Mouse can run away, We have Magic Trackpad from Apple

On Tuesday, Apple displayed the ‘Magic Trackpad’. This is a touchpad which eliminates the use of mouse for your Desktop PC’s. From now on Users can use the finger gestures to work with your PCs.

You can get this Magic Trackpad for 69 $ in the Apple store and you can check it out in the Online Apple store as well.

magic trackpad from apple

This Magic Trackpad gets its power from batteries. The design of the magic trackpad looks like a notepad which is made up of Aluminium and Glass. The Magic trackpad is connected to the Mac OS PCs of Apple with the Wireless Bluetooth technology. So, it is necessary for your Desktop to have a Bluetooth for the connectivity.

iPad or iPhone users can pretty easily get use to the finger gestures of Magic trackpad. The Magic trackpad uses just the same gestures that are used on the iPad or iPhone like swiping, pinching and tapping gestures that can be done with your fingers.

“You can use this Bluetooth enabled Magic Trackpad from a distance of 10 meters or 33 feet from your desktop computer”, Apple said.

This touchpad equipment is already working in the MacBook Pro Notebook Computers of Apple.

Also on the same day (Tuesday), Apple has displayed its latest iMac Desktop PCs. This iMac PCs comes either as a 27 inch display or 21.5 inch display screen. The processor speed is thought to be high ended. The cost of this iMac Desktop PCs is thought to vary from 1,199 $ to 1,999 $.

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