Top 5 ultraportable laptops

Nowadays, Laptops had been considered as one of the important requirement for college going students and business people. The higher the configuration or the specifics you want, the more will be the weight of the laptop. If you are a person who would take your laptop everywhere you go and depend on your laptop for all the work you do, it is best to use these ultraportable laptops. These ultraportable laptops are low in weight from as low as 1.3 kg to as high as 2 kg, easily portable, fit into your ordinary bags and still powerful and efficient laptops. Let us see the top 5 ultra portable laptops that you can buy.

Top Ultra Portable Laptops

Apple MacBook Pro 13

These laptops are larger MacBook Pro Models that consists of a unibody design. These MacBook Pro from Apple are 13” inch laptops featuring 2.66 GHz or a 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo Intel Pentium processor, 320 GB or 250 GB Hard Disk, 4GB RAM, Nvidia 320M Graphics, DVD Writer combo slots, all in one aluminium shell that weighs just 2 Kg only. The price of this Apple MacBook Pro 13 is from Rs. 60,000 onwards.

Dell Vostro 13

The Vosto 13 from Dell can be regarded as the graceful and light weighted design. These laptops are available at weights as low as 1.3 Kg and are made of distinctive pivot design with strong metal hinges. The lowest specifics that you can get from Vostro 13 is Core 2 Duo Intel Pentium processors, 500 GB Hard Disks, 2 GB RAM, a web cam, but does not feature a DVD writer. The price of these Dell Vostro 13 starts from Rs. 40, 000.

HP ProBook 4320s

The ProBook 4320s laptops from HP, features a screen size of 13.3” inches with a polished aluminium covering and weights only 2 Kg, is a value for your money. The specifications of the ProBook 4320s consists of Core i3 Intel Pentium processors, HDMI output port, 500 GB Hard Disk, 3 GB RAM, spill resistant keyboard, a dual layer Light Scribe DVD writer, a Webcam and pre installed Windows 7 Professional Operating System. The HP ProBook 4320s are available from Rs 45,000 onwards.

Lenovo Thinkpad X100E

In reality, when we consider business related machines, the ThinkPad from Lenovo is continuously evolving. The ThinkPad X100E laptops from Lenovo features an 11.6” inches LCD display and weighs only 1.5 Kg. These Lenovo laptops consist of spill resistant keyboard, multi touch TrackPad and TrackPoint, 3 USB ports and a webcam. The Lenovo laptops are known for its low priced laptops and these ultra portable laptops are available at Rs. 28,700.

Sony Vaio Z Series

Vaio Z series laptops from Sony are made up of sheathe of aluminium and a carbon fibre lid. The Vaio Z series consists of 13.1” inch display screen that feature either Core i3 or Core i5 Pentium processors and a solid state drive. The major factor here is the on the fly switchable graphics technology, you can switch between integrated Graphics and the Nvidia 330M, with just a flick. Sony is known for its high price and thus these ultra portable Vaio Z series laptops are available from Rs. 1,09,900 onwards.

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