RIM Outlined New Multimedia Features of New OS

Details of forthcoming Blackberry 6 OS are slowly released by RIM and this week it had released some of the multimedia features of the handset.

RIM has planned an updated OS which will appear on handsets in the third quarter. RIM has already exposed that the software will comprise a Webkit browser, a new user interface and new social-networking features.

RIM Outlined New Multimedia Features of New OS

An improved music library which will be displaying the album art and also allow the users to navigate through the collections by simply swiping thro’ on-screen carousel.

The new OS will be offering a novel method to view and organize photos. According to the event or date the photos can be grouped and it can be viewed as full picture or as a slide show. The users can also share copy, paste and delete the selected groups of pictures.

Blackberry 6 makes it easier for the users to easily share the videos by using the youtube uploader.

The camera experience is also improved by RIM. Instead of navigating through menus for options, users can easily access and review the pictures, set options and opt from diversity of scene style directly from camera screen.

A new podcast service will be utilizes by the Blackberry users in North America which allows them to search, subscribe to and play podcasts. All the podcast contents are completely free.

Blackberry 6 will be continuing its synch with the windows media player and the iTuners, it will be coming with an updated Blackberry desktop software which allows the users to synch to and from their phones. Users can also easily sync playlists by individual artists or genre.

Andrew Bocking recently wrote on the company blog that on this summer blackberry6 software was on track for release this summer.

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