Samsung Launched New 1 Terabyte Hard Drive for laptops and for other gadgets.

On Tuesday Samsung launched its new 1Terabyte Spinpoint MT2 2.5 inch internal Hard Drive. This brand new hard drive is well suited for the portable storage like portable external hard drives or it can also be utilized for anything from future HDTV’s, set-top boxes, home theatre systems and some notebooks.

Samsung 1Tera Byte hard disk

This new Hard Drive utilizes 333GB per-platter technology and it runs at an rpm of 5400. In order to reduce the unnecessary noises the new hard drive uses the Samsung’s Noise Guard technology, where it is well suited for the products like home theatre that need to be run silently.

Samsung says that their new hard drive gives an increased performance of read/write by 20 percent and also it consumes 4 percent lesser power of consumption compared to the other similar devices.

Samsung’s new hard drive has a feature called shock resistant which resists up to 400G for 2ms when it is in the operating condition and up to 800G for 1ms when it is in the power off condition.

Since this hard drive comes with a non-standard height dimension it can be fitted in some certain notebook but the hard drive is very well suited where more space is available like in TVs.

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