Use RitePen to write on your computer screen with your hand

Ritepen is an amazing tool to which helps you to write on your computer screen. By using computer you can type your words into documents. But in practical we use our fingers around pen and papers as a more convenient platform than using the windows application. Thanks to the tool Ritepen ($40, 30 day free trial), however, You can use pc that has graphics tablet or you can use your tablet PC to write notes, sign contracts, mark up documents and do a 100 other stuffs, for all their advantages, the pc’s doesn’t handle very well.

Use RitePen to write on your computer screen with your hand

Use RitePen to write on your computer screen with your hand

RitePen uses any manual input devices, like your finger on a touchscreen, graphics tablet or even mouse also. RitePen’s primary function is that it runs in the background waiting for inputs. If you make use of a graphics tablet or a tablet PC, just placing your finger on the screen engages RitePen. When you run a word processing application you can simply write whatever you like anywhere on the touchscreen and the RitePen will be turning your handwriting into an electronic texts in the doc. Obviously it will not be perfect, so the program lets us to review the words which it has converted, and make the corrections if RitePen was not able to fully convert the chicken-scratch handwriting. If the program doesn’t precisely guess the letters, simply scratch out the incorrect letter and the RitePen offers us a list of words from which you get the exact words.

In 64 bit version of Windows Vista the RitePen works swimmingly, but I got a problem when I tried to annotate a doc in writer: A default settings present in the word processor responds to a long mouse-click, where it pops up context menus. Some of the program also does this, so I turned off the feature in just in order to trigger RitePen, and pops up the context menus. But these kind of problems are exception ones. Word, Adobe reader and excel takes the inputs from RitePen very easily as if I was typing the letters or words or numbers directly to the programs.

RitePen also offers you to mark up the text with the handwritten notes or highlighting the paragraphs with a translucent highlighter marker. When you are using the Microsoft Office the program automatically start inserting the mark ups as comments, so that they don’t mess the body of the document.

This RitePen is sold by Vendor Ritescript, a division of Evernote Corporation for $40 and gives forthcoming customers a 30 day trial. However, there is an alternate way offered by the company to get this program: using a service called TrialPay, where you can sign up for other services or products via a website. Some the services offered are very much useful than others and some are just the trial versions of the other products. TrialPay cautions you that they could stop your access to ritepen when you cancel the trial, but a spokesperson of Ritescript clarified that, “once a person got the free licence for the entire copy of RitePen, he can/she can use that licence continuously.” It doesn’t matter however you got the license key, the RitePen does its works very well, you may just wonder how you managed these days without it.

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