iPhone 4 free case!- How to get?

Lot of analysts have predicted that, Apple would provide a free iPhone cases in order to solve the reception problems (as per Apple’s claims), either Apple’s own bumper cases or a 3rd parties cases. The procedure to get your free case is still not clear, but here is our guide.

how to get free iphone 4 case

During the iPhone 4’s press conference, Steve Jobs has announced that these (29$) bumper cases would solve the reception problems, by covering the steel bands running around the iPhone 4 and thus will be the new antenna for it.

Jobs all the way defended the iPhone 4 model by calling it as best and announced that due to many customers request, Apple will provide free cases. “Let everybody have a free case” (smile)

Jobs said that, everybody who has got iPhone 4 will get these cases and the one’s who already bought their cases can also get their refund amount for the case.

Apple can not get bumper cases for everybody, so some may only get 3rd parties’ cases.

Till Sep 30, all will get free cases with their new iPhones. After that, Apple may stop the offer or come out with a better solution.

What to do!

Do you want free case or you want refund money for the case? But, how will you get it?

Jobs said, Apple will get the applications (for either bumper cases or 3rd party cases) from customers through its website from next week. Those who are all having a bumper case already should also apply for the refund in the same way.

It is better to buy the free bumper case as it suits pretty well for the iPhone 4 and it hold the phone really tight.

If I remove the case and touch my iPhone 4 on the bottom left side of iPhone 4, the reception problems comes again. But, when I put it back on, even in my apartment (weak signal) I get good signal strength.

So, apply for a free Case or your refund!

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