Web Browser Wars: Firefox losing its Fire?

A Question from Linux user, “How many web browsers are you using?” When you use KDE you have Konqueror, when you use GNOME you use Epiphany or Iceweasel, or you might use Firefox, Chrome or Opera. All may be needed.

No browser is perfect, you may need many. Chrome is lot more perfect than Firefox. From the introduction of Chrome from Google, several thousands of web users (Linux) have switched to it. Firefox says that the number of users downloaded it was million, but not all would be using it now.

Browser war

Last year, Keir Thomas said that, “Chrome is chosen by many, whereas Firefox is dead. But why has Firefox not replied to these. In brief, may be the advantages are the disadvantages for them”

Firefox users point out at the add-ones or the extensions that it supports, as the highlight of Firefox, but there are lot other Web features that Firefox is not supporting. The interaction between extensions is not good and they often get break down during install or working.

Why should the add-ons like PDF or flash be pre installed, when it is so important? Rather we have to download it every time based on the page we visit.

You may get notified of an update, which when installed will result in no update. You may install and have to reboot the browser, which when done, would result in breakdown of the browser itself or the add-ons. The process will often be tiresome and waste of time. You may eventually forget the reason of your visit in this confusion.

You might have noticed that you have to click several times to launch the Firefox and at last multiple browsers will open all at once. The browsing experience would be so bad that it takes lot of time for moving from one page to another.

Chrome on the other hand is fast and interactive. The extension model of Firefox is so bad that one extension breaks another extension’s working. So, it is sure to lose out in the browser wars.

Some Linux systems won’t support installation of Firefox at all. Installing IE (or Chrome) is lot easier on Linux with IEs4 Linux.

Firefox though is working well in Windows than IE, but Chrome is best everywhere.

Chrome is made by Google and other open source projects like Tlslite, Zlib, Webkit, ICU, iStumbler and libpng. Chrome works well with Google Apps, Gmail, Calendar, Reader, Blogger and Picasa, etc. Mozilla and Microsoft will just have to wonder about Google’s world domination, as they will rule the world of web browsers in a year or 2.

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