Apple iTV – Review and Specifications

During the year 2006, Apple Inc has released Apple TV and it was spreading around rapidly and but was not a success. The Apple is now getting ready to take its next blast with the YouView from the British Internet TV. This new revolutionary television is called as Apple iTV.

It is rumoured that by Sep 1 2010, Apple will stage an event where they would re-release the Apple TV in the name of Apple iTV.

This latest TV from Apple looks small, having size not bigger than its iPhone. The exterior temperature radiated from the TV is also minimum.. This new Apple TV costs only 99 pounds.

This works just like an ordinary set top box, as it features Internet Radio, movies, and can view the video libraries from your PC, all accessible from the single menu. The hard drive has been stripped out. According to the reports from the Daily Mail, you can rent movie files from a huge volume of library for about 3.49 pounds.

You will be able to view videos from YouTube, but typing through the remote is an intolerable thing to do that leaves the co-viewers jiggling. The video that you are watch will look clear and colourful, as it supports 720p video playback. But though, it is not Full High Definition Video (HD) playback.

Many game consoles which offer rival film renting services are now mostly concentrating on “male interest” movies that are filled with explosions and aliens. Apple TV is considered to be appetizingly unisex.

So, it is better to use an iPhone application for controlling the device instead of using a fussy metallic device.

This device is expected to better the gaming experience just like the iPhone and the iPad. When the application is used for the Apple iTV platform and then when it is played on TV screens, it will be a game changer.

The significance of this model is that you can directly deal with the content provider and can buy only the required TV apps for the channel or the programme that you want to see. There is no middle man in this contact.

In regular TV’s the signals that we receive from satellite or cable will feature 100s of channels. Among them, only a few might interest you. It will be annoying for you to search the few you want to see from the 100s of channels. It will be frustrating to waste time on skipping the unwanted channels.

The impact of middle man influencing our content cannot be removed all of a sudden. Just like the iTunes having an impact on the Music industry and the iPhone on mobile industry, the Apple iTV is all set to transform the way we experience the video contents.

The search engine giant, Google on the other hand is gearing up for a launch of their Google TV by the end of this 2010. If the rumour is true and Apple releases the Apple iTV by Sep 1, it will be a great head start and might outscore the Google TV. We will have to wait and see!!!

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