Nokia Lumia 800 review

Nokia’s Lumia 800 has been always on demand as it is the first mobile phone from Nokia that can run Microsoft’s Windows Phone operation system and is a smart phone. The handsets have fast processor, AMOLED screen with camera and Carl Zeiss lens are the added features.

Nokia Lumia 800

Nokia  Lumia 800

Nokia  Lumia 800 is a stylish looking handset and the built in quality is also first class. Microsoft’s slick Windows Phone 7.5 software makes it a fun phone and has a very good assimilation of social networking sites, like Twitter and Facebook. You can also chat with your friends when you are travelling. The Radio streaming service has a good selection of tunes that can be played as welcome tune and soothe your caller’s ears. You can also download maps and avoid roaming charges when you are using it abroad.

The battery life of the phone is very durable compared to other smart phones. You can charge the phone and it can stand for a long time in normal use. The call quality is best in even weaker signal areas. If the high resolution screen or the camera does not matter to you then Nokia Lumia 800 is the right choice for you.

Nokia  Lumia 800

You can easily store and pin applications, pictures and contact details to its home screen and can use it as shortcuts. You can just press the search button to find a particular app. The phone automatically arranges your apps alphabetically, which makes it easier for you to look for a particular app.

Nokia  Lumia 800 review

The design of Nokia Lumia 800 is sleek and the body is hewn with polycarbonate material and is available in black, magenta and cyan colors. The curved long two edges remind us of old iPod Nano and the back panel is sloped gently from top and bottom. The phone looks oblong when it is viewed from side. The feeling is sturdy inspite of using plastic material for the body of the phone. The front panel has gorilla glass which easily covers the screen and the bottom three touch buttons. Due to this the phone has a smooth face and seamless look. The physical buttons are on the right hand edge in Nokia  Lumia 800.

There is volume rocker switch, lock button and a dedicated camera button that help you to jump directly to the camera app. This phone also has a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack at the top of the phone corner, which is hidden behind a delicate flap. Next to the headphone jack is the micro USB port for charging as well as syncing. There is also sliding cover that gives you direct access to the SIM card slot when released. The SIM used is a micro SIM. Overall the phone is the perfect choice when you are always on a move.

Overall, Nokia Lumia 800 is not yet launched by Nokia. We will be updating the release date here.

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