Top 10 Free Windows Backup Software

Having a Best Free Windows Backup Software to back up data is an essential task that all PC users must follow. Unfortunately most users do not follow it. Hardware Failures like hard disk crashing, damaged CD / DVD, PC Malware, Human carelessness are some common causes that could lead to data loss on your PC, whereas a worst problem would be to format the hard disk unintentionally.

Below are the Top 10 free windows backup software that you can use to back up your data to avoid any data loss.

Windows backup Software

Cobian Backup

Open Source Backup Software

Corbian Backup is a Local / Remote backup supporting software used for personalized backup for free. Developers are continuously working on it to produce more and more features for it. It provides differential, incremental and full backup, file compressing service like 7 Zip format and strong encryption to provide security for data.


It is Open Source Windows Backup software that deals with incremental backups, single click restore feature. Task scheduler, and email notifications. Authentication, Scheduling, Connecting to rsybc Daemons and SSH tunneling and connection through hostname or IP are notable significant options.

It works like a client server model. Several servers might be running server version on them to manage backup data, whereas the client version on computers will regularly backup their data to the dedicated servers.

Cucku Backup

Referred to as Social Backup, Cucku Backup provides backup locally or to your friend’s PC. It takes care of backup automatically and provides constant and full backups. The encryption algorithm makes it impossible for backup partners to view names or contents of files being backed up, to ensure integrity and security. It can work both on Networked PCs or high bandwidth Internet connections.

Backup Maker

It has 2 modes for amateurs and professional users namely, Stand and Expert. Backup Maker provides partial and full backups, remote and local backups, execution of backups at some intervals or actions like USB detection, Startup or Shutdown of the PC, etc.

Ace Backup

Ace Backup is a wonderful free backup product that offers multi versioning, local and remote backups, file encryption and compression.

Microsoft SyncToy

Microsoft provides SyncToy for Windows OS as a freeware. It is used to synchronize data between PCs. This product provides 5 kind of sync options that could be used to select from, along with the a preview of the option you want to select.


Mozy offers backup service online for client using Mas OS X or Windows NT PCs. Registered members can get 2 GB for data backup. When signed up with USD 4.95, you can get unlimited backup storage. Expert mode allows you to select files that are to be backed up.

Personal Backup

Personal Backup provides professional users with options to do file filtering for remote and local backup, log file generation, file encryption and compression, and status reports.

Allways Sync

Allways Sync provides file sync by offering backups for local drive or network or the internet. It is available as portable or setup version that would work on single or multiple systems.

Comodo Backup

Comodo Backup provides a free backup to backup to local PC to disks, networked PCs, FTP server and storage media, compression, incremental and multi session backups, and data recovery. Backups could be scheduled and will notify when its done.

DriveImage XML

It is a Drive Imaging Software to fully backup hard disk and to partition to other disk. Volume Shadow Service provides runtime backups and later can be restored from Windows or during boot up.

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