Sharp to sell 2 e-readers in an aim to confront its competitors

On Tuesday, Sharp has announced that it would release an e-reader by this year, which can handle text, audio and video contents. This release from Sharp may be to confront Apple and other opponents in the particular field.

This new e-reader from Sharp has got the “latest generation XMDF” platform. This platform was announced in the year 2001, which is a multimedia edition of XMDF format made for still images and text.

Sharp ereader

Sharp issued a statement that, “This new generation XMDF will help you to view multimedia contents like audio and video and will adjust the layout of the content automatically to meet and match publishers’ needs”

Sharp is going to release 2 kinds of e-readers in Japan by the end of 2010 (this year) and will then sell it abroad, in an aim to face up to the Apple’s iPad and iPhone.

Sharp’s senior official Masami Obatake has said to a press conference that, “e-publishing businesses are now getting lot of recognition and launching the e-readers by the end of the year would be apt”

When asked about Sharp’s ability to deal with competition, Masami said “The e-readers has got new advancements and so it will be sufficient to deal with the competition”

“In order to get established on the e-reader field, we have established agreements with top Japanese newspapers and publishers to provide the contents for the e-reader”, Sharp said.

During the end of May, Sony said that it had got a same plan and so joined with the Asahi Japanese Newspaper, the Toppan publishers and the KDDI (telecoms operator) with each having 25 % share.

This was announced before the iPad release in Japan and rest of the countries (leaving out US), where news paper advertisers having a decrease in advertisements and so found these e-readers as a way for success.

The e book market of Japan is now worth 500$ million with most topics covering conventional PCs and mobile phones. E-readers soon will prevail in many hands.

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