something fast, simple, new, powerful and user friendly experience for all of us.

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ES File Explorer for Android

ES file explorer for Android is one of the best featured file manager that can explore the phone and computer. It can be said of as an all in all rounder since it manages files and applications and also acts as a task killer and dropbox client and ftp client that explores your computer and phone.

Features of ES file manager:

ES File Explorer does file operations like cut, copy, paste in phones and computers. Some other features contains Application manager, compression and decompression of zip files, view different file formats, photos documents and videos, thumbnails for APK images, searching files, text viewers and editors, WIFI with SMB ,FTP server on the SD card, dropbox, Bluetooth, root explorer feature, simple widgets to auto kill running applications and clean memory.

New additions in recent versions of file manager:

Version V has the sugarsync support (slide left to net). ES file explorer new things like SD and Gesture bug fixing. It also has an awesome feature where we need not enter the password each time you use the same application except -when the power is off or you resume the screen.


The ES file explorer allows all android users to use their resources for free, manages and stay connected with 3G, EDGE or WIFI AAND share with friends and you can also upload photos and videos.

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