Microsoft Security Essentials 1.0 – just Better than Average!

During 2009, when the Microsoft Security Essentials came into play, many were amazed by the simple, ease of use UI (user Interface), but for its lethargic scanning speed. The problem is still persisting on the latest released Microsoft Security Essentials 1.0 as well. The capability still is comparatively low, when compared to other latest anti-virus software(s)’s ability to detect malware.

The Microsoft Security Essentials 1.0 looks better designed with its ease of use UI. The installation is uncomplicated and easy, but it does check if the Windows copy is original along the process. When the installation is done and when opened, you will see an apt welcome message on its home screen. The screen has 4 tabs namely: Home, to display status info, scan options, and update button to keep your virus database updated; Update: to check if all the components are up to date or not; History: the scan logs and the details of malware removed in the past; Settings: to setup the setting of the MSE 1.0.

MSE 1.0 has a red/yellow/green colour code status bar at the top of the window (common feature in many antivirus) that shows your current protection status and the Home tab give you more info on the computer’s protection details.

Microsoft Security Essentials is considered as only to be moderate among other antivirus software, when considering the malware detection process using a standard scanner based detecting methods (that works with the help of malware database), thus detecting a reasonable 92.7 % of samples only. This is actually the 2nd best score for a free antivirus software (whereas, Internet Security Premium free from Comodo detected 92.4 % samples), whereas the best products were able to detect more than 99 % samples.

Security Essentials has achieved a less score during test when on detecting original, active malware attacks. During real time attack testing, it fully blocked 64 % of attacks and partially blocked another 8 % of the attacks. None of the other free antivirus software(s) were capable of fully blocking all attacks, except for Comodo’s Internet Security Premium that achieved 96 % complete blocking score.

Security Essentials was able to detect all attacks on PC test and removed all live infected parts 70 % of time (average score of all products). Security Essentials were able to remove 50 % of infections (best among others).

Considering the on-demand scan test for manual scanning 4.5 GB data, it took 3 min and 24 sec for Security Essentials (2nd slowest). Avira AntiVir Personal was the top in completing the test in 87 seconds. Considering the on-access scan test used for scanning opened files or saved files, Security Essentials completed the scan in 5 min, 41 sec (2 min slower than the best one).

The influence of Security Essentials on startup times is 1 sec more, but other scans’ scores were better than average.

Microsoft has better the threat detection and removal capability in its next update for Security Essentials for it to have at least a chance to compete against its competitors.

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